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Opeth referendum?

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I think "valacirca" was doing a Maiden Head-to-Head tournament until he went offline and never came back. Like NP said, Maiden games always work.
I am intrigued as to how this head-to-head tournament will look like. Please proceed.
Foro, IE has only been done once back in 2010, so I don't know how you can state it's been done too often or too recently (And I'd love to do an IE survivor now).

For me it feels too recently. And IE was actually done twice. Probably I am the only one remembering this but the first time SMX suddenly broke off the survivor. Out of all a sudden, he deleted the topic without any explanation. There were only 2 or 3 people but it was a strange action because -before and after that- he continued many other survivors with the same shitty number of voters.

Two other reasons for not taking part is that I started to get less interested in the band (the same goes for Rush) and I don't wish to play too many of these to keep it fun. :)
Was there enough interest in the Saxon one, and if so, when did you want round two to start?
I'm going to do Bruce as my 2nd one. It will be popular enough and most people know his solo stuff as well.
Will you include The Breeding House and No Way Out...To Be Continued, the best two b-sides ever created by mankind?
I can include the B sides / Non Album tracks yes...

Actually a certain B side / non album track is in my Bruce top 10 (which I will leave unnamed for now).
I admit that Bruce has many b-sides, perhaps too many to do them all, but I'd be grateful if you'd include these Tears of the Dragon b-sides. Some of the best songs I have ever heard. I still remember having goosebumps when I first played that CD single back in 1994. I'll promote these songs again when the times comes. I'm in! :)
I could join Saxon as well, but I don't know many of their later albums. You could also select a few, just like Mosh did with Queensryche. I leave it to the maker of that survivor. Big chance I join whatever happens.
Well Silver Wings has made top 10 the past couple of times, so that has to definitely stay in. And I'll probably be putting in the majority of all the other songs as well (if not all of them, currently undecided).
Ghost of Cain isn't a bonus track on my CD and is an excellent song.
No Way out...Continued is, and it's one I like a lot
Return of the King is another high-ranked bonus track on my list.
Silver Wings is definitely in my top 10 — (oops, too many spoilers here )
Hell, why not do them all?