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Had this yesterday in Brno and it was one of the best beers I've ever tasted:


Dalešická jedenáctka, to be precise. Remarkable.
Oh yeah, the Czechs had a strange way of measuring their alcohol. I remember beers with 11, 12 and 13.
It used to be the same in Bulgaria - 10 to 13 % on the label or bottle cap being the "dry content" or something similar, referrring to the stuff inside that's not water - Google tells me that more or less corresponds to Plato gravity - and I don't remember the actual alcohol content being mentioned, certainly not on the cap. It was usually about 4.5 anyway.
I know there's some relation between the two - when one number rises so does the other apparently - but I'm not competent at all.

“Iron Maiden & BrewDog unite to launch Hellcat - a feisty India Pale Lager where hops and malts collide. Hellcat rages with a citrus-forward flavor with a no less aggressive malty backbone. The result is a hazy-gold IPL with an epically complex balance. Brewed in the USA, Hellcat joins the global trooper family of beers crafted by Maiden vocalist and beer aficionado Bruce Dickinson.”

6% ABV. Pretty good, actually. More hop flavor than malt, but it’s still pretty easy-drinking. It reminds me of a less malty and smoother take on Surly Furious.

I was surprised to see the Trooper branding on this (hard to see in the picture, but it runs down both sides of the can) — I thought that brand was an exclusive deal with Robinsons, while this was done with the U.S. brewer BrewDog.

Definitely a missed opportunity with the beer name. It clearly should have been “Can IPL With Maltness” instead!