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Hi napalmivore, sorry for the late reply. But I didn't have much access to the net while I was on holidays. I'll need your email address for those rare Eddie images when you get a chance.
Hi Lord Of Wolves, sorry for the late reply too ! My email address is : benoit.gazin@hotmail.fr Feel free to get in touch. I also have dozens of rare Eddie pictures so perhaps we can trade a little bit. Thank you very much !!!
Lord of Wolves 78
Lord of Wolves 78
Hi napalmivore , I have loads of hi-res Eddie images, so if you are looking for any very rare ones including any of the classic Christmas Eddie's I'm your man! And they are all in hi-res to very hi resolutions. I would love to get some rare Eddie images from you, so long as they are in hi-res. My email is MTBroome@msn.com.