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Opeth referendum?

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I showed you this dude. Also, rounds 3 and 4 are still work-in-progress, which is why I didn't bump the thread when I edited the first post.
ok well, I don't remember the march date.

Anyway, add Guns n Roses for me on Round 4 please. I'll decide Round 3 bands when I get home from school.
There will also be another best-of game like Tournament Of Champions. It'll include Top 10's from 9 Survivors - Anthrax, Bruce Dickinson, Foo Fighters, Gamma Ray, Iced Earth, Opeth, Rush, Saxon, Testament. Still thinking of what format it will take...
Bruce will take at least eight of the top 10 spots, and probably all 10
Yeah I thought about that too. Removing him from the game would make things much easier (8 is a much better number to work with than 9), but I'll see... The other solution is doing what was done in previous tournament with Maiden... Add his Top 10 to the game at the end.
Question for those who will be playing in Pink Floyd survivor: would a round of non-album songs after The Division Bell be worth it? What songs should be in? I was thinking about these:

Single a-sides and b-sides:
Arnold Layne
Candy And A Currant Bun
See Emily Play
Apples And Oranges
Paint Box
It Would Be So Nice
Julia Dream
Point Me At The Sky
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
When The Tigers Broke Free

Compilation-only tracks:
Biding My Time

Those I would include. I also considered these: Zabriskie Point soundtrack and also What Shall We Do Now? on The Wall movie.
My opinion: Don't bother with a bonus songs round. But include Arnold Layne and See Emily Play with Piper, Point Me At The Sky with Saucerful, Eugene with Ummagumma, What Shall We Do with The Wall (After Empty Spaces), and When The Tigers Broke Free with The Final Cut* (after One Of The Few). I suppose the soundtrack is OK, but I personally wouldn't include it because it isn't part of the core discography, plus none of the songs on there will go very far.

*Although it isn't on the original UK release, Roger Waters opted to put it on every release after, so I think of it as part of the album. I guess I'd consider the 2011 remasters to be the definitive versions of the Floyd discography.
Also, there seemed to be some minor interest in Genesis and Nine Inch Nails. If anyone would be up for those, please say so, I'll be considering them.
I decided to indefinitely postpone Amon Amarth and Kreator Survivors.

I'd like to do a Survivor with more voters, so I decided to do a Survivor called Classic 'The Big 4" Albums. The Big 4 is ofc Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax. It would feature albums:

Megadeth - all albums up to and including Cryptic Writings (including Hidden Treasures and few other B-sides)
Slayer - all albums up to and including Seasons In The Abyss (including Haunting The Chapel EP)
Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, Metallica
Anthrax - I'm not entirely familiar with this band yet, but for sure - all albums (with B-sides and EP's if there are any) released before Belladona left in 1992, so no Bush

I'd sort the releases in chronological order, starting from Kill 'Em All (1983) to Cryptic Writings (1997). Everything else would be the same like in one-band Survivors, except I'd promote 3 songs per album instead of 2. Feedback appreciated (will you vote in this Survivor, any changes I should make etc. :D):cheers:
I'll be doing Iron Maiden for round 4 as well

B-sides and all
So this is what I'll be doing for Van Halen survivor. Similar to Helloween, I'll be splitting it into two survivors. One for DLR era and one for Hagar Era plus Van Halen 3. DLR's will be round 3, and Hagar will start on Round 4. After these are finished, I'll host a Van Halen Tournament of champions, starring the top two songs from every album. Should be fun