Official 2020 Tour Thread

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Ancient Mariner
This reads like a Donald Trump tweet.

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Ancient Mariner
I don't know, they will probably have to take that decision earlier. At least for the shows outside of Europe.

That's true. However, I think the shows in Asia will go as planned, since the number of new cases there is declining every day. Austrilia is more questionable.

I think they will wait for the last possible moment to make a decision. But Rod will have both plans prepared.


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I don't see the Maiden machine as a slick operation. I still get the impression a lot of stuff is done on the back of a beer mat and they wing it a lot.


Ancient Mariner
They might wing somethings, but at the end of the day I get the impression they are extremely well organised and managed.


Things really blew up regarding the virus here in the US over the past 12 hours or so.

The NBA canceled the rest of their season. NHL said they will continue playing but will be monitoring the situation.

Flight travel has also been banned for the next 30 days between US and Europe (excluding UK). Plus a bunch of summer conventions and gaming events (going up to June) have announced they're canceling. Certain concerts too, ones going up to August/September.

Kind of makes me wonder what Maiden will do come tour time, if this stuff hasn't settled down more by then. I wasn't worried too much about the virus overall up to this point, I still kind of am not, but it feels like we're watching a movie or something, you know? Kind of surreal. Hah

EDIT: Also, not restricted to just the US, but actor Tom Hanks announced he tested positive for the virus while in Australia. Is this the first major celebrity announcement? I feel like it maybe just became very real, for people who were thinking otherwise.
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