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Opeth referendum?

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Accident of Birth is weird with tracklisting.

The regular pressing does not have Ghost of Cain at all. The original U.S. pressing has it as a regular track though. And the remaster which is the current pressing has it but as a bonus track. I'd just count it as a bonus track.
Ghost of Cain isn't a bonus track on my CD and is an excellent song.

It was only on the US version, and in 2005 it landed on the remastered version with bonus tracks.
Originally this was a b-side of the Accident of Birth single. That's where I and other non-Americans might know it from when they bought it 1997. :)

Almost forgot about Return of the King. I really like that one as well (more than Ghost of Cain even)!
No Way out...Continued is, and it's one I like a lot

I really like that one, too. I just left it out because it seems unpopular. Re-Entry seems unpopular, too, and I can't wrap my mind around why. :p

I've never been a fan of the Chemical Wedding bonuses except Confeos (just because Bruce sounds really cool on it and it's catchy as hell).
I love the idea of a Bruce survivor, thanks UO. Also, I'm all in for a Saxon survivor. Their later stuff is better than their earlier stuff imo, I'd highly recommend albums such as Into the Labyrinth, Foro.
Thanks for the recommendation Nat. I have one later album, from 2001: Killing Ground which features a few really great songs but also some I dislike quite a lot. I might play along til the end and play some songs on YouTube.
My two favourite Saxon albums are actually both from the '90s — Dogs of War and Unleash the Beast.
And their latest, A Call to Arms, has been getting a lot of play for me.
Foro, from what I've seen of your tastes Beast might be a good starting point, and Metalhead (the album between Beast and Killing Ground) might also be a good one to check out.
Dogs of War is probably a little too heavy blues-based for you, although I think you would enjoy the title track.
Lionheart and The Inner Sanctum are my favorites. Heard first few albums, and and most of the ones from 21st century. Not familiar with their 90's albums, so Survivor would be a good motivator for me to check them out.
All you guys have different favourite Saxon albums! :)
Not sure what would be mine. I have several compilation albums, most of it from the seventies and eighties.

Samples from some of their most recent albums...and of course Lionheart, one of their best songs imo. Maybe this helps in making your choice Foro. :smartarse:
Thanks! I will certainly try these. At the moment already preparing for this project (playing first album).
Mckindog, will you run this?
Looks like it.
Think it's scheduled to go when the Anthrax one is done, right NP?
Looking forward to play this! This evening I heard the first three albums. It was a while ago since I did that.
The third album (Strong Arm of the Law) is probably my favourite. But I like the debut more than the second. Wheels of Steel is quite a monotone album. Most songs have one main riff repeated very often. The vocal lines are often centered around the same tone. This is less the case with the debut and the third. Still: Wheels of Steel features one of the best songs from the first three albums, if not the best: 747 (Strangers in the Night). A very melodic song which is a contrast with the rest of the album.
My sentiments on Wheels of Steel are pretty similar, especially noticeable on the title track.. it's just one riff over and over and over. That said I saw them do the album live a few years ago and enjoyed the show so. Denim and Leather is a good album but the guitars sound a bit weak imho.
I thought we could continue the Saxon discussion in the Saxon topic (perhaps some more people who do not play Survivor games will participate). Hope that's ok. I will take your post with me in a quote. :)
I'm not sure if Opeth Survivor will get enough regular voters. I'd still like to do a band that features harsh vocals, so any suggestions? I'd like to do Amorphis or Amon Amarth.
I'm not sure if Opeth Survivor will get enough regular voters. I'd still like to do a band that features harsh vocals, so any suggestions? I'd like to do Amorphis or Amon Amarth.

Opeth would get more voters than Amorphis and Amon Amarth.

I'd suggest Death other than Opeth.