Mysterious News Announcement on the Official site...

Hehe, H will present a QFF demo recording and he will say to the whole world that it features his best solo. :D
Misinterpretation of what you said, guess I spend too much of my time on other forums with sarcastic arseholes, my apologies :p
Who says? Forostar, am I a sarcastic arsehole? :D

H reveals a tape of QfF, with H's solo better than the the original album version. Dave says his solo makes him prouder than any other.
Well I know I'll be disappointed if it's not a QFF remake....

EDIT: The site has already been updated warning users to beware of slowdown because the site is busy; I'm worried there will be an onslaught of angry fans if this isn't the big maiden story we've been hoping for!
Guys, in its actual version, Quest for Fire is a real masterpice. Nothing could be added, nothing could be taken of. This is the real milestone of Maiden carrer and it perfectly sums up the great musical thought of Steve Harris. So I feel myself free to declare that tonight's annoucement will have nothing to to with this short metal symphony.
The official site isn't going to cope I don't think. The more I think about this the more convinced I am that it must be something pretty big (--unless everyone's just getting well carried away, which would be funny). I'm convinced it's a new album.
It was confirmed that it is not a new album.

People are getting seriously carried away with this. I'm 90% sure it's H's side project.
Harrisdevot: Perhaps it will be written proof that QfF and it's respective solo are in fact Dave's long-time favourite and that it will be played on the upcoming "Primal Frontier" tour as the only song, repeated twenty times.
I'm having trouble getting on the official website already. Tens of thousands of Maiden diehards like us F5ing all over the world!
Now I am 100% certain it's H's side project. I'm listening to it right now.
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