Mysterious News Announcement on the Official site...

I was working today (at 10am), so had a little look before I left. Clearly I can't read though! Ahh well, a few hours to go yet --how exciting...
Just saw this, I wouldn't be suprised if 'Primal' was somewhat of a pun/play-on-words, whatever it might be... :D
If it's a play on primal (not sure why the capitalisation), then it might refer to original, first, earliest etc --which could mean anything. Some sort of early material? What you might guess, if "primal" is some sort of clue. Unlikely though.
A demo recording of Gangland was found on an old tape Adrian still possessed. To everyone's surprise, it's better than the original. In 45 minutes we'll see a video in which H will present this rare possession, together with good ol' Clive Burr. :)