Now drinking

Finished drinking imperial IPA by Steam-Brew and for a supermarket brand, it wasn't offensive at all.

But I'm from Moravia, I'm more of a wine bloke myself, so I'm switching to a cool wine we got from our friends recently, the grape is actually called Solaris (Andrej, you sculptor in time, you rule! :D )

One of those beers that need some food (salty in this particular case I think, cheese or pretzel or something) to open their flavour.
Weihenstephaner is my favourite Weiss but Lager is not their strength.
Pretty decent though, don't get me wrong.

I think this one's not too typical for a German beer? Strongly reminds me of Schwechater Wiener Lager. (Which I like a lot, just didn't expect to get something so similar from Warsteiner).

I'm not sure, it might be the first time I actually tried drinking Heineken and ... don't want to offend anybody, but with all due respect, it's really like water. I mean, it's not bad, it's just the most neutral, inoffensive beer I ever had, I have a hard time realising how does it actually taste. Sorry!