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Surprisingly good. Most grapefruit beers I’ve had in the past have been astringent or gross in some other way, but this has a very clear, juicy grapefruit flavor on top of a mild wheat base.
Found this in the fridge after coming back from the Sodom gig in Sofia, which was fantastic.
Beer is quite good as well. :cheers:
Courtesy of Mrs. M who found it in a shop in Sofia.
Very nice, and certainly nothing to do with Kamenitza at all.
MMM - Macedonian moonshine mastika, for strictly medical reasons of course, I feel I might have caught a cold during the weekend.
Been privileged to drink this elixir year after year; couldn't go excavating this spring but my Macedonian friends kindly sent me a bottle. Gentleman who makes it has surpassed himself this year, fantastic.