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I think that best version of the song was during the 99 tour. Last time I heard such a full sound at a Maiden show. Then BNW tour was as if the 3 guitars became thin ovenight.
The production and performances were stunning during the 1999 tour (during BNW too). The sound in Rock In Rio 2001 was also fantastic.
I however do not think that the albums they did created any real buzz. Indeed the reunion has a greated impact that the sum of its' parts...and this is due to their amazing back catalog of classic material.
At least they did onee really good album (Senjutsu) which is still way below their old standards.
This is for the most part due to their incredibly bad production value and lifeless renditions of the songs in the studio.
Steve has been riding the live sound quest wave since day one.
I just feel that apart from DOD all the albums (for the most part) needed a few more takes, or even better some better crafted / faster renditions. Sloppy playing and muddy sound with songs that need for the most part 5-8 % faster drums.
Maiden's new albums not creating buzz? Far from the truth. And btw, the back catalog of every band always helps them.
Below their standards? Senjutsu? I think it's a better album than some of their albums from the 80's (like BNW, AMOLAD and TBOS).
The production of the reunion albums is far from bad (BNW, Senjutsu and AMOLAD say hello). In the other albums the production is maybe not perfect, but I like Kevin's work. Lifeless renditions of the songs in the studio? What?
The idea of the band/Steve for a more ''live sound'' in the studio is from NPFTD era or VXI era, if I'm not mistaken.
Few more takes in BNW or AMOLAD? Sloppy playing? In Maiden? Wow. This is not serious, sorry. About the faster renditions/faster drums, the songs are recorded the way they want to be and I think every band plays faster live. For example, a faster tempo in Celts or Parchment is not suitable, because of the mood of the songs. Or imagine The Legacy faster. This is not speed/power metal. And what's with the faster songs/renditions - Killers is full of fast songs, but it's not considered the best album from the 80's. Not to mention NPFTD... not every song needs to be fast.
Take TFF, no proper vocal hook until the last song. They worked more on those vocal lines on the last two albums and it shows.
No proper vocal hook until the last song in TFF? Coming Home, Isle Of Avalon, Talisman!
But, it is fun to think about giving Steve (and the boys) the mandate to write the ‘perfect’ record- to really focus on it and craft it. Put some pressure on it, like the old days when they still had to make it big. A bit of fire in the belly.
Senjutsu must be a perfect album, since I like all songs. You mentioned the old days... TNOTB & POM have 2 not so good/filler songs, while Senjutsu or BNW or AMOLAD are without such stats imo.
☝︎Watching Gers air-guitaring most of the time, it's just MEGA funny that in 2000 they had to postpone a few concerts because he hit his arm :D
This is not funny. Janick has learned every solo of Adrian (by this point) - that's the reason. And Janick was crucial during the BNW tour: 17 songs, he plays solos on 10 of them (on 11, if we count his Guitar Solo in Sanctuary), he also plays the licks in Wrathchild, the riff in 2 Minutes To Midnight and acoustic guitar in Dream Of Mirrors.
Probably that Adrian did not bother to learn Jan's sloppy solos!! :)
That doesn't make sense. Adrian had to learn Dave's solos (he played Dave's solo in Powerslave in 1998, after all), while Janick would play Adrian's and his own. Dave is irreplaceable.
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Funny, and yet when Adrian was off for a few gigs in '99, they went ahead and did them without him. Davey broke his pinky later on that tour and they cancelled gigs. I wonder what it could mean!

Well, that's because they have been a 2-guitar band up to that point. They weren't playing anything that was written for 3 guitars. Janick fell from stage on BNW tour, which featured a lot of new songs that need 3 guitars. Ghost Of The Navigator, BNW, Blood Brothers and Dream Of Mirrors for example all have specific 3 guitar parts which are all crucial to the song (much more crucial and specific than basically anything on TBOS or Senjutsu).

So, not canceling would mean dropping at least 3 BNW songs on BNW tour, while basically only be able to perform Wicker Man from the new album as it's supposed to sound.

That's my reasoning with that. Plus, they were playing Sign Of The Cross which contains Janick parts that are impossible to learn in short notice IMO.
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It will probably be filmed and Sky Arts will broadcast some highlights, as it has happened with previous editions of the festival.
Yep, probably at least 3 songs. I want at least one new song (although the show will start in daylight), SOTC and HBTN or TNOTB. Clansman and RTTH too, because of their backdrops and stage props. They will film Download for sure.

I'm curious if Rock In Rio will have a live stream of the whole concert again.
but I'm really going to miss that cathedral set.
Visually, the Cathedral set is one of their all time best imo.
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It's like when new style of music, disco, punk…arrived in the 70's and the Music Media named music of Jethro Tull too old. So they released an album and a song called…Too Old To Rock and Roll…Too Young To die :cool:

i think its time to drop aces high. This version is like a really soft one. its time to bring some older songs he actually can sing, die with your boots on, bring your daughter,clairvoyant,can i play with madness,ghost of navigator,heaven can wait...i mean there is a lot of songs he can sing at his 64??? caught somewhere in time? alexander? they could play for 10 years more with other songs and would be amazing. only the good die young? and a read somewhere they were planing to make a tour only with epics?
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