The Future Past tour 2023

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There is guy on the FC forum who follows ticket sales very closely. It's quite possibly my favourite threads on any Maiden forum.

I personally find it very interesting how the sales are at any given time, it gives an idea if Maiden are getting more popular and how they do in different markets from tour to tour.

When it comes to these three shows the sales were looking awful just one month ago. It's much better now but far from sold out, and a step down from the last visst to the same cities.

Those threads about ticket sales on each tour were definitely the most interesting to me on the Fan Club forum!
Looking like I'll be skipping out on Vancouver this week. Hope everyone attending the Canadian run/Power Trip has a great time. Planning on hitting Chicago and the American opener next year, perhaps a few others?
Enjoy the show everyone! I can't stay in the forum to discuss because the concert is late for me.

I'm curious how the band will sound (I think very good), if they will change a song or two (I doubt it), or if they will add an extra song for this big festival like they did back in 2001 (probably not, but Number Of The Beast, Run To The Hills and even Hallowed now always have chances).
I'm going to be very close to Indio that weekend so I will be keeping an eye on tickets but more than likely won't go, just isn't worth it for me. If I can get a single day to see Iron Maiden and GNR (I've actually wanted to see them live) I'll check it out.

I'll be in Vancouver monday.
The three Canadian shows are just to warm up for Powertrip. I bet there will be a much longer North American tour next year.
Yes, I am aware of that. However, it would have made much more sense for several different reasons to do the North-American bit now; there´s really no need for two North-American legs, however short this one may be. I don`t reckon this Future Past theme is particularly interesting there given even how little the tickets have sold for these handful of shows. Secondly, now that Bruce is doing his solo tour next year the calender and options are limited for Maiden. Doing the N-A bit now would have opened space for different parts of the World next year, including 2nd leg of Europe. As much as I like the theme, I think it would be the best to wrap up the Future Past by the end of next year and focus to other things beyond that. There is limited time for Maiden, and I don`t wish to see the same type of show expanded to third year.

Avoiding a year-long gap would be better also, playing for a couple of months now would not be unreasonable request, there has been enough time to recover from the summer tour, and really no need for more than 8-week tour in NA (sorry for the HC-fans out there for this opinion). Unless they do a short tour somewhere in February-March, they are probably only gonna be on stage next time in around September.

And finally, a hypocritical point: avoiding "unnecessary" (I hope you know what I mean) travelling for only handful of shows.
I think they are 35 minutes on stage now... So we will know in a hour or so.

Edit: They are playing Hell On Earth now and Nicko sounds good.
I don’t think Hell On Earth sounded anywhere as good as the studio version. The drums fills, snare rolls and the drive from the bass drum was really missed.
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