Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?

Just browsed the furniture and toys sections. The toys section has seriously declined over the years - only half a floor, the other half is designer label childrenswear
I had a fever dream - that is, a wild collection of bizarre little stories that randomly went from one to the next - which makes sense because I am a little bit feverish, anxious etc. right now. Among the strange little dreams was an especially disgusting one, that I advise you don’t open the spoilers to read.

There are these things called gore sites on the web, that have videos of dead/dying people. I haven’t visited these sites in years but I’ve seen more such videos in the past than I would have liked to. It’s either the influence of war photography or a deep part of my brain is holding on to these images, because in my dream I was surfing the web and gore sites kept popping up with videos of dead mangled men whose dogs were licking up their remains. I closed the tabs but more of them kept appearing. And then I was suddenly in the woods near my home. It was a nice summer day and I overheard a woodcutter talking to his dog. He was felling a tree and lost his balance, just as the tree was falling down. I think the tree didn’t fall right on top of the woodcutter, rather next to him and then slowly rolled him over. I heard the man screaming in a high-pitched voice, and remembered a line I had once read about videos of dying people: “Their voice is the worst part, worse than the image.”
A strange thing happened yesterday. The night before last I had a dream involving trains. Trains have been a frequent motive in my dreams but I hadn’t had one in a while. One of them was driven by Keanu Reeves. Yesterday morning, as I was rushing to work, I ran in front of a moving train, uncomfortably close to be honest. Not quite “half a second and I’d be dead” but still too close, because these situations must feel crap for the drivers. I did it to catch my train which was going in the other direction at the same stop.

Last night I saw a collection of random stuff. There were paragliders coming down from the sky, while there was a massive car-shaped cloud above them, which I was trying to take photos of with my phone. I took a hundred photos but when I wanted to look at them later, my gallery was empty. Then I saw different old horror movies, one about a killer spider, another one I don’t recall. I’ve always appreciated the coziness of low-budget horror movies but somehow these were too boring even for me to watch. And then I woke up at some hotel room and my forehead was full of weird acne-like stuff, but full of pus. Really disgusting. And then I woke up for real.
Wow, that sounds like quite an intense and vivid dream! It's interesting how you were both a participant in the horror movie and a spectator who knew what was going to happen next. The setting of the luxurious mansion adds an eerie and unsettling vibe to the dream.

One of forum's richest persons, even if he may not be fully aware of his wealth!

I dreamt that I was in the company of youngsters in a strange, foreign place. Recent high school graduates, I would assume, but I’m not sure. Among them was a young woman who I fell in love with at first sight. I was ready to be neglected by her but she stuck around and we walked along that unfamiliar place together. To her, though, it was familiar as she was showing the way. She was the embodiment of a perfectly beautiful person. All I remember about her appearance is that she was Slavic, maybe Ukrainian, had black hair and a rather tall, slim figure. We came to a grassy area with a steep slope down into water. She slid down the muddy slope - plop! - into the water and urged me to do the same. A little afraid, I sat on the ground, pushed myself down, closed my eyes and…I kept sliding and sliding but never reached the water, and that’s where the dream ended.
^Man, subconscious is an Ocean and you seem to be an Ocean of subconscious.
Kind of scary. Bots wanting to participate in human discussions even deceiving some of us. Humans failing to qualify :D in captcha "prove that you are a human" tests. Humans on defence of AI accusing other humans of speciesism.

50 years from now Politically Correctness and Inclusivity could be extended to robots.

Well, no, someone created the bot. It wasn't doing it on its own. Someone directed it to sign up for forums and attempt to interact.
Sure, but the bot signed up and interacted in an automatic way. Also it chose the thread to interact and who knows why it specifically chose that thread. And it would harvest whatever info intended to harvest and feed it back again in an automatic way. Still scary.

And this is a very premature phase of AI. If Larry Page called Musk "speciest" a few years ago, the inclusivity towards bots 50 years from now is not exactly science fiction. And there are signs; people marrying holograms and all sorts of weird behaviours.
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Tonight my brain decided that my father's name is actually Aal, born in Oman, and he was the the drummer for Ethnix in the 80's, the 14th of the 34 they had. He left because of bone health issues, same reason as most of their drummers (better than spontaneous combustion I guess <_<).
Early this morning, close to time to get up, I had a feeling that my old dog Franny was in bed with me walking around as if to get me up. It was very tactile, I could feel her moving between my arms though I was still half asleep. I used to tell her, "The pack is forever Franny, the pack is forever."
I had a couple of really deep psychological dreams during military training but didn’t write them down right away so I don’t remember them anymore. You know, fresh air and staying sober really makes dreams so much more vivid. But then again, daily life makes sobriety a very tough challenge.
I had a wicked dream. I was in the military once again and our leader (who reminded me of a lieutenant I had as a conscript but an even more badass version of him) decided to demonstrate a new type of missile to us. You know Striders from Half-Life 2, those long-legged alien creatures? A machine similar to those, but not quite as tall, started walking out of a garage and the leader commanded it to fire. We followed the red projectile moving clearly in the night, low above the ground, avoiding enemy missiles that tried to destroy ours with awesome ease. When it finally hit, thr explosion was similar to that of a nuclear bomb. We felt shockwave after shockwave, somewhere a house exploded. Somebody asked about the range of the impact and the leader answered: “If you’re 100 km away from it, you should be able to keep standing.”

Then there was a whole weird-ass Simpsons episode that I was part of but don’t remember much of it.
I have a new book, a horror book, and I am impressed by the edition. It comes in parts, one is printed on vellum paper in fat black letters, one looks like one of those ugly handmade paper diaries (rose-coloured cover with some green, in that particular case); the book, in fact, is supposedly the diary of someone who died in strange circumstances; then there are boxes and vials that look like some kind of cosmetics, rose-coloured too, and part of the plot apparently. I'm showing the whole package to my wife who is leaning over my shoulder and I'm so thrilled that this is a book like no other, I expect her to share my enthusiasm, and she does, she is fascinated.
'Oh', she says, 'just look at it!' 'Just look at the ...'
I cannot really hear the last word and I'm going to ask her to repeat it when I know that ... are tiny and rose-coloured and alien and hostile and you should never inhale them except I already have because they are everywhere, and then I know this is not a book, and then I know this is not my wife.
I was walking down a long apartment building staircase and on each step of the stairs there was a young half-clothed woman standing still, looking straight ahead. I wanted to stay and talk to some of them but there were other guys, most of whom looked like teenagers, on the stairs behind me and I didn’t want to block the passage. I reached the bottom of the staircase and met a nerdy-looking guy there. We were talking about something, I found out he’s only 13, which was surprising because he looked tall for his age, when he suddenly took out a Swiss army knife and flailed it around dangerously. I grabbed his arms to stop him, and yelled for somebody else to take the knife off him. I was a bit disappointed in myself for how barely I was able to hold the guy in place, him being only 13. Once rid of the knife, the scene became emotional. I could sense his troubles of growing up, like looking at a younger version of myself, and told him it’s been hard for me too. But it’s okay, you just live on and you’ll be fine. He cried some, I might have as well, and the scene ended there in the shadowy corners below the stairs.

Then I was transported to another dream where I was in a foreign country, travelling home or so it seemed. I got to a room with a table where I sat down with 3-4 other people. My father was there but I don’t remember the others. We were choosing a board game to play, nobody wanted to go with Monopoly so we ended up staring at a blank board. Suddenly there were two goth/rock/emo chicks there, both with a glass of red wine. I had met them earlier in the foreign country I think, and they were about to leave to go to a VIP fan event of The Cure. “Those old guys,” I thought but I knew I had to go with them because they were oozing sexual energy. But then I couldn’t get my shirt on (I had been sitting there without a shirt), put it on backwards first before finally getting ready to leave. And then there was a myriad of sexy goth chicks at the event, which happened at a grocery store near my real-life home. That was all. And I woke up with a desperate need to have a hot goth girl like that in my life.
Someone was trying to get into the building at work with a lamb. I have zero idea what this was all about.
I've had several unnerving dreams as of late, but only two have stuck.

The first one I had to walk up a steep hill to get to work. On the way back, I'm carefully making my way down when I start hearing gun shots. I look behind me to see a black pick up with 'bout 4-5 people in the back wearing bandanas over their faces and carrying sem-automatic rifles. I get off the street and lay down behind a short wall on the sidewalk. Except it was useless, one of the men peers over and sees me. He shoots me dead. I felt the bullets enter and exit my body and I died not being able to do anything about it.

The second dream isn't as creepy as that one on it's own, it's the history both with my dream track record and with my love life, that give it the creepy vibe. I dreamt that my most recent ex, who disappeared over a year ago and haven't heard from since, came back. The interesting thing is, she disappeared because I found out I was the other guy, she had a boyfriend (she told me she didn't) and when she was found out she cut us both off. Him and I are actually friends now (LOOONG story), but at any rate, she came back. We were having small talk and then her actual ex, my now friend, shows up. It's a bit awkward since it is the first time since we met we were all in the same room. After more chit chat she turns to him and says, "I'd like to talk to Onhell alone please." He agrees and goes off to order coffee or whatever, but then she does nothing. She was standing their like a broken animatronic figure, staring blankly into space and not moving. I found that odd, and very telling. Normally I have conversations with people in dreams, sometimes they come to pass, but in this case, the fact she said/did nothing meant I truly had no idea what she is capable of doing/saying. Just unsettling.

Man, reading through this thread again is wild. I don't remember most of the dreams I wrote about in the last 3 years or so. This one though, the one in spoilers, deserves an update.

Like my other ex, this one also sent me a friend request. Unlike my other ex (long story short, we've talked, cleared the air, we've become relatively good friends,) This one never said a word. She sends me the request, I accept and never messages me or tags me in anything for like.... two years or so. The only reason I didn't unfriend her earlier was because I would completely forget she was there. I'm pretty sure she did it to stalk me, but after so long and not saying a word I eventually just unfriended her. In rereading this dream.... I swear to god I have one foot in this world and another in the next or something... just unreal and rereading this was creepier now than when I first wrote it.

On a different note, As I stated in another thread, one of my dogs passed away rather suddenly and tragically a little over a year ago. I've dreamt with him a couple of times and both times woke up in tears. About a week ago or so I had an interesting dream, I didn't dream about him, but about another dog who was going through the same thing he did (he accidently drowned in his own vomit), I recognized the signs immediately, began giving him CPR, called out for someone to call emergencies and in the end saved the dog. Both in the dream and upon waking up I felt good, accomplished. I think it's just my mind coming to terms with what happened and starting to move on from the grief.
To anyone who’s had episodes of sleep paralysis, is there any way to avoid having them? I know sleeping on your stomach or on your side, rather than your back, has a lower chance of sleep paralysis occuring. But we move and turn in our sleep so there’s no guarantee you’ll spend the night in the same position you fell asleep in. I’m asking because last night I had quite a scary experience of sleep paralysis. Funnily I never remembered it during the day, it only occured to me now as I’m going to sleep again. The episode only lasted a few moments (maybe ten seconds), as they usually do, but that’s enough to leave a paranoid feeling in you. I was having some kind of dream, it wasn’t exactly a nightmare as much as I can remember, when suddenly I became aware that something was going to happen right away. A visit from an eerie presence of some kind. My breathing became heavy as I struggled to take in a breath of air, there was a sense of heaviness in my chest/stomach, and suddenly I heard something lunging at me in my bed and felt something move over my blanket. It felt like a cat was walking over me: small fast footsteps, light rather than heavy. In a state between sleep and wakefulness, I struggled to grasp myself free from the terrifying feeling, paralyzed momentarily, and then broke free and could move again. I was scared that someone might be there, the same presence that was disturbing my dream, and soon closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

I experience these episodes every now and then, and usually they are not as scary as the one last night, but there’s always the aspect of struggling to break free, for a short time being neither asleep nor awake. Does anyone experience similar things?
I don't know about avoiding them all together, but I found a way that works for me to overcome them. It has had the added benefit of not having them as often. In my early 20s I would have them on an almost daily basis, and now.... well can't recall the last one to be honest, that's how rare it is now.

I used to have horrible episodes. I would hear and feel someone in my room, it sounded like your stereotypical witch, raspy, old, haggard voice. She would cuss me out, pull my hair, etc. Then I saw a documentary on how it's all about brain chemistry, and that we may be awake, but our body is still asleep due to the sleep hormone. Sooo, I just rationalized my way out of it. I decided the witch was not real and I started doing breathing exercises (the only thing I could control/move) until I was able to move. The experience no longer horrified me, they became annoyances, they became less frequent and each time I would come out of them quicker, until one day..... they stopped. Again, I have had them since, but they are now YEARS apart rather than almost daily and I still do the same thing, tell myself it's no big deal, ignore whatever is there, breathe until I regain control of the rest of my body.