Now drinking

I guess you’re not guaranteed to enjoy it…?
It doesn't say you're guaranteed to enjoy it anyway. It just advises you to enjoy it by 10.31.22.

It also hurt me to write the date in that order.
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Partaking in the winter variety packs that have already shown up. Got a Sam Adams IPA pack (which has an 8.3% double that's a doozy), and the winter pack with this one, Old Fezziwig (which I hated in my 20s but have come to enjoy now), and others. Also got a cream ale variety pack from Indeed based around their pretty tasty Pistachio Cream Ale, though the other varieties (Dreamsicle, Italian Ice, and Snow Cone) leave something to be desired.

Will probably get another keg before too long, but I'm not sure what yet. I'm still hooked up for nitrogen, so I'd be tempted to get Old Speckled Hen or Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout, probably. Though I also bought that U-tap for Guinness and haven't used it yet...
Looks better than it tastes but still decent.
Back to an earlier conversation btw, "Desítka", i.e. 10 °P, 4% Alc.
"Beer" might be a feminine noun in Bulgarian, @Jer , but no matter how much I love "her", I've always managed to keep our relationship purely °Platonic.
I just assumed your wife was the person on the label!