Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?

Peculiar dream. My brother informed me that every guitar amplifier in the world includes components that could be used to make a hydrogen bomb powerful enough to destroy the whole world. The imagination of this flashed before my eyes. Anyone with a guitar amp and a little bit of tinkering skills could just end the world if they wanted to. I became paranoid that millions of people over the world have the fate of the world in their hands, and it’s only a matter of time before somebody creates the guitar amp hydrogen bomb.
Interesting I was watering watching Oppenheimer for first time and had strange thoughts about the blast on Tuesday and Wednesday somewhere between the time zones.
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It's a completely bonkers film that may cheer you up if it's your sort of thing ...
The baddie accidentally makes an atomic bomb out of a beer keg and Albert plays his guitar off it so as to drain off the power and stop it exploding.

Hence Albert saves the world with rock 'n'roll :shred:
I was hanging around god-knows-where when I stumbled upon a parking lot next to a highway and decided to set up a table and my computer there. I was browsing the web and @Night Prowler claimed to have bought a 10,000 dollar guitar (a Music Man John Petrucci signature with the body shape of a Gibson Les Paul, imagine that). I was a bit envious but expressed desire to play NP’s guitar one day. Then I hopped into the store (there was a little store at the far end of the parking lot). Looking around the aisles, I dreadfully realised that I had a plane to catch, and before that I had to take a bus to the airport. I didn’t know when or where I would get to said bus, though. I rushed outside, saw all my belongings still around the table. I considered myself lucky that nothing had been stolen. I quickly packed my laptop and monitor into my backpack, and grabbed all my stuff (except the table) when I saw a bus approaching down the highway. The screen in front of the bus read: “44 - Pöide”. Pöide is an Estonian village with 22 inhabitants, no idea why my brain chose that place but I knew this was the bus I had to take. It pulled aside at a bus stop 50-100 metres ahead of me. I tried to catch it but running was so damn difficult, especially due to the baggage I was carrying. The bus closed its doors and drove off again. In one last attempt I started waving at the bus, hoping that the driver would see me in the rear view mirror and acknowledge my despair. Miraculously, the bus opened its doors again, and I saw the familiar face of an old classmate calling me. I hurried as fast as I could and finally hopped onto the bus, but the weight of my stuff was pulling back on me, so I felt like I was falling out of the bus as soon as I had stepped inside. The dream ended at that point, so I don’t know whether I stayed in the bus or fell out again.
I had a horrible dream Friday night. It wasn't a nightmare, in fact I wish it had been. instead I had to deal with something much worse. I've been really stressed out lately (health related) and also mildly depressed (socially related), so I've been having issues sleeping. To make things worse that night I dreamt all the horrible things I ever did to my GF. All the times I blew up for no reason, yelled, was petty, etc. I guess it was a preview of getting judged when I die. I've spent the rest of the weekend feeling like complete shit, randomly crying and just overall sulking. I have no idea how the rest of my week is going to go as I haven't been able to shake this feeling.

Thing is, my GF and I came to have great communication and we talked it all out, sincerely apologized and took responsibility for what we both did that hurt each other, so I have no idea where this came from. I've decided that when we get a chance to talk again I will apologize again, because I hate the version of me that did that and it destroys me that I was so mean to someone I care about.
Update: just spoke with her and she called me a sweet idiot for worrying over things she had long forgiven me for, still felt good to hear it. As I too had suspected she said it's just probably the stress over my upcoming medical appointments. If that's the case I can expect two more weeks of this hell. Fun times.