365 Albums In One Year

Yes, agreed. SSOASS is a 10/10 album all the way through. Half of Killers is below 5/10 in quality. It's recycled, repetitive, and uninspired. The title track, Murders, and Wrathchild are all-time classics, the rest is filler at best.

I will say that Killers upon my first ever listen to any tracks other than Wrathfhild yielded this rating. I do intend on relistening to a few of the albums again if I somehow manage to get ahead of schedule. SSOASS and Killers are both on that list

Evanescence - Evanescence
Format: Vinyl

What You Want - A solid hard rocking track opens up the album, overall not an amazing track but still really strong - 9/10

Made Of Stone - Another strong straightforward track, beginning slower before the band really picks up the pace. Overall a solid track - 8.5/10

The Change - A weaker track which hasn't done much for me in the past. Amy sounds good and so does the band - 7.5/10

My Heart Is Broken - A perfect transition from the previous track comes in the first semi ballad of the album, incredibly powerful and strong throughout - 10/10

The Other Side - A heavier riff introduces another stronger track, not quite as powerful as the previous track but regardless it is strong, Amy delivers some haunting vocals on this track. - 9/10

Erase This - An amazing quick rocker, piano driven with some killer vocals from Amy. Overall a great track - 9.5/10

Lost In Paradise - Side 2 kicks off with an incredible ballad, beautiful orchestration throughout the album but this track is a masterpiece - 10/10

Sick - A ominous intro followed by an increase in pace overall a solid track - 8/10

The End Of A Dream - A song which Amy lets loose some amazing operatic notes a great track throughout - 10/10

Oceans - The intro to this song is great, super simple but it really works, another really strong track - 9.5/10

Never Go Back - A strong track, all the elements that have made the rest of the songs great is here - 9/10

Swimming Home - The album closes with the calmest track on it. Overall a pleasant way to close the album - 8/10

Overall 90%
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17/365 - Living The Dream - Slash ft Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
Lost Inside The Girl 9 -> 10
The Great Pretender 8.5 -> 10
Overall 88 -> 90

31/365 - Turbo - Judas Priest
Turbo Lover - 7.5 -> 9
Out In The Cold 9 ->10
Overall 80 -> 83

45/365 Lovedrive - Scorpions
Loving You Sunday Morning 9 -> 10
Coast To Coast 9 ->10
Holiday 9.5 -> 10
Overall 93 -> 96%

46/365 - Strange Case Of... - Halestorm
Daughters Of Darkness 7.5-9.5
American Boys 8 -> 8.5
Overall 88 -> 90

68/365 - Vicious - Halestorm
Do Not Disturb 8.5-> 9.5
The Silence 9.5 -> 10
Overall 85 ->86

72/365 - British Steel - Judas Priest
Breaking The Law 9 -> 10
Living After Midnight 9 -> 10
Overall 78 ->81

Will update individual posts later

Album 89/365

1. The Moor - I like this quiet opening piece. It's quite long but it seems to be setting up for something massive. Okay, now acoustic guitars, that's interesting. Was expected a break into heaviness. But I like this. Okay, there it is. Damn this riff is awesome. It sounds like something off of AMOLAD, actually. Damn I'm loving it. The growls are awesome and the lyrics make them work even better. Ooh, these clean vocals are awesome. Okay, now we're calming down.... wait no, now we've erupted into majestical guitars. The song really does feel like a walk through the moors. Heaviness seems to be fading out in favor of acoustic guitars, which are neat. This verse is kind of interesting and I like the vocalizations in the neat piece. Quite a magical sound, isn't it? FUCKING SHIT I love this eruption back into the violent heaviness they throw us into. Like a ship tossed on the waves, like the ooze climbing up from the moor to carry you down. If the rest of the album is as awesome as this then I think I've hit on something epic. 10/10

2. Godhead's Lament - A more aggressive opening to this one, which I'm digging a lot. Vocals and lyrics are great once again. The guitarwork here is excellent, particularly in the piece following the second verse. That scream! THOSE LEAD GUITARS BEFORE THE CHORUS ARE SO GOOD IM FUCKING CRYING. It sounds like some sort of ABBA song only heavier and I know that's gonna sound funny but whatever, I love it. Lord is that just amazing. Then that quiet section where electricity and acoustics intertwine, so good. Heaviness rolls back in this storm cloud. The growls seep in. Okay, another quieter section. The refrain and the chorus pieces are both great. This song is so good, I love it. 10/10

3. Benighted - More acoustic guitars. I like it, great opening to the song. I really like how this track fits in with the album. Mikael does a great job with his clean vocals here and it's quite a nice, moonlit track. Ooh, the drums have kicked in. Yeah, this is another great, great song. Nice reprieve from the heaviness. 10/10

4. Moonlapse Vertigo - And the heaviness returns. Åkerfeldt and Lindgren are quite the guitar duo, they intertwine with each other so well. Now we're slipping into an acoustic piece as the clean vocals come in. Okay but that scream is lit. Skipping ahead a bit, I like this quiet bit after "through the forest came the morn." It's very nice. Cool solo section afterwards. I'm liking this fifth verse. Nice fade-out. Don't think I quite like this as much as the first three, but it's still great. 9/10

5. Face Of Melinda - Another quiet intro the start off the song. Mikael sounds really good here, probably some of the best of his clean vocals I've heard yet. It's a very lush song and I like how... traditional, I guess, it feels. Quite lovely. A shuffling bit, ooh. Seems rather sinister. FUCK YES! Here we go, the heavy guitars have finally kicked in. It took a while, but it's worth it, because it sounds great. That acoustic piece near the end is great as well, and then that break back into the heaviness. Lovely. Another awesome, awesome song. 10/10

6. Serenity Painted Death - That drum opening is awesome. We burst into the heavy flowing river that is this song. Oh shit, they've killed Melinda. Damn. Okay I love this rocking bit we move into. Chorus is awesome. Cool soloings. Cool quiet bit, like falling into a pool of endless depth. And then the hellhound returns in a rage to consume all. A very dark song but it's another great one. Good stuff. 10/10

7. White Cluster - The last song stopped suddenly and then this one just exploded. This beginning is, once more, awesome. Okay, acoustic stuffs for the third verse, that's pretty neat. Another great chorus. The solo section is great as well. Love how it just flows throughout. Oh but they're calming down again. So hollow, so void, so vague, yet so... present. Okay but now it slams back in and the drums are absolutely awesome. Yes, now it feels like we're being paraded through in a coach with horsemen of the black cloth leading us onwards to the demise. It's so fucking good. What a great way to end the album. Particularly that quiet piece that seeps in after you think it's all over. Great stuff. 10/10

Wow, what a record. Better than Blackwater Park and up there with concept albums like Abigail. Just great, great stuff. Loved it.

Rating: 99%
The best song on the album is the only one that doesn't get a 10/10 :(

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Format: CD/Digital

Black Sabbath - A rainy intro leads into a very dark track, Ozzy delivers haunting vocals, Tony and Geezer's guitar and bass are ominous. A great track - 10/10

The Wizard - Kicking off with a harmonica, transitioning into a fairly groove filled riff, Ozzy's vocals aren't mindblowing on this track but they are tolerable. - 8/10

Behind The Wall Of Sleep - A little faster than the previous track, once again vocally not doing it for me, this track isn't as instrumentally strong as the previous tracks as well. -7.5/10

N.I.B - A short bass intro leads into the middle track of the album, the actual riff kicks off soon after, a rather strong track - 9/10

Evil Woman - A decent cover nothing super special here but a nice listen - 7.5/10

Sleeping Village - A slower intro leads into a track covering in Iommi doom riffs - 7/10

The Warning - transitioning from the previous track a long cover track which takes up 1/4 of the album. Solid throughout but this track feels its length, Tony takes a really long extended solo in which the rest of the band decides to take a break at one point. - 7.5/10

Overall 81%

Toys In The Attic - Aerosmith
Format: CD/Digital

Toys In The Attic - The fast paced title track kicks off the album, Steven has slightly distorted vocals on this track, very raw - 7.5/10

Uncle Salty - Another solid track, the guitar work is nice on this track, Steven's vocals really jive with this track - 7.5/10

Adam's Apple - A more clear guitar sound kicks off track 3, a stronger track than the previous two. But still solid. - 8.5/10

Walk This Way - The original version of the classic track follows up. A strong track, the two big hits of this album haven't really been Aerosmith favourites of mine but it is still a strong track with a killer riff. - 8.5/10

Big Ten Inch Record - A very old timey feeling track, a decent track - 7.5/10

Sweet Emotion - A calm bass intro leads into the other classic track of the album. Sweet Emotion has never done much for me, however the harmonies on this track are really strong, the breakdown is a nice addition from the single version - 8.5/10

No More No More - Upbeat with some keyboard accompaniment, another stronger track - 8.5/10

Round And Round - This track has a heavier feel and Steven's vocals are more distorted again. This track sounds like one off of rocks. It is a solid track - 7.5/10

You See Me Crying - Closing off the album with a piano ballad and the longest track on the album a rather strong track - 9/10

Overall 81%

Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Delivering The Goods - A strong opening track, Halford delivers some nice lower vocals and high notes throughout. The band is tight. - 9/10

Rock Forever - A relatively strong track, nice high notes from Halford, but the music isn't mindblowing - 8/10

Evening Star - The intro to this track is incredibly strong, the chorus comes in and the rest is a little weaker. -8/10

Hell Bent For Leather - The first title track of the album begins with a drum based intro the shortest track on the album, Rob's vocals are weird on this track, a decent track - 7.5/10

Take On The World - This track is clearly a single, a chant able chorus and a lower band involvement. - 7/10

Burnin' Up - Transitioning back into a rocking mood Priest, a rather strong track, I like it a lot. - 9/10

The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) - A cover of a Fleetwood Mac track, nice guitar work throughout, this track doesn't feel out of place on the album thus far. It is solid throughout - 8.5/10

Killing Machine - The Second title track comes in, stronger than the previous one, just not a super strong track - 8/10

Running Wild - Starting off with a quick riff, a nice solo but not much else - 8/10

Before The Dawn - A calmer acoustic track, Halford sings nicely and Tipton plays keyboards on the track, a nice guitar solo I like this track - 9/10

Evil Fantasies - A weaker track closes off the album. A nice groove with the guitar work. - 8/10

Overall 82%

Highway To Hell - AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

Highway To Hell - The classic track of the album's name kicks things off, this track is simplistic but amazing at the same time, Bon Scott and the boys were on fire. - 10/10

Girls Got Rhythm - A track which I haven't ever been fond of, maybe running laps to this song daily in school was part of the reason regardless I've never been a fan of this track. It does have a nice beat. - 7.5/10

Walk All Over You - Beginning slow with some raw riffs from Angus, before a complete change in gears getting much faster, absolutely forgot how outright amazing this track is - 10/10

Touch Too Much - My favourite track on the album, the sleazy touch too much is an absolute masterpiece, mid-paced and strong throughout - 10/10

Beating Around The Bush - Another fast paced track closes of side 1, the call and answer style between Bon and The Band works really well, not quite on par with the 3 masterpieces on this side but still a solid track - 8.5/10

Shot Down In Flames - Another more direct track opens up side 2, a really strong one overall, some nice guitar work throughout the track. Chorus is rather strong - 9/10

Get It Hot - A weaker and repetitive track, this one like Girls Got Rhythm doesn't do too much for me. - 7.5/10

If You Want Blood (You Got It) - A killer rock track, the live album of the same name was released a year prior to the album, some killer points for screams. Another masterpiece - 10/10

Love Hungry Man - A mid paced and solid track throughout - 8.5/10

Night Prowler - Bon sounds outright vicious on the intro of this track, closing off the album in a mid paced and strong way. - 8.5/10

Overall 90%

Heaven Tonight - Cheap Trick
Format: Vinyl

Surrender - An absolutely killer poppier rock track, super catchy and fun. A great way to kick off an album - 10/10

On Top Of The World - A solid track, nothing really sticks out but this track is overall really solid. - 8/10

California Man - A cover track, some solid musicianship on here as well. A more aggressive track. - 8.5/10

High Roller - A strong track from an instrumental perspective, the vocals/lyrics aren't quite as amazing but overall are really solid - 8/10

Auf Wiedersehen - Another stronger track, solid instrumental side with some aggressive style vocals - 8.5/10

Takin' Me Back - A more subdued track kicks off side 2, not a super strong track but it remains decent. - 7.5/10

On The Radio - The intro guitar work is quite nice leading into this more commercial track another decent track, the radio section is the highlight of the track - 7.5/10

Heaven Tonight - A slow and heavier track, beginning with a slightly ominous intro. The moody sound of the instruments works really well. The vocals don't quite do it for me overall. But still a solid track. - 8.5/10

Stuff Competition - Picking up the pace and bringing back some more aggressive vocals this track starts off fairly strong before backing off a little and then picking up again, this track's vocal deliver reminds me of Sheer Heart Attack by Queen. A solid track - 8.5/10

How Are You - The final track on the album, a weaker more commerical track closing off the album overall a pleasent way to end a solid album - 7.5/10

Overall 82%

Wheels Of Fire (In The Studio) - Cream

White Room - A fairly strong rock track, mid paced with some nice dynamics throughout. Guitar work is well done. - 9/10

Sitting On Top Of The World - A heavier intro for the time leads into the second track, very guitar driven with some decent vocals and the live feeling to this studio recording works really well. - 8.5/10

Passing The Time - Starting off calm this track picks up the pace, the calm section is stronger than the faster one. - 7.5/10

As You Said - This song doesn't do anything for me, it just is there. - 6/10

Pressed Rat And Warthog - A spoken work track with some decent instrumentation behind it, overall not a bad change. - 7.5/10

Politician - A nice bass line opens up this track, a overall midpaced track that I could see exploding in a live setting alas it does not here - 7.5/10

Those Were The Days - The shortest track on the album, a relatively pleasent track, not amazing but solid. - 8/10

Born Under A Bad Sign - Another pleasant track - 8/10

Desert Cities Of The Heart - More upbeat than the previous tracks on this side, solid way to close off the album - 8.5/10

Overall 78%

I will try to do the Live portion of this album at some point, I personally view them as a set of albums and not one full album.

Dirt - Alice In Chains
Format: Vinyl

Them Bones - A heavy opener, Alice In Chains is one of the few grunge bands that vocally can do it for me. Layne does a solid job on vocals delivering fairly well. Musically this track is strong. - 8/10

Dam That River - A sludge hammer riff opens the next track, another short and more direct track, stronger than the opener. Great solo - 8.5/10

Rain When I Die - The first longer track comes in next spanning the longer than the first two tracks combined although that isn't saying too much. The band delivers a killer track here, it is a definite masterpiece - 10/10

Down In A Hole - The harmonies delivered by Jerry and Layne are amazing throughout this track, and Layne delivers some killer vocals the pain he conveys through his delivery is amazing. A killer track - 10/10

Sickman - Yea this track doesn't do too much for me, vocally weak. Musically ok but not great - 6.5/10

Rooster - The powerful epic show closer, Rooster is the closer to side 1 and typically the last show at any AIC concert, written about Vietnam the track embodies what Alice in Chains are great at, powerful and dark lyrics with heavy guitars and harmonies. - 10/10

Junkhead - Side 2 opens with a couple yeah's from Layne, dark and somewhat moody. Buy ulitmately not super important - 7/10

Dirt - The title track is heavy and brooding, not an amazing track but not bad by any means -7.5/10

Godsmack - Another decent track - 7.5/10

Untitled/Iron Gland - An odd short interlude, It isn't actually that bad, but it doesn't further any purpose aside from leading towards the next track - 8/10

Hate To Feel - Another relatively decent track, but it doesn't work for me. - 7/10

Angry Chair - Beginning in a more subdued way the song soon takes off becoming heavier. It is better than the rest thus far on this side - 8.5/10

Would? -An absolute killer closing track, Would? Is my personal favourite AIC track and it delivers every time you hear it. - 10/10

Overall 86%

Metal Health - Quiet Riot
Fromat: Vinyl

Metal Health (Bang Your Head) - The title track kicks off the first side of the album, great high notes throughout, commercial but a strong track - 9/10

Cum On Feel The Noize - The classic arena anthem. Absolutely amazing track super catchy. A great song to blast on the highway. -10/10

Don't Wanna Let You Go - A slower track, vocally strong but almost too upbeat for a slower track. Instrumentally subdued but solid - 7.5/10

Slick Black Cadillac - Starting with the band announcing the title of the track, guitar comes in a quick fashion, this sounds like Motley Crue but actually good Motley Crue. Overall a stronger track than the one before - 8/10

Love's A Bitch - Side 1 closes off with a track which begins slower, I like this track, it isn't great but it is enjoyable - 8/10

Breathless - Side two kicks off super fast with a drum lead intro, Kevin lets loose a great scream and the band has some great harmonized guitar work. Verses are strong, Chorus is slightly weaker. Kevin sounds like Robin McAuley from MSG which is a great thing. - 9/10

Run For Cover - Another fast paced track, a solid track - 8/10

Battle Axe - A short guitar solo it serves as a nice introduction to the next track but not much else - 7.5/10

Let's Get Crazy - A fun track which could easily be used as a concert opener. The chorus is simple but effective. A solid track - 8/10

Thunderbird - A piano ballad closes off the album, a nice change of pace it isn't an amazing ballad but it is a nice way to close the album - 8/10

Overall 83%