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Opeth referendum?

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I don't think the catalogue is known as well other than the mid section, but Scorpions is shorter than Saxon and a fairly common band. With the way the albums are spread though it makes it hard to cut it down to an era either.
Another band that came to mind under discussion was UFO, but that catalogue is very extensive.
Mosh was talking about a Genesis survivor in chat today. He asked me to post about it here. Mosh wants at least four people to vote in the game, right now he, I and MFC are going to vote. Anyone else interested?
When Iced Earth Survivor comes to Top 5 or so, I'll open a poll to determine which band will I do for my next Survivor.
Amon Amarth
Dark Tranquillity
Decided to pass on Death Survivor, not a big fan. Suggest more bands for the poll! The only rule is that it has to have harsh vocals (not on all songs/albums ofc).
If you're passing on Death I might do it sometime later (not after Anthrax though).
I'm listed to do Foo Fighters, but this is subject to change. Here are a list of bands I've considered, including some bands that SMX had planned before disappearing. If anybody is interested in any of these bands, please say so, and I'll make the final decision. This game will probably start later this month or September.

Pink Floyd
Foo Fighters
The Beatles
Van Halen
For my next two survivors, I'll do Testament and Opeth at the same time (based on the votes I got from the poll, one with high and one with low amount of voters).
When those two are over, I'll do Kreator and Amon Amarth, and they will also start at the same time.

Tentative schedule
Round 2:
Opeth, Testament by Night Prowler
Foo Fighters by Mosh
Bruce Dickinson by Unknown One
Saxon by mckindog

I suggest we all start our Survivors at the same time on September 20. Mosh, Unknown One, mckindog, is this OK with you guys?

Looks like round 4 is mostly planned already, I can claim the fourth slot and do Pink Floyd.