Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


Out of the Silent Planet
Maybe it's time to release some DVD/Blue-ray Box set with Some of the gigs: A Matter of Life and Death non released dvd, Live chapter, Legacy of the Beast, and some concert of the 90's No prayer on the Road or Live at Donnington 92 and some docummentaries. I would buy it.

It would be great, but maybe they are saving these kind of things after they retire. One thing I want to see is a release of a concert which contains a song from every tour of their career (they have bits from SOT tour (not the whole concert), so they should manage to get one song with a pro-shot quality...they have recorded and recordings can be found on YouTube from all other tours). Release it as a special Maiden video. It would be so cool.

Something like this:
*not in the order of the setlist of a concert.

POTO - Live at the Rainbow 1980
Killers - live Bremen Club 1981 (or some pro-shot recording that the band has)
HBTN - Beast Over Hammersmith 1982
The Trooper - live at Dortmund 1983
Poweslave - Live After Death 1985
CSIT (or Wasted Years) - live from Somewhere On Tour 1986/1987 -> Paris '86 or Philadelphia '87
Infinite Dreams - Maiden England 1989
Tailgunner (or NPFTD) - live from No Prayer On The Road tour 1990/1991 -> Belfast or Newcastle '90
FOTD - Live at Donington 1992
Iron Maiden - Raising Hell 1993 -> Real Live Tour 1993 -> or Milan '93
SOTC - live from The X Factour 1995/1996 -> Chile '96 or Bulgaria '95
The Clansman - live from Virtual XI World Tour 1998 -> Buenos Aires or Curitiba '98
Aces High - live from The Ed Hunter Tour 1999 -> Madrid '99
The Wicker Man - Rock In Rio 2001
Wildest Dreams - live from Give Me Ed... 'Til I'm Dead tour 2003 -> Rock Am Ring or Download Festival 2003
Dance Of Death - Death On The Road 2003
Prowler - live Ullevi, Gothenburg 2005
TROBB - live Download Festival 2007
TROTAM - Flight 666 2009
El Dorado - En Vivo! 2011
ATSS (or The Prisoner) - live Download Festival 2013 or Rock In Rio 2013
Death Or Glory - The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter 2017
Flight Of Icarus - upcoming pro-shot recording from LOTB tour or from Rock In Rio 2019

It would be a pretty long concert, but this will be a special video collection from every tour. :)


Ancient Marinade
A fully immersive VR concert would be pretty badass...
That's a good idea! You could be anywhere in the audience, or one of the band members! I'd love to watch a 3D Maiden concert in my Oculus Rift. Maybe I could be the giant walk-on Eddie and have a tiny Janick running around between my legs!


Sweet voices come into my head
That's a good idea! You could be anywhere in the audience, or one of the band members!
Unfortunately you can’t do live action VR with full head motion and depth without faking it, because you can’t live capture 360” from both eye positions at any head orientation.

You could go the cheesy 360” video route (can look in any direction, but everything looks flat, like it’s projected onto the inside of a sphere that you’re in the middle of), or the limited head motion route (fake 3D so your head has to stay in the same place, but can rotate), or the live video as a reference to re-render everything in 3D route (expensive!).