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Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Fromat: Vinyl

Prowler - A quick nice riff that screams Maiden kicks off the first track. Soon picking up the pace. Clearly far from the Maiden of the future but the ferocity of this track is great. Paul's vocals aren't super pleasing to me but the punk feel of it works really well with the vocals - 9/10

Remember Tomorrow - Slowing down greatly Paul sings much more calmly, an early masterpiece, super dynamic. - 10/10

Running Free - The classic drum intro leads into the lead single of the album, full on Punk rock on this track, this track functions well, but Paul's vocals just don't work on it for me. - 7.5/10

Phantom Of The Opera - A fast paced riff introduces the first Iron Maiden Epic. The riffs are super aggressive, the different dynamics make this track very strong. For me it is not quite perfect. - 9/10

Transylvania - A fast paced instrumental track, this track feels like it is an track which should of had lyrics to. A solid instrumental but it would of been good with lyrics as well - 8/10

Strange World - Transitioning from the previous track, Paul sings really well from the start, a very nice solo. A strong track - 9/10

Charlotte The Harlot - I really like Charlotte The Harlot, I prefer Bruce's rerecorded version but overall this track has a strong energy while being pure in the sense of rock n roll - 8.5/10

Iron Maiden - The Title track closes off the album, kicking off with some nice guitar harmonies. A rather catchy track not too complex and a great way to close off the debut. - 8.5/10

Overall 87%

Not a huge Paul fan but the tracks are really well written throughout. I think Stone Sour ruined Maiden's version of Running Free for me...

The Last In Line - Dio
Format: CD/Digital

We Rock - The incredibly fast paced opening track which often served as a concert closer. Dio sings fairly high on this track. The song screams live show. Overall a strong opener - 9/10

The Last In Line - Beginning slower this track becomes a monstrous mid tempo track, Dio's classic fantasy lyrics coating this track. Great song - 10/10

Breathless - Heavy breathing begins but is soon replaced by a decent riff, this song is quite solid overall. - 8.5/10

I Speed At Night - The sound of a fast car fades out into the sound of Vivian's quick paced guitar. Dio sings fairly well but this track isn't really that amazing - 7/10

One Night In The City - Nice drums leads into another strong riff. Better than the previous track but not amazing. - 7.5/10

Evil Eyes - A solid track with a nice solo - 8/10

Mystery - Well a track called mystery features a weird intro, fairly poppy overall. Decent track - 7.5/10

Eat Your Heart Out - A heavy riff, nice solos but still not amazing - 7.5/10

Egypt (The Chains Are On) - The album closes with the longest track, midpaced, heavy and dynamic. This epic doesn't click fully but it is a strong track - 8/10

Overall 81%

Album 88/365

1. Skills In Pills - Kind of a poppier song while keeping that industrial metal vibe going. The verse lyrics are rather iffy but I will say that I'm digging this chorus. It's quite catchy and well put together. Till doesn't sound terrible singing in English, so that's a plus. I'll round up just for the chorus. 8/10

2. Ladyboy - I like this opening a lot. This song feels like the kind of thing you could jump to at a rave, honestly, but it's also much dumber and much simpler than the previous one. The chorus is nothing special. At the same time it's hardly the worst song I've ever heard. 6/10

3. Fat - Organ? Guitar? Orchestra? Stuff like that? Interesting opener. Okay these lyrics are so laughably atrocious. Like seriously, these are some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard. Jesus fucking Christ. Like... I just don't fucking know what was going through their heads on this one. Shit. It's funny, but it's still shit. 1/10

4. Fish On - "Pull them up, release my spawn." "It smells like fish, I take a sniff." See, Rammstein is great when they sing about sex (usually) because there's some form of intelligence there. Here there's absolutely none. It sucks too because the melodies aren't terrible. But godfuck. Clever writing, my ass. Go fuck yourself, Genius. 1/10

5. Children Of The Sun - Genius seems to think that this song is about kamikaze pilots, and while I can't tell if that's true or not, y'know what, at least it's not as bad as the previous two songs. Sadly, this one is only average all the same. Priest and Billy Thorpe did it better. Although I do like the ending here, but yeah. 5/10

6. Home Sweet Home - And this one seems to be about cancer. It's interesting, but Till's really struggling with his English pronunciations, which kinda devalues it for me. There are good ideas here but none of them really help make it less than average. 5/10

7. Cowboy - Yo, what the fuck is this intro? It's like Alestorm meet techno and it's weird. I'd like it more if the actual song was better. It's a good subject matter, a look into how much stock people have put into the cowboys of the wild west, but they just don't pull it off. Lyrics are back to being rather shite too. 4/10

8. Golden Shower - Cunnilingus? Yeah, no thank. This is probably the most times I've ever heard the word "cunt" in a song and also fuck it doesn't sound good at all. What a motherfucking disaster. This one doesn't even have a good melody, it's just shit after shit after shit after shit. 1/10

9. Yukon - Okay, thank Christ, finally something that's working. Best song since the title track. It isn't perfect, but the subject matter is cool (the Yukon Gold Rush) and the chorus is genuinely good. That soaring orchestra, too. 8/10

10. Praise Abort - That intro JFC. I saw the music video to this one last night and I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of the PTSD from it. But while the lyrics are absolutely terrible ("I hate my life, etc.")... y'know what? The hooks here are really, really good. Can I look over the negatives for this one? Yeah, I think so. It's a cool song if you move past the shit he's talking about. But please Till, never do this again. 8/10

Yeah okay that was like, a disaster. Some good moments are overshadowed by the absolute trash this album is stuffed with. I also don't have many high hopes for Lindemann's future, since last year's "Mathematik" was one of the weirdest pop songs I've ever heard. Sigh. Hope Richard's Emigrate is better than this fuckery.

Rating: 47%

Album 89/365

1. The Moor - I like this quiet opening piece. It's quite long but it seems to be setting up for something massive. Okay, now acoustic guitars, that's interesting. Was expected a break into heaviness. But I like this. Okay, there it is. Damn this riff is awesome. It sounds like something off of AMOLAD, actually. Damn I'm loving it. The growls are awesome and the lyrics make them work even better. Ooh, these clean vocals are awesome. Okay, now we're calming down.... wait no, now we've erupted into majestical guitars. The song really does feel like a walk through the moors. Heaviness seems to be fading out in favor of acoustic guitars, which are neat. This verse is kind of interesting and I like the vocalizations in the neat piece. Quite a magical sound, isn't it? FUCKING SHIT I love this eruption back into the violent heaviness they throw us into. Like a ship tossed on the waves, like the ooze climbing up from the moor to carry you down. If the rest of the album is as awesome as this then I think I've hit on something epic. 10/10

2. Godhead's Lament - A more aggressive opening to this one, which I'm digging a lot. Vocals and lyrics are great once again. The guitarwork here is excellent, particularly in the piece following the second verse. That scream! THOSE LEAD GUITARS BEFORE THE CHORUS ARE SO GOOD IM FUCKING CRYING. It sounds like some sort of ABBA song only heavier and I know that's gonna sound funny but whatever, I love it. Lord is that just amazing. Then that quiet section where electricity and acoustics intertwine, so good. Heaviness rolls back in this storm cloud. The growls seep in. Okay, another quieter section. The refrain and the chorus pieces are both great. This song is so good, I love it. 10/10

3. Benighted - More acoustic guitars. I like it, great opening to the song. I really like how this track fits in with the album. Mikael does a great job with his clean vocals here and it's quite a nice, moonlit track. Ooh, the drums have kicked in. Yeah, this is another great, great song. Nice reprieve from the heaviness. 10/10

4. Moonlapse Vertigo - And the heaviness returns. Åkerfeldt and Lindgren are quite the guitar duo, they intertwine with each other so well. Now we're slipping into an acoustic piece as the clean vocals come in. Okay but that scream is lit. Skipping ahead a bit, I like this quiet bit after "through the forest came the morn." It's very nice. Cool solo section afterwards. I'm liking this fifth verse. Nice fade-out. Don't think I quite like this as much as the first three, but it's still great. 9/10

5. Face Of Melinda - Another quiet intro the start off the song. Mikael sounds really good here, probably some of the best of his clean vocals I've heard yet. It's a very lush song and I like how... traditional, I guess, it feels. Quite lovely. A shuffling bit, ooh. Seems rather sinister. FUCK YES! Here we go, the heavy guitars have finally kicked in. It took a while, but it's worth it, because it sounds great. That acoustic piece near the end is great as well, and then that break back into the heaviness. Lovely. Another awesome, awesome song. 10/10

6. Serenity Painted Death - That drum opening is awesome. We burst into the heavy flowing river that is this song. Oh shit, they've killed Melinda. Damn. Okay I love this rocking bit we move into. Chorus is awesome. Cool soloings. Cool quiet bit, like falling into a pool of endless depth. And then the hellhound returns in a rage to consume all. A very dark song but it's another great one. Good stuff. 10/10

7. White Cluster - The last song stopped suddenly and then this one just exploded. This beginning is, once more, awesome. Okay, acoustic stuffs for the third verse, that's pretty neat. Another great chorus. The solo section is great as well. Love how it just flows throughout. Oh but they're calming down again. So hollow, so void, so vague, yet so... present. Okay but now it slams back in and the drums are absolutely awesome. Yes, now it feels like we're being paraded through in a coach with horsemen of the black cloth leading us onwards to the demise. It's so fucking good. What a great way to end the album. Particularly that quiet piece that seeps in after you think it's all over. Great stuff. 10/10

Wow, what a record. Better than Blackwater Park and up there with concept albums like Abigail. Just great, great stuff. Loved it.

Rating: 99%

Houses Of The Holy - Led Zeppelin
Format: Vinyl

The Song Remains The Same - A speedy guitar driven intro subsides into a Robert singing calmly, the mystical way that he sings pulls me in on this track, the song picks up the pace again. An incredibly strong start to the album. - 10/10

The Rain Song - This song is my alarm, incredibly calm and majestic a true Zeppelin ballad, this album is known for being much more calm as a whole. A beautiful piece of music. - 10/10

Over The Hills And Far Away - Continuing on the slower and hypnotic theme the next track opens with a great little acoustic piece from Page. Plant comes in and the band some kicks back into high gear. A strong dynamic track - 9.5/10

The Crunge - Closing off side 1 a heavy drum beat and some nice bass work from the Johns. A solid track - 8.5/10

Dancing Days - A call and answer style guitar intro begins side 2, Robert revives the mystical vocal style although not as strong as earlier but still another solid track - 8.5/10

D'yer Mak'er - Zeppelin goes reggae, Bonzo's drums are really well done on this track as always. A fun track - 8/10

No Quarter - One of, if not, my favourite Zeppelin song, psychedelic and dark No Quarter took me a while to truely get into, John Paul Jones does wonders on this track absolutely a masterpiece - 10/10

The Ocean - The final track is introduced by Bonzo counting the band in. The Ocean is another strong mid paced rocker from the band, it closes off the album with some great riffs and wails - 10/10

Overall 93%

Album 90/365

1. Five Years - A quiet beginning to this one. I like how it just builds and builds and how it sort of takes you on a trip through life in the streets of the city. I like it, great opening. 9/10

2. Soul Love - Cool song. Kinda flows away. 8/10

3. Moonage Daydream - Good. 8/10

4. Starman - Bowie classic. Great chorus. 9/10

5. It Ain't Easy - Good. 8/10

6. Lady Stardust - Love this one. Great stuff. 10/10

7. Star - Good. 8/10

8. Hang On To Yourself - Good. 8/10

9. Ziggy Stardust - Great song, classic. 10/10

10. Suffragette City - Great song, another classic. 10/10

11. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide - Good closer. 9/10

Not much to say. Good album.

Rating: 88%
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Van Halen - Van Halen
Format: Vinyl

Runnin' With The Devil - A sonic intro leads into a heavy riff, David Lee Roth sings in an actually somewhat pleasant way. The song fluctuates between heavier and lighter really well. - 9/10

Eruption - A short guitar solo instrumental follows up the opener. I'll take the time to state that I think the guitar work from Eddie is amazing overall - 8.5/10

You Really Got Me - Transitioning from the solo, Van Halen covers the Kinks in a really effective way. Another strong track - 9/10

Ain't Talkin About Love - An amazing track start to finish, heavy and beautiful - 10/10

I'm The One - High energy but this track just doesn't jive well for me. - 7.5/10

Jamie's Cryin - Michael Anthony's bass leads the way for the opener to side 2, a slower track and not one that impresses me very much - 7.5/10

Atomic Punk - A weird guitar intro with some symbol playing from Alex leads into a faster track than the previous one. Yea not a great track either - 7/10

Feel Your Love Tonight - A more commercial Van Halen track, it is a decent one. - 8/10

Little Dreamer - Another mid paced track. A decent track overall. - 7.5/10

Ice Cream Man - An acoustic cover track before it goes electric I like tracks that switch like that adds a nice dynamic. Not amazing but a solid track - 8/10

On Fire - A short track kicks off right away. A decent track closing off a fairly overrated album if you ask me. - 7.5/10

Overall 81%