Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?


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Greetings, traveller!
Post your crazy twisted dreams in this thread, even if they're not very twisted. I, for one, would be interested in knowing what kind of amazing dreams you've had, and share some of my own. This thread can help keep track of the nocturnal visions for a longer time than our memory would.


I saw a nightmare that I was in a late 70s Horror classic movie. I was both in the movie myself but I kind of new what was going to happen next, as if I had seen the movie earlier. I was in a huge luxurious mansion (like the ones you would see on Hercule Poirot), I remember thinking that the exterior isn't THAT magnificent but the interior...sadly I only remember the exterior.
So a truckload of guys came to the mansion, I don't remember what they wanted but I knew right away they were trouble. Soon they started to terrorise the others, shooting and scaring everyone in sight. There was a scene in which I ran for my life with a couple of others and next to me there was a man running who I recognised for having played a zombie in Dawn of the Dead. I ended up in a small cottage in the vast mansion gardens.
As night came down, I got scared and suddenly realised that I should shut off all the lights so the bad guys wouldn't come to inspect. I was just looking out of a window as I shut off the last light and saw a face there. The face belonged to one of the "terrorists". At this point I wasn't sure if he was a zombie or just very evil. Soon he came knocking down the door, I found out there I wasn't alone in the cottage because the others started panicking.
The dream ended. I knew this movie as the best horror of all time, directed by George A. Romero. Was very creepy and exciting as well.

I can't even begin to remember some of the weird dreams I've had in the past, only bits and pieces really. But they do happen pretty often so the next time one comes up, I'll share.
I haven't had an interesting dream in months. The interesting ones I had mostly weren't because of the story but because of the absurdity of the people/objects involved. For example last year I saw myself drinking Rakı with Barack Obama and Lionel Messi in Algeria after performing a local dance with them.

I was in the epic quest of the Hobbit but the storyline was quite a bit different. I don't remember much, only trying to find the end to this quest, marching through dungeons and forests. In the end, there was a final battle of "the Wall". The Wall was an infernal entity, composed of evil forces, covered in blood. There was a river in front of the Wall so fighting it seemed impossible. The river started turning yellow and soon there was a blast brighter than a thousand suns that me and others in the dream called "the Yellow Bang". After that, it turned out to be a (Hobbit) video game. I returned to the main menu and found out my level 70 character was dead.
Last night: I was at my dad's old shop, which he hasn't had in over 25 years. I was working for a guy I haven't worked for in 10 years, driving a semi-truck (which I've never done). I was trying to back the trailer in and got the trailer high-centered and it came off the truck. I tried to back into it to get re-attached and it fell over. So, I got out of the truck, lifted the trailer back onto it's wheels, then, by hand, pushed it onto the truck connection. Afterwards, we all looked at the trailer for signs of damage, because I'd rented it from Enterprise.

I have no clue.
I've forgotten most of last night's, it involved being in a steampunk-themed house at a museum in Northumberland. There was a big parade going on and everyone kept shouting: "Jolly good show, old chap."
As a child I used to have a recurring dream about being inside a glass coffin. Not a nightmare exactly, I wasn't in any danger of any kind (I wasn't being buried alive or anything) I could see out and was quite comfortable, but I was still constantly aware that I was trapped, which is the main memory I still have of that dream. I blame Snow White ...
Last dream I remember well was a few weeks ago when I dreamed that my teeth were falling out. I told myself that it was okay because it was a dream, but then someone told me that my teeth were falling out IRL too. It was strange because I didn't feel lucid, although apparently I knew I was dreaming.
^That's supposed to be a fear of getting old, at least according to those dream interpretation books.
I don't have the same dream consistently, but one issue that usually recurs for me is that I can't run fast at all-- like I try to run and I just can barely move.
Hasn't happened to me at all. One recurring element in my dreams is, for some reason, a dock or pier that stretches out to the ocean for miles on end. I have a few ideas for why this image is in my brain and what it may represent, but I don't know if it is a common image or just something personal.
I used to dream the same dream very often when I was a child. In my dream, I used to sit on a small wooden stool and I jumped off the balcony with it. I knew that if I coughed or sneezed while falling, I would not be hurt. I think I had this dream dozens of times.
This time it was a 2-parter.

1) Two guys from my school had users on Maidenfans and caused some kind of havoc in the 100 000 thread. In midst the other posts, harrisdevot said that he would elect me president for something I had said.
2) The first dream somehow grew into the second one where I was a peasant in late 19th century Estonia. My grandma had just died, possibly my parents too, not sure, and it was a time of war which meant that I had to pick up arms despite my age of 12 or so in the dream. I teamed up with some other people and began to battle Russian forces. I was an archer, had to hit the guys from afar as they approached on horseback. Now the funny thing is that we were outnumbered like 30 to 1 or so. We lost many battles but could restart each time. In the last battle, there were over 900 Russians against 10-20 of us. Guess what they also had...a helicopter! In the 19th century! After defeating us in a matter of seconds, it was formally stated that General Maxim had led his army to yet another victory.