Mysterious News Announcement on the Official site...

Not really.

We all knew what it was, everyone was just overhyping it.
Mods: Considering the nature of the announcement, should this topic be moved into the Solo/Side Projects forum now?
i am truly crushed, finally got to it on Radio 1...
good work from H but the vocals, yeah they could be a stumbling point
I hear H singing some lead as well at 1.49 and 4.20?

I don't mind the vocals that much, they fit the music. And lots of room for heavy riffing and solos. My wife who knows Bat For Lashes was quite surprised that one of their musicians (Abi Fry) is contributing as well
yeah i thought i heard him adding some texture in the background, ive been moving away from heavier sound lately but it is good... still for the build up i wanted a half hour H solo :oops:... then a free goody bag
I think it would have been far more appropriate to put this as an ordinary news article like with the Lauren Harris thing a while back, building up hype amongst the fans for a non-maiden project seems foolish, no matter how good the song in question is.
That's a very good point, this is obviously of greater importance on account of it being Adrian's project, nor is there anythin wrong with it being promoted on the site. Putting a pre-announcement and generating enough hype to significantly slow down the website seems like a bad move though.
What a deception. I was hoping for something else than just another second-hand album. It won't change my opinion that Adrian is an highly overrated songwriter, unable to write some decent stuff on his own, Wasted Years, Stranger and SeA of Madness beeing the only exceptions. They should keep all this countdown stuff for Maiden stuff.