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    The 2011 Tour Thread! (SPOILERS)

    If anyone is interested, I think I can get the setlist together from memory. (Berlin, June 3) Might have screwed up a little with the order in the middle, but the songs are definitely those. I have to say this concert was a little different from what I expected, and it was still a two-hour...
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    Anyone going to Maiden in Berlin?

    Hello guys! The photos are awesome, I'm gonna share some of those with my friends for sure! Nice to see you all again on the o2 pic. Still not sure who's who here in the forum, but what the hell :bigsmile: Glad to see that our Miami guest got a ticket in the seats. Hope you enjoyed the show...
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    Anyone going to Maiden in Berlin?

    Wow, that sounds awesome! Looking forward to meeting all you guys, yaaaay! :yey:
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    Anyone going to Maiden in Berlin?

    You've got mail ;-)
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    Anyone going to Maiden in Berlin?

    I could probably post this in the tour thread, but as it is, not many Germans around here and that thread is so crowded by now... Anyway, I might be the only Berlin native in this forum and I'd really like to meet with some of you guys if anyone is coming to Berlin to see Maiden here! Maybe...
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    Possible future Maiden fans?

    Wow, that was excellent. I really had to laugh out loud just from enjoying the singing and watching the girls roll their heads while air-guitaring! And that guy on the right with the leather pants and jacket sure made a good Bruce ;-) I wish more kids these days would receive education like...
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    Iron Maiden: In the Studio book coming out

    VERY nice. Great for any Maiden fan, but if they include a little studio tech as well, even more interesting for anyone who knows about recording!
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    The Final Frontier Reviews Thread

    Perun: saved your excellent essay (better call it that than a review) to my computer for future reference. Your interpretation of the lyrics of this album does not seem far-fetched at all and even if Maiden themselves never meant for us to interpret their music this way, may I go ahead and...
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    More European Dates Confirmed

    Hey guys, can I join you in Berlin? I'm living here and I'm F*CKING THRILLED to see Maiden FINALLY come to my hometown! I always said that now that we've got the o2 World, there's no reason why Maiden would not come to Berlin. And it looks like the metal god heard my prayers. Got my ticket for...
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    Kevin's diary coming to

    I highly enjoyed Shirley's diary as an engineer myself. There's always something to learn from the experiences of others. As for mastering, it is VERY interesting to learn that TFF was mastered three times but ultimately kept flat, released without a mastering chain on top. What we hear is the...
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    Flight 666, A pleasant surprise

    I watched Flight 666 on the single day when it came to theaters in Berlin. Seriously, I have never seen such an unbelievably sharp picture in a cinema, and so big too! It's "only" 1080i, but man did it look great. This is what HD was actually made for I guess. Funny, I just edited some footage...
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    FF, I think you nailed it right there. Even when you understand each part of the album (like I feel I do by now), you're still left amazed by how the parts make up the whole. TFF really is much more than the sum of its parts, and it takes great skill and musicianship to craft such a masterpiece...
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    Favorite band member?

    Nicko is my idol as a drummer, sort of. Not the only one, but the biggest up there, and greatly influenced my later development of my drumming style. I'd sure like to meet him, drummer to drummer, and talk stuff them guitar players don't get anyway :P Plus he's a cool ass. Problem is, sometimes...
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    The Final Frontier Reviews Thread

    It's fine, I'll take that too :D
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    The Best Headphones To Listen To Quality Music

    Real Maiden Fan, from personal experience with the PX100 and PX200 respectively, I would urge you to stay away from these models if you're still looking for headphones (as opposed to earplugs). I've had the PX200 as my very first closed-back, supra-aural pair of phones and I was blasted away by...