The Future Past tour 2023

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Iron Maiden will be bringing a new tour to Europe in the Summer of 2023 including arena shows in the UK & Ireland. The Future Past Tour will feature previously unperformed songs from the band’s most recent studio album, Senjutsu along with a focus on 1986’s iconic Somewhere In Time record, plus other classic cuts.


The first shows to be announced are as follows:

June 2023
13 Tauron Arena, Krakow, POLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
19 Hallenstadion, Zurich, SWITZERLAND - (On sale Thu Oct 13)
24 3Arena, Dublin, IRELAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
26 Ovo Hydro, Glasgow, SCOTLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
28 First Direct Arena, Leeds, ENGLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
30 AO Arena, Manchester, ENGLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)

July 2023
03 Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, ENGLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
04 Utilita Arena, Birmingham, ENGLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
07 O2 Arena, London, ENGLAND - (On sale Fri Oct 14)
11 Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS - (On sale Thu Oct 13)
13 Sportpaleis, Antwerp, BELGIUM - (On sale Thu Oct 13)
15 The Return of the Gods Festival, Milan, ITALY - (On sale Tomorrow! Fri Oct 7)

Further European dates for The Future Past Tour will be announced later. Keep up to date here.

Fan Club Presales begin Tuesday 11th October. Details to be added shortly.
Support for The Future Past Tour will be announced at a later date. Trooper VIP will be available at selected UK and European dates.

Steve Harris says,
“Following the release of our latest album, Senjutsu, we updated the current Legacy of the Beast Tour a little by opening the show with the first 3 songs from it, with the Japanese Palace stage set. As it doesn’t make a lot of sense to repeat this for a Senjutsu album tour, we thought about other options and we’ve decided to revisit Somewhere In Time as that tour didn’t feature in the various retrospective history tours we’ve played over the years. They were based on our 80’s concert videos and sadly we did not film that tour (blame the manager!!). We have had lots of requests from fans over the years for many tracks on it so we are now going to play them, plus of course a few others we know you will like! It will also be particularly satisfying to finally get to play some of the more epic tracks on Senjutsu, it's been a long wait! 2023 is going to be an exciting time and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone again in the UK, Ireland and around Europe”.

Manager, Rod Smallwood adds,
“This combination of the two albums we feel is very exciting. We know fans want to hear those epic cuts on Senjutsu for the first time live and we think that by combining it with an iconic album like Somewhere In Time it will make for another really special tour for fans old and new! Of course, for a new album tour in Europe and the UK we will go back largely to the relative intimacy of arenas and we know fans will be very happy about that too!”
My Setlist prediction

1. Caught Somewhere in Time
2. Futureal
3. Wasted Years
4. The Writing on the Wall
5. Sea of Madness
6. The Time Machine
7. Days of Future Past
8. Stranger in a Strange Land
9. The Parchment
10. Alexander the Great
11. Fear of the Dark
12. Iron Maiden
13. Hallowed be thy name
14. The Number of the Beast
15. Hell on Earth
I find it interesting that folks keep bringing up Heaven Can Wait and the fact that it's not a good idea to invite more people to the stage and thus making it unlikely for HCW to be played. It's not a necessity for the song to have dozens of people on the stage, it's a gimmick. It would be perfectly fine if they simply played the song like any other, without the additional people. Audience participation doesn't require a stage, we should know that since that's the way it works for literally every other Maiden song ;)
Also, it's entirely possible that they do 2 different worlds/stage sets again.

Senjutsu world:

1. Days Of Future Past
2. The Writing On The Wall
3. The Time Machine
4. The Parchement
5. Hell On Earth

6. The Trooper

SIT world:

7. Deja Vu
8. Wasted Years
9. Heaven Can Wait
10. Stranger In A Strange Land (Clint Eastwood cyborg Eddie)
11. Alexander The Great

12. Iron Maiden (Bruce and Steve in inflatable hands again)
13. The Number Of The Beast
14. Fear Of The Dark
15. Hallowed Be Thy Name
No Senjutsu dedicated tour is disappointing, but I'm glad that (probably) there won't be another History/Hits tour after this tour.

The idea of the tour is great and something new for Maiden.

To be fair, with three Senjutsu cuts being performed this year, with a strong possibility that at least one of them, or even two, will be benched for 2023 in favour of 3-4 previously unplayed Senjutsu cuts, resulting a total of 5 Senjutsu songs in the set anyway, I think it's just as dedicated to Senjutsu as any previous album tour has been for it's representative album, save AMOLAD which obviously got a superior treatment.
I would bet a lot of money on Wasted Years as the closer.
Yeah, I'd say around the same as DOFP being the opener.

And that's around 75% chance. Unless, they do worlds/realms again.

BTW, is this the 1st time they named a tour after a song, not an album?
If the songs from both albums are indeed 5+5,

From Senjutsu:

TWOTW will stay, 100%. It's in the tour promo video.
Stratego maybe will be dropped because it's Nicko's most difficult song to play from the album.
Senjutsu, idk. It won't be the concert opener, so it's 50/50. It would be odd without it.

They will play at least 2 of Steve's epics (Hell On Earth and Parchment), DOFP is pretty much confirmed and Bruce wants to do The Time Machine.

From Somewhere In Time:

SIASL (tour poster and short promo video).
Wasted Years is certain.
ATG (this is the chance, they can't delay it anymore).
CSIT (as the concert opener or DOFP) or Sea Of Madness (because it was played on the original SIT tour).
Deja-Vu has a chance (if they play ATG), but the song has no solos.
HCW (I doubt it because of the fans backstage).
Long Distance Runner (they don't like how it sounds live).
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