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Opeth referendum?

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So this is what I'll be doing for Van Halen survivor. Similar to Helloween, I'll be splitting it into two survivors. One for DLR era and one for Hagar Era plus Van Halen 3. DLR's will be round 3, and Hagar will start on Round 4. After these are finished, I'll host a Van Halen Tournament of champions, starring the top two songs from every album. Should be fun
I'm up for that.
I'd love to do a survivor on the oldest, still surviving rock band, Golden Earring. The "problem" is that I estimate that 99% of the material they did is unknown to many of us. Still, I encourage people to check it out, because there's a lot to discover.

I am playing their albums recently, motivated by a great new book on their "American Dream", with an enthusiastic foreword by one of their biggest fans, good old Steve Harris. The Earring toured a lot in the US (playing with bands like Kiss, Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and more) and surely were big out there.

They did 25 studio albums (this year their latest!) What I could do is drop some albums.... If a survivor is not realistic at this point, another idea is that I make a topic on them and post some clips, kind of the way mckindog recently did in BOC.

EDIT: Expanded list of bands they played with.
They had two radio hits out here which I know well and like.
And I've heard two or three other songs, which I thought were interesting.
I'd like to hear more, but a Survivor would be overwhelming for me.
A Maidenfans week would work nicely though.
Alright, thanks for the feedback. It will be long before I start. I want to know them better myself. I still need to discover quite a few albums, before I can properly select tracks to present.
To go with that, I'd like to see survivors for all of the big 4 of Grunge. These are Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. I'd at least like to do Nirvana.
I'd try to play Grunge and various alternative rock band survivors. I'm not quite familiar with any of them and that's exact reason why I would.
The grunge bands are relatively easy to get into. Nirvana has 3 main albums, and AiC has 4 or 5. And it isn't prog so it's not like you have to spend a year getting to know each album :p
By the way seeing as the last one was done back in 2010, I'd like to see a Metallica survivor. Such a popular band wouldn't fail to get attraction I believe.
By the way seeing as the last one was done back in 2010, I'd like to see a Metallica survivor. Such a popular band wouldn't fail to get attraction I believe.
I decided to do a Survivor called Classic 'The Big 4" Albums. The Big 4 is ofc Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax. It would feature albums:

Megadeth - all albums up to and including Cryptic Writings (including Hidden Treasures and few other B-sides)
Slayer - all albums up to and including Seasons In The Abyss (including Haunting The Chapel EP)
Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, Metallica
Anthrax - I'm not entirely familiar with this band yet, but for sure - all albums (with B-sides and EP's if there are any) released before Belladona left in 1992, so no Bush

I'd sort the releases in chronological order, starting from Kill 'Em All (1983) to Cryptic Writings (1997). Everything else would be the same like in one-band Survivors, except I'd promote 3 songs per album instead of 2. Feedback appreciated (will you vote in this Survivor, any changes I should make etc. :D):cheers:
Well I'll do Nirvana for sure. On the fence about PJ
So I'm thinking of trying something a bit experimental. A series of Frank Zappa survivors. Since his discography is so huge (60+ albums) I was thinking that we could try it in little chunks. Do one era and if it goes well, try another. And go on from there until it loses interest. Maybe we'll get through everything, maybe we'll only get through the first era. We'll only find out if we try. Each era would have its own top ten, and maybe at the end of it all we do a tournament of champions sort of thing.

Anyway, the first survivor would be Original Mothers era, so these albums:
Freak Out!
Absolutely Free
Lumpy Gravy*
We're Only In It For The Money
Cruising With Ruben And The Jets
Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Weasels Ripped My Flesh

*A solo album and not part of the Original Mothers, but it has nowhere else to go

So a short survivor, would last about as long as Foo Fighters. I think this would be a good way to be introduced to Zappa, and could be really fun to try. Anyone interested? This would be later next year.