Mysterious News Announcement on the Official site...

Harry Potter
Helga from Hey Arnold!
Heston Blumenthal

That's all the suggestions I've got for now.
An H solo album would be quite cool. Or possibly a release of "original" foundation material. We'll see, anyway!
Nevertheless it does seem strange for there to be a "pre-announcement" present on the site if that is the case, it doesn't seem like quite major enough news to warrant it, in my opinion.
I don't know the official IM site past procedure --would they pre-announce H's side project album?

EDIT: Sorry for repetition, you were in ahead of me UpTheIrons
They may just want to share news. It could be could be anything else, really. We'll find out in about 24 hours.
The thing is though, if it's not dvd and tour news then what else is there to get excited about? We know it's not a new album either so I am at a total loss. To their credit though I'm really fracking curious :) I should add that I hope it's not a solo project announcement. Not because I'm against the idea, I just don't think it needs this level of teaser.
I doubt Maiden would push a Bruce solo album, though, due to the fact that he's signed to what remains of Sanctuary. H may be doing his through Iron Maiden Holdings, which would give the band a greater financial stake in the project's success.
Personally id bank on it being a release from the primal rock rebellion but we'll find out some time tuesday once weve all broken the website at 9pm :eek:
Kevin Shirley's December Facebook diary claimed he had finished mixing a Maiden song for a special tribute album. A Primal Rock Rebellion release makes sense but I'm hopeful it's a new Maiden single.
For those wondering, Mid-Distance Runner is posting about this:

Finished mixing the Bonamassa Beacon concert in stereo yesterday. Mixing some bonus material today, an Iron Maiden song on Friday then the Beacon concert in surround sound next week, and that, my friends, will be the end of a very busy year for a Caveman! Christmas this year will be in Australia with my family and next year looks even busier..... Hang on - it might get bumpy!
And this:
December: Finish the Beacon shows mixes, mix an Iron Maiden song for a very special tribute and off to Australia this weekend, to spend Xmas with my family, Next year looks just as hectic!!!!!