Now drinking


Pica Serdica
Long overdue, I feel.
Black Coffee.

The coffee is from Thomas Hammer, a local chain in my area. It is a dark roast.
Don't we have a booze thread?

Anyway, I've just been drinking G&T. Tanqueray No. 10 and a Gordon's Pink. Very nice they were, too.
I've been aging my own Tequila lol. When I went to the town of Tequila, couple hours out from where I live, I bought a small liter barrel, bought white Tequila and left it to age. We finally got around to drink it 4 months later and it had acquired a nice amber hue and a VERY potent kick. Fucking awesome. Next time I go I'll buy a 3 liter barrel, because as it sits to age it is consumed by the wood and it evaporates with time as well, so you're left with a bit less. Still a decent amount. A friend recommend it to place whiskey in the barrel first for 5-6 months so when I place the Tequila in there it will acquire a more wooden taste.

On a non-alcoholic note, I've been Frankenstein-ing K-cup drinks lol. I bought a french press-like generic Keurig contraption and some generic k-cups long ago. I had a mocha mix with the coffee and the "milk" cups are separate and also had some hot chocolate with peppermint. The peppermint is kinda potent so I figured I combine it with the mocha mix and BAM... fing tasty lol.