Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations


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I don't think that info is correct, and EMI doesn't exist anymore.
Not EMI, of course, but I think there was someone who knew these things and I took it for fact that they don't own rights to those 3 albums.
Maybe someday there will be extensive reissues of all 3 on vinyl, hopefully so.


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That is a bit of an overreaction. Time for your chill pill! :lol: ;)
Naaah. How much you can talk about same set list, stage design etc.? 2 years is too much, now it will become 3.

And since there will be no news about album (probably) I'll be wasting my time talking about same things again and again.

I'm not hyped with information of the third leg of LOTB but I guess that there are still people who didn't seen it during those 2 years & they don't have YouTube. :)


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We all want the new album to be released as soon as possible (and this 3rd leg of LOTB tour will be great for the people who still do not saw this tour), but let's see something....

Bruce Dickinson: 7 years between the last two solo albums.
Metallica: 8 years between the last two albums.
Judas Priest: 6 years between Nostradamus and ROS (from ROS to Firepower were 4 though).
Accept: were inactive from 1996 to 2010.
KISS: 11 years between Psycho Circus and Sonic Boom.
Whitesnake: 8 years between the last two albums (The Purple Album was a cover album!).
Def Leppard: 7 years between the last two albums.
Manowar: their latest album was in 2012!
Black Sabbath: 18 years between the last two albums.
AC/DC: 6 years between the last two albums.
Scorpions: 5 years between the last two albums.

Soooo, from the old classic bands only Saxon releases albums every 3 years! Maiden tours every year and releases albums between 5 years now - yeah, 5 years is a long time to wait, but the situation is like that with the other bands. The thing is that Maiden (and every other band from the aforementioned) are not getting any younger, so new music as soon as possible. We don't want Maiden to become a cabaret act, right...... :rolleyes:


I don't care

Watching a YouTube clip CANNOT be compared with being there.
I know, I was there. But that's not the point. The point is I'm not happy with another year of talking about LOTB, even when it's mind blowing. Everything has limits. :)

We all know that this is just milking the cow, nothing else. And instead of Rod the Farmer we could have new album. Sooo... I'm not a happy camper but I can understand that someone may want to see this tour.


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The thing is that Maiden (and every other band from the aforementioned) are not getting any younger, so new music as soon as possible. We don't want Maiden to become a cabaret act, right...... :rolleyes:
I can definitely see where the "not too many years left/not getting any younger/wasting time" point is coming from, but then again, it's also arguably one of the strongest justifications to move releasing studio recordings to later period and tour with a show that includes stuff like Aces High, Where Eagles Dare, Flight of Icarus, Hallowed be Thy Name and Run to the Hills all in one set when they still, giving absolutely their best effort and keeping stunningly high level nigh after night, definitely can. Touring with set heavily centered around recent songs is one of the biggest statements by the band even in this decade, but The Legacy of the Beast is almost if not just as big statement of the quality and power of their live shows. So, all things considered, the age point kinda works in both ways.

As for the release date of the album, I'd put my money on september/october next year,or possibly somewhere around december, if there is any kind of live release on the way (probably not). It would be kinda cool if they actually released official full concert live footage before the 2020 leg, but I don't really see that happening, so new single right after the tour and album release a couple of months later sounds more or less plausible. Of course, playing a taster in the set next year isn't completely out of question.

I guess my main point was that as much as I'd like to get the new album, the LOTB leg next year isn't really that big of an issue when it comes to releasing new material. I mean, looking at the touring/recording cycle over the years and this decade, I doubt they'd get right into the #18 anyway. So, in the end, I don't think that doing LOTB next year excludes any future releases that would happen if they skipped LOTB completely. In fact, if they have another album-hits-cycle left in them, it might very well be that skipping the omitted markets next year would mean that instead of LOTB, it'd be the next (hits) tour that gets stretched, delaying the Theoretical Album #18 instead of #17... :D

Anyway, we'll see. Looking at the bright side, even though I hoped for new album before next summer, it still looks like the release might very well be within next twelve months or so. Could be worse, I guess. :D
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