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Fallen - Evanescence
Format: Vinyl

Going Under - The opening track to one of the more well known female led metal bands in the commercial setting. Amy sings really well and the band delivers a solid track. This is a strong start to the album, the backing vocals are really strong on this track - 8/10

Bring Me To Life - A slow piano intro begins the next track, instantly recognizable. Amy's vocals are haunting in this portion of the track. The band comes in and the tempo builds. While the guest singer does a solid job it does feel a little disjointed in comparison to other Evanescence tracks. The memes to this track are wonderful. - 9/10

Everybody's Fool - This is the track where I think Evanescence really hits their mark for the first time on the album. Absolutely amazing track about how media affects our culture. There is clear disgust in the lyrics and delivery. Great track - 10/10

My Immortal - Following up an amazing track with the incredibly emotional and well known power ballad. This track shows the sheer beauty in Amy's voice and her piano abilities. I prefer the "Band" version which contains more of a guitar breakdown towards the end, however this track is amazing regardless of which version you listen to. - 10/10

Haunted - A creepy intro leads into Amy singing being distorted, this song doesn't click with me very much. But it still is a solid track nonetheless - 7.5/10

Tourniquet - Another calm intro leads into a heavy rocking track, once Amy begins singing without distortion my enjoyment goes up considerably. A really strong track as a whole - 9/10

Imaginary - Side 2 kicks off with an amazing track. Absolutely majestic and powerful. Great track - 10/10

Taking Over Me - Beginning slower but clearly building throughout. This track doesn't grab me nor pull me in. Overall a weaker but still solid track - 7.5/10

Hello - Another haunting piano ballad, a song about realizing that you aren't dreaming following the death of someone close. A beautiful track and if I recall correctly the only track never played live due to the powerful emotions conveyed. - 9.5/10

My Last Breath - An amazing track as with the rest of the album the content of the lyrics is rather dark but the band delivers an excellent track around it. The chorus is really strong - 10/10

Whisper - The album closes off with another amazing track. Strong delivery and powerful lyrics - 9.5/10

Overall 91%

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Use Your Illusion I - Guns N Roses
Format: Vinyl

Right Next Door To Hell - A nice bass intro leads into a fast paced aggressive track. Overall a decent track - 8/10

Dust N Bones - Slowing down, Izzy takes lead vocals on this track, I'm not a huge fan of the track but it has some stronger moments. - 7.5/10

Live And Let Die - While this cover is fairly strong, live it becomes a monster. In the studio it is a strong cover but not absolutely amazing. - 8.5/10

Don't Cry - The first amazing track on the album. One of of GNR's best tracks in general and a track which has been released in 3 different studio versions. Of the two main versions released it is hard to choose between them both are absolutely amazing. - 10/10

Perfect Crime - Following up the power ballad is an incredibly fast past full on rock track. Axl sings incredibly aggressively and high on this track. - 9.5/10

You Ain't The First - Izzy takes the vocals again for this acoustic number, overall a decent track - 7.5/10

Bad Obsession - More Cowbell! This track has some nice groove to it. Axl sings in a deeper voice on this one. It both works and doesn't at the same time. Guitar work is quite nice - 8/10

Back Off B*tch - Another track that overall is just solid. GNR's filler overall isn't bad tracks but boy is there a lot on the Illusions. But it also provided us with some amazing gems so I can accept it. - 8/10

Double Talkin Jive - A short and solid track sung by Izzy. Perfect vehicle for Slash to go off on a massive solo. Strong track - 9/10

November Rain - The second Vinyl opens with the monstrous ballad and Axls Magnum Opus November Rain. An absolutely amazing ballad with amazing vocals and beautiful instrumental sections. A classic for a reason - 10/10

The Garden - Alice Cooper guests on this track, nice soloing and overall a solid track - 8/10

Garden Of Eden - A fast paced track which Axl sings rapid fire style making him hard to understand at times. - 7.5/10

Don't Damn Me - Another track with Axl singing in a lower register, a decent track with some nice guitar work. - 8/10

Bad Apples - A solid track, not amazing. Nice work overall - 8/10

Dead Horse - Starting off acoustic before going into a full blown rocker and transitioning back. Axl screams to the heavens and delivers an amazing performance. - 10/10

Coma - A perfect transition from the previous track leads into another monstrous track this one is a hard rocking epic. An amazing way to close off the album - 10/10

Overall 86% Shit ton of filler but the highlights are absolutely amazing

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Use Your Illusion II - Guns N Roses
Format: Vinyl

Civil War - The second of the twin albums opens with the anti-war epic, Civil War. starting off slow before Slash goes to town with some killer riffs. Axl delivers some of his best lines he has penned on this track. An absolute masterpiece - 10/10

14 Years - Izzy takes vocals on this track, a better track than the ones he sang on UYI I but overall it isn't an absolutely amazing track - 8.5/10

Yesterdays - A short track, a solid mid paced track. Axl delivers vocally again. This song doesn't stand out but it is a pleasant track that has a nice solo by slash. - 8.5/10

Knocking On Heaven's Door - A strong cover, the phone call portion is a little disjointed but overall the cover is really strong - 9/10

Get In The Ring - Opening with crowd chanting the bands name and a nice intro solo from slash before the band picks up the pace, overall the bulk of this song is rather solid. The midsection is a little weak for me. - 7.5/10

Shotgun Blues - A shorter fast paced track, not an amazing track, it is a song showing how angry the band was in the late 80s and early 90s. - 7.5/10

Breakdown - One of Axl's longer winded tracks. This one hasn't ever meshed with me. I acknowledge it is an impressive piece of music and everyone puts in a strong performance but it just doesn't do it for me. - 8/10

Pretty Tied Up (The Perils of Rock N Roll Decadence) - Vinyl 2 kicks off with an interesting track, some interesting instrumentation and the lyrics match it in terms of odd content. Overall a decent track - 7.5/10

Locomotive (Complexity) - This track is absolutely a monster. Amazing riffs, Axl delivers amazing vocals and the band has some killer sections great guitar and the drums are well done. - 10/10

So Fine - Duff takes vocals on this track, it isn't amazing but I really enjoy it. - 8.5/10

Estranged - The final side of the album kicks off with another monstrous ballad. Estranged is an intricate and full of amazing lyrics, vocals, guitar work and solos. Axl made some brilliant tracks during the illusions sessions - 10/10

You Could Be Mine - Fast paced, aggressive and rocking. The bridge is brutal to sing along to but this track is fun. Another fantastic track - 10/10

Don't Cry - The alternative lyrics to Don't Cry deliver just as strongly as the original lyrics. The rest of the track is exactly the same as should its rating - 10/10

My World - Just when GNR is on a brilliant streak they create My World and put it on the end of a really solid album. This song is awful - 5/10

Overall 86%; A better album overall than its twin, so much less true filler but some really strong songs on here.
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Third Stage - Boston
Format: Vinyl

Amanda - A really strong ballad opens up the album. In the past this ballad hasn't clicked for me but wow does it now. A really well written ballad. Delivered incrdibly well. Just shy of perfection - 9.5/10

We're Ready - A solid track which features some amazing guitar tone. Overall the song isn't mind blowing but it is fairly solid. - 8.5/10

The Launch - A short instrumental track that really just serves as an intro for the next track it serves its purpose - 7.5/10

Cool The Engines - Segueing from the previous track bringing in the classic sounds once more and some nice vocal performances. - 8.5/10

My Destination - A track which begins with some slow piano work and Delp singing. The guitar comes in and is amazing. Delp's high vocals soar over this track -8/10

A New World - It is there - 7/10

To Be A Man - A dynamic track. Vocals by Delp are absolutely amazing. Could be so much more - 8/10

I Think I Like It - Another solid dynamic song. - 8/10

Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)/Still In Love - An A Capella intro leads into some piano work, the band soon comes in, the repetition is a little much. The second portion of the song features some distant but powerful guitar work. - 8.5/10

Hollyann - A building ballad of sorts, more strong Boston guitar work. Soaring vocals, a pleasant way to end off the album. - 8.5/10

Overall 82%

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Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin
Format: Vinyl

Immigrant Song - Mighty Screams, killer guitar work, a powerful opening track. Brilliant song - 10/10

Friends - A more acoustic track, the backing to this track paints a dark picture at times but the guitar work makes it seem very upbeat. A solid track very different from what they had done thus far in their careers - 8/10

Celebration Day - More upbeat than the previous track and slightly heavier. Robert's vocals are fairly high on this track. Enjoyable but not amazing - 8/10

Since I've Been Loving You - The slow trotting Bluesy epic of the album. Absolutely killer track, amazing guitar solo and overall this track is a masterpiece. - 10/10

Out On The Tiles - A short drum intro kicks off another quicker track, Robert sounds like Steven Tyler at times on this track. A solid track overall - 8/10

Gallows Pole - Another acoustic track, singing an old folk song the band delivers a great performance of the song, building in speed and intensity. An amazing track - 10/10

Tangerine - A calm acoustic track, a really well written ballad of sorts, a nice solo takes place. - 8.5/10

That's The Way - Another acoustic track, another strong track - 8.5/10

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Kicking off with some impressive guitar work from Page, a decent track - 8/10

Hats Off To (Roy) Harper - An interesting way to end off the album. Roberts vocals are completely distorted on this track and it weakens my enjoyment of the track as a whole. The band is fine but this just doesn't work for me - 6.5/10

Overall 85%

The acoustic run got a little much but most the songs were really strong.
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Lets keep the train of 3rd albums going shall we.


The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

Invaders - A nice solid track with a shitty chorus. I really like the drum intro and the guitar work is quite strong as expected by Maiden. Bruce sings fairly well overall. 8/10

Children Of The Damned - Acoustic guitar introduces the next track before an electric one cries in the background. Bruce sings calmly at first soon letting loose some nice longer high notes. An absolutely amazing mini epic - 10/10

The Prisoner - A interrogation intro leads into a heavy drum lead band intro, picking up the pace greatly. Bruce sings amazingly, the chorus is nice. Overall an incredibly strong track - 10/10

22 Acacia Avenue - A quick intro leads into a song in the Charlotte The Harlot story. A fairly strong track that I've never acquired the taste for. But the solo is nice - 8.5/10


Run To The Hills - Like many the first Maiden song I had heard, I thought it was a good song. How wrong was I, now years later I prepare to potentially hear it for my first Maiden concert. Run To The Hills is an outright amazing metal track the band delivers an accurate portrayal of history while kicking ass - 10/10

Gangland - A nice drum intro leads into a much weaker track than the rest on this side. A weak track on a brilliant album - 7/10

Hallowed Be Thy Name - Absolutely amazing. Hallowed is an amazing metal track let alone Maiden song. It sits in my top 2 Maiden tracks. Perfection - 10/10

Overall 92%

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Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche
Format: Vinyl

I Remember Now/Anarchy-X - An intro within a hospital and the cental character being given medication. Before ripping into a nice instrumental track serving as a strong kick off to the album. - 9/10

Revolution Calling - Seguing from the previous track into some beautiful guitar harmonies, these harmonies take a bit of a back seat at times but Tate kills it vocally. A great track - 10/10

Operation Mindcrime - Phones ringing and a mysterious voice says Mindcrime, the second phone call causes the track to truly begin. Introducing the villain of Dr. X. This track is Nikki's fall into darkness. It is less pleasing musically for me although it has some really strong moments throughout. But it fits perfectly in the album. - 8.5/10

Speak - Chanting opens the next track before quickly switching into some killer guitar riffs. Geoff has some great high notes, nice solo. Stronger than the previous track - 9/10

Spreading The Disease - More characters! The final main characters get added into the storyline. Another strong track, Queensryche has hit the nail on the head thus far throughout the album. - 9/10

The Mission - A heavier beat with beautiful operatic vocals from Geoff. Amazing soloing, ending the first act persay of the Metal Opera. - 9.5/10

Suite Sister Mary - Side 2 opens with the longest track of the album, being asked to kill Mary and the Priest, Nikki realizes this isn't worth it. Complying with the former Nikki fails to kill Mary and a powerful rock epic ensues - 9/10

The Needle Lies - Nikki quits but he is addicted to drugs, a short but powerful rock track ensues. A really strong one - 10/10

Electric Requiem/Breaking The Silence - Coming home to find Mary dead Nikki begins to go insane with guilt and from the drug usage. A solid track - 9/10

I Don't Believe In Love - A powerful rocker, operatic, somewhat commercial but absolutely amazing nonetheless - 10/10

Waiting for 22/My Empty Room - Back in his room Nikki acquires his memories once more in these transitional tracks. My Empty room is quite a great track showing the insight of what Nikki was going through in his hospital room serves as a perfect intro to the final track. - 9.5/10

Eyes of A Stranger - The culmination of the album, and in part a sum of all its parts but at the same time an absolutely amazing masterpiece. Brutal and powerful - 10/10

Overall 94%

An incredibly amazing coherent concept album which kicks ass.

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Let There Be Rock - AC/DC

Go Down - A mid paced track wicked guitar work from Malcolm and Angus. Bon delivers his brand of rock n roll lyrics. The more upbeat parts of this track are fantastic the lower speed are not quite so. - 8.5/10

Dog Eat Dog - I have to say the live feeling of this album is amazing. That being said this song while sounding great isn't really an amazing track. - 7.5/10

Let There Be Rock - The band catches lightning with this track, brutal guitar work from the brothers. Bon sings amazingly. Phil and Mark do really well on drums and bass respectively. This is AC/DC at their finest... and more of this will come - 10/10

Bad Boy Boogie - A solid track, it unfortunately has to follow the brutal title track. It has a great groove and is a fairly good track - 8.5/10

Problem Child - Side two kicks off with an amazing track being rereleased from the previous album the boring Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. A great track with some amazing guitar work and Bon delivers it beautifully - 10/10

Overdose - A fantastic mid paced rock track. Angus has some nice licks in this one. Bon delivers a great performance. For me this is the best deep cut from the album on par with the biggest hits. - 10/10

Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be - The shortest track on the second side kicks of with a bang. Going mid paced throughout. Another great track - 9/10

Whole Lotta Rosie - The album closes off with another instant classic the fast paced ode to a obese woman who Bon slept with. Sounds just like the makings of a great AC/DC track to me. Killer riffs and great solos - 10/10

Overall 92%

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Love At First Sting - Scorpions
Format: Vinyl

Bad Boys Running Wild - A fun intro riff leads into a real strong Scorpions rocker, fairly commercial like most of this album. Nice solo - 9/10

Rock You Like A Hurricane - To this day one of the best show closing songs I've ever heard live. Amazing track, overplayed yes, but an amazing track from start to finish - 10/10

I'm Leaving You - A short drum intro leads into a really fun riff from Jabs. Overall the guitar work is what makes this song really good. Vocals are solid but the lyrics aren't amazing. A really solid track - 8.5/10

Coming Home - Starting off calm before erupting into the hardest rocker on the album. Absolutely brilliant transition, too bad they don't do this song in full often because it is amazing - 10/10

Same Thrill - A solid piece of filler - 7.5/10

Big City Nights - A song which is perfectly designed for the live environment and kills in that setting. But in studio is lacks some of the punch it is meant to have. Overall still a really great track - 9/10

As Soon As The Good Times Roll - A better piece of filler than Same Thrill, Klaus has some strong vocal deliver and the guitars are solid. - 8/10

Crossfire - A fantastic anti war track, beginning with a militant drumbeat and with some great vocals and guitar work leading up for the finale. - 9/10

Still Loving You - This is my favourite song. Bar none. Still Loving You continues to give me chills as it has been since I discovered the Scorpions 7 years ago, an example of the perfect ballad, beautiful power chords and a killer chorus with an outro solo and Klaus singing beautifully throughout. - 10/10

Overall 90%

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Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses
Format: CD/Digital

Chinese Democracy - A rather long suspenseful intro is broken by a strong riff. I do not hate this album it is very different from GNR but some tracks are absolutely killer. This is a really strong track but the intro is too long - 9/10

Shackler's Revenge - Not a huge fan of the riff, and Axls vocals at the start are a little off, the chorus is slightly better but this is a song that I don't think is worth the time it takes up on the album - 6/10

Better - An odd intro leads into Axl singing in a more pleasing way, the chorus is solid. Overall not an amazing track but solid - 8/10

Street Of Dreams - The slower and more dramatic songs are where CD is the strongest. Axl is a master at crafting epic ballads and longer tracks as such. This track is a really strong example of how Axl can deliver and his band had such talent at the same time. - 9/10

If The World - A very different intro with some orchestration behind it, this track is a decent one, not amazing but solid albeit a little boring. - 7/10

There Was A Time - A church style opening leads into the 6th track of the album, I have to say each track thus far has been unique and the intros have also been that. A more upbeat longer track, I know among the GNR forums this track is considered one of the best on the album, it hasn't clicked fully for me but it is a really well made track - 8.5/10

Catcher In The Rye - A solid track, some days it clicks others it doesn't but overall it isn't a bad track - 7.5/10

Scraped - The intro to this track doesn't make any sense, the song quickly gets heavier but not much better - 6.5/10

Raid N' The Bedouins - An intro reminiscent of CD launches into Axl screaming at high volumes. This track is quite solid. Not an amazing GNR song but a solid track - 8/10

Sorry - A song which feels very Zeppelin esc, Sorry is a strong track which has some really strong moments throughout. - 9/10

I.R.S. - A solid track with a different intro. Overall solid - 8.5/10

Madagasgar - A powerful empowering track. The midsection into the final chorus is amazing. Great track one of my all time favourites - 10/10

This I Love - A true piano ballad, Axl delivers on this track, sentimental and powerful. - 8.5/10

Prostitute - Another absolute masterpiece. Prostitute closes off the album with another callback to the Illusions. Killer vocal delivery and the lyrics are amazing. One of my favourite all time GNR tracks along with Madagasgar! - 10/10

Overall 82%
Inconsistent with some killer tracks


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
It's a very unpopular opinion to say that this was a good GNR album. But I agree with you. There's some songs I would even rate higher.

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Thoughts on Buckethead’s guitarwork on there?
I feel like the album is overproduced the guitar work is really well done but the more orchestral songs are better than those that aren't.

Also having looked at the sheer difference in quality between the low and high 80's I will be figuring out a system of ranking within each percentage along with overall "grades" in a sense

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Sad Wings Of Destiny - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Victim Of Changes - A early priest epic. The first chunk of the song is slower with some nice guitar work and Halford sings quite well, the call and answer section doesn't do it for me. I can see this song being massive in a live setting but here it is slightly underwhelming at times. Overall still a strong track - 9/10

The Ripper - Some high screams introduce the next track. Clearly singing about Jack The Ripper, some nice guitar work. Another relatively slow track but it is a solid one - 7.5/10

Dreamer Deceiver - Rob's singing is quite different thus far on the album as opposed to later albums like Screaming for Vengence. This track features deeper vocals before letting loose some screams. The instrumentation of this track is pretty good. Another solid track with a beautiful outro solo section - 8.5/10

Deceiver - Transitioning from the previous track this track gets quicker and heavier, strong soloing. This should of just been merged with the previous track. - 8/10

Prelude - An instrumental piece which to me serves little purpose but to build suspense. - 6/10

Tyrant - Turning the dial back to heavy Tyrant kicks off with a nice riff and Rob comes in with higher vocals, backing vocals are a little weak, solid bass work and the solos are pretty good - 7.5/10

Genocide - A mid paced track, doesn't grab me but there is some better moments in it - 7.5/10

Epitaph - A piano intro, singing is really different from the Priest norm. A different but decent track - 7.5/10

Island of Domination - Transitioning in from the previous track the album closer does away with the piano, heavier but still not amazing. - 8/10

Overall 77%

A decent album, with tons of potential it just doesn't quite click for me...

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Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple
Format: Vinyl

Knockin' At Your Back Door - The comeback album of Deep Purple Mk II kicks off with a fun rocker. Gillan delivers a killer performance on this track, Lord's keys are empowering and Blackmore's guitar is amazing. Glover and Paice round it off and deliver as well. - 10/10

Under The Gun - A relatively fast paced track follows up the masterful opener, great soloing and overall a rather strong track - 9/10

Nobody's Home - Another strong track, Lord has a nice keys solo on this one. Overall a fun track - 8.5/10

Mean Streak - Starting off strong this track is the weakest thus far but it still is a solid track - 7.5/10

Perfect Strangers - Side 2 kicks off with the title track, lacking a guitar solo this track is a strong mid paced track. - 10/10

A Gypsy's Kiss - Picking up the pace, some nice solo sections, Gillan sings pretty well overall a solid track - 8/10

Wasted Sunsets - Slowing down for a ballad, a solid one - 8/10

Hungry Daze - An interesting riff and a decent track overall. - 7.5/10

Overall 86%

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Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi
Format: CD/Digital

Runaway - The piano driven radio staple kicks off the debut album from the arena rock legends. Great track with a really strong solo. - 10/10

Roulette - Slowing down with a heavier riff from Sambora, this song shows the potential of the band, clearly laying the groundwork for their arena anthem years to come. A solid track - 8/10

She Don't Know Me - A decent track, the only non-cover song released by Bon Jovi without any members writing it. Not amazing but it does a decent job - 7/10

Shot Through The Heart - Another great hidden gem on the first album, having nothing to do with You Give Love A Bad Name. Starting off slower before picking up the pace this track. - 10/10

Love Lies - The piano introduces the final track on what would be side 1 of the album, a solid mid tempo track. Nice dynamics - 8.5/10

Breakout - The longest track on the album begins with the title being shouted. I could see this track being a really strong live track in the early days. - 8/10

Burning For Love - Picking up the pace once more, this track goes full on poppy. It is a decent one overall. - 7.5/10

Come Back - Another solid track, the album is fairly solid overall with the two real standout tracks early on. - 8/10

Get Ready - A track that screams opener, closes the album. Overall another decent track - 7.5/10

Overall 83%

I will be doing all their albums up to These Days...

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...

Album 87/365

1. Edge Of A Broken Heart - Love this song, one of the best in the hair metal scene. Vocals are awesome, it's emotional, great stuff. 10/10

2. I Want You To Rock Me - A more aggressive beat to this one. Very catchy chorus, I dig it a lot. 10/10

3. Cryin' - Yet another awesome song. Right up there with "Edge". 10/10

4. American Dream - Groovy song. Another great, although not quite as good as the first three. But I like it. 9/10

5. Desperate - Closer to a ballad but it's really great stuff. 10/10

6. One Night Alone - Shit, this chorus feels quite ABBA-esque and I love it. 10/10

7. Hell Raisers - Eh... I guess I was expecting something more epic from the title. Big step down. 6/10

8. Love Made Me - But this is a great step back up. Great chorus. 9/10

9. Waiting - This one also sounds like it could've been an ABBA song. Great stuff. 9/10

10. Cruisin' - Solid song. 8/10

11. Charmed Life - Great exit ticket. 9/10

Pretty great album. Maybe not the most interesting thing I've ever heard but these chicks have serious chops.

Rating: 91%

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Meliora - Ghost

Spirit - A synth intro leads into a drum heavy main intro section, a decent track overall, the pacing for an opener is rather slow. Musically it is a strong song. - 7.5/10

From The Pinnacle To The Pit - A heavier track, this one is better than the one before but not an outright amazing track - 8/10

Cirice - A haunting intro leads into a thunderous riff, heavy and haunting this is a great track - 10/10

Spoksonat - A short intermission piece, it isn't really necessary but it does serve as a decent transition. - 7.5/10

He Is - A really powerful ballad of sorts, really well done throughout the track. Great vocally. - 10/10

Mummy Dust - Shifting from light to very heavy the next track begins with a low riff, overall a decent track, but not entirely up my alley. - 7/10

Majesty - Slightly better than the previous track, but not by much - 7/10

Devil Church - Another interlude, not really needed although it is another solid one - 7.5/10

Absolution - A stronger rock track with a sinister sense to it. Overall one of the better tracks on the album - 9/10

Deus In Absentia - Clocks tick, vocals on this track feel like a choir. A decent track - 7.5/10

Overall 81%