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Quite a departure from beers and flavoured ciders:
tastes kind of like perfume, and is pink and metallic



The dotage of a dotard
It´s also great in stew! I guess you tried other Belgian beers as well?
I’ve tried some trappists, doppels, trippels, and quads from time to time. But this was just grabbed off a grocery shelf near The Hague because I needed some beer for the hotel and this looked pretty good…!


The dotage of a dotard

This has become my go-to diet beer. Tastes like a slightly watery version of their Extra Pale Ale. Helps to take the edge off while burning down holiday weight.


Pica Serdica
Home-made Greek Tsipouro I received as a present many years ago in Sithonia.
Σε ευχαριστώ φίλε μου, να είσαι καλά


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In Crete we call it Raki which is pretty much the same thing. There are endless memes about the worship of Tsipouro, the best being an axiom (though some will argue it's a law):

"If the bottle of Sprite has a Coca Cola cap, then the bottle contains Tsipouro"



Free Man
This is pure air from the steppes of Mongolia so the homesick Mongols can deep breath clean air while in the big monster cities like yours truly.
I guess you remember Space Balls and the Perri-air? :D
Peri-air.jpeg il_1588xN.3192435638_2dju.jpg