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Or a slow drip of one album a week leading to the new one.


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All signs are pointing to August 30th. A little later than I was hoping, but at least we have a date. Now an official announcement would be preferred!

First show we hear new material.
Second show we’re told a date, strongly suggested to be the album release date.
Third show... ?

Let’s see what happens tonight.


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Descending is pure beauty. Nevetheless I'm still angry with their exagerated iatus and will remain that way untill the new album comes out :mad:. Once it comes out my ire will come to past because, regarding these 2 tracks, it will be great (like there ever was a doubt).

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Opiate (1992)

1. Sweat - Fading in like a scene from a warehouse and then breaking into a flutter of riffage, what a great way to open an EP. I really dig the verse, Maynard sounds really good. The pre-chorus / chorus section is also awesome. "Seems like I've been here before!" Huh, wonder where they got that line from....???? Jokes aside, it's great. I like how it dips into a pool of blue at the end of it. That fast-paced chugging in the instrumental is lit. I've been really liking this song. It feels like a mix between typical metal songwriting and more technical stuff, with those change-ups happening. There's a lot of groove as well, which I like. Ultimately I just think it's a great opener and I've been liking it more and more with every listen. Great stuff. 10/10

2. Hush - Cool bass piece opens up track 2 before the song slides in and Maynard lets out a long, drawn out scream. It's quite a groovy song, but not one you're gonna be hearing on the dance floor given the profanity throughout. "Fuck yourself, fuck yourself, you piece of shit, why don't you just go kill yourself?" They actually manage to keep the song rolling together quite well all things considered, although it is kinda funny as far as a pissed-off song goes. The bridge piece in the middle I'm not such a fan of, although the ending is pretty cool. Not a mindblowing song, but I like it despite the lyrics. Quite catchy stuff and it's kept popping up in my head throughout the last couple days. 8/10

3. Part Of Me - A billowing storm glides over onto the listener before the instruments really kick in. I dig the opening quite a lot. Danny's drumming on this song is crazy good. The opening riff feels like a typical metal construction but works all the same. The verse is solid. Some of the instrumentation feels like it could've been on one of Death's albums, personally, which makes it interesting to listen to. As a whole the song is good, solid stuff, just doesn't really grab me in a headlock or anything, and does start to get a bit repetitive as it goes along. But it's certainly far from bad; don't think there's a bad song on the whole record, actually. 7/10

4. Cold And Ugly (live) - Aside from the opening crowd noise, you can't really tell that this isn't a studio version but is, rather, being played live, that's how good Tool are at their craft. I love the opening riff, it reminds me of some of the Roy / Adrian riffs on Accident Of Birth. The rest of the song is really groovy stuff. Verse and chorus are quite catchy. The slower section of the song isn't the best thing ever but it's solid, and I like the way it comes back up into that groovy bit before moving back into the verse. It's a very solid song as a whole. Definitely some of my favorite riffage on the EP. 8/10

5. Jerk-Off (live) - Maynard in the intro sounds like an early '90s comedian who would never get big because his jokes sucked, lol. Or maybe like Sam Kinison? He definitely has the scream down. Anyway, the song itself... again, it's solid stuff. Maybe the least memorable on here though. Not a big fan of the chugging part that sorta stops it in mid-flow, but other than that it's very solid. Just not gripping enough for my taste. I do dig that "consequences dictate course of action" section though, I like how the music climbs down for it. But like I said, as a whole it's solid but not the most memorable song on here. 7/10

6. Opiate - A quiet little opening leads into the hook, which sounds at first like it'll be nothing too special, but then it is and you're in. The verse moves along quite well. Not the biggest fan of the "By God's will..." section but it's also solid enough. "Jesus Christ, why don't you come save my life?" is quite a catchy line. I like how the song slows down again there before coming back up. That final Maynard scream is pretty great and I like the groovy outro here. All in all it's another solid song. Maybe a bit repetitive in places, but on the other hand there are quite a lot of things I like going on throughout. Good stuff. 8/10

(7.) The Gaping Lotus Experience - Weird opening before sliding into something that sounds like The Doors' "The End" only on way more acid than they took in recording that song. So yeah, there's definitely Apocalypse Now vibes I'm getting here, which actually could make sense given how fucked-up the characters in that film get. It's not a bad hidden track by any means. The lyrics are stupid, but they're meant to be that way. It's a very trippy song and y'know, I kinda like it. One of the weirdest things I ever heard but I suppose it'll only get weirder from here since I have every bit of faith that "Maynard's Dick" is gonna be a masterpiece. So. 7/10

Yeah, I really liked this more than I expected. "Sweat" is awesome and the rest of them are all pretty good. It's a very solid debut release (well, not technically, but I think most consider it their official starting point). Lots of good riffs, good drumming, good basslines, and Maynard is quite a good vocalist. It's groovy, man. I dig it.

Rating: 79%


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Coincidentally, I actually listened to this while on my way to work this morning. I love the EP, though 'Hush' and 'Part of Me' are definitely weaker points. 'Part of Me' is actually my least favorite Tool song, other than 'Disgustipated' which is that even considered a song?The title track is my favorite song, and definitely a grower. I never really liked it until I saw it live. The two live songs are great. I'm amazed at the quality they managed to get out of those two. All live albums should sound like that.

'Salival' is definitely a step down from this. Just a few alternate versions of tracks and joke songs left over from Aenema. 'Maynard's Dick' is funny though.

Edit: I won't do a full review for this album, but I will for the rest of the albums... My thoughts above are summed up...

1. Sweat 10/10
2. Hush 8/10
3. Part of Me 5/10
4. Cold and Ugly 8/10
5. Jerk Off 10/10
6. Opiate 10/10

Rating: 85%
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I'm doing this review early, I'm going on vacation next week and will have limited internet.

Undertow (1993)

1. Intolerance - An excellent opener to the album. It's one Tool's earlier songs, so it has that rawness quality to it. It could have easily come off of Opiate.
The chorus is simple, but it's effective and rings throughout the head. I've been singing it for days actually! The riff at 2:33 is one of my favorite riffs from Tool. And those harmonics at 4:22 are fucking glorious. Almost a 10. 9/10

2. Prison Sex - Creepy intro. I think I'm correct in saying that this is the first of only two Tool songs to be in a different tuning that is not Drop D. The lyrics are disgusting at points and it would be cringeworthy if you were just to read them. But Maynard does such an excellent with the delivery that it doesn't matter. If Bruce were to sing those lyrics than I don't think it would work. Another epic chorus! The bridge at 3:45 is oddly one of the best parts in their discography, despite the grotesque lyrics. A classic. 10/10

3. Sober -
Tool's biggest hit? Either that or Schism. The intro is very iconic and instantly recognizable. The groove and rhythms contained here are magnificent, and the lyrics are terrifying. Not to mention Maynard does another excellent job at delivery. The chorus is one of the highlights on the album. The slower part is awesome only helping to build for the final chorus. "Trust me, trust me, trust me" *riffs* *SCREEEEAEECH* *back to chorus* Amazing. Well done Tool! 10/10

4. Bottom -
Some great riffing to start the song. It's very frantic. Adam Jones just absolutely crushes this song. The spoken word part that features a poem of sorts from Henry Rollins is an awesome! Then the explosion back in to the rest of the song is chilling. The subject matter of this one is so dark. This is an often under appreciated song and it really doesn't deserve any hate. Most underrated for sure. 10/10

5. Crawl Away -
Interesting riff to start the song, even though it seems to be completed unrelated to the rest. Probably could have just left that part out imo. The main riff is another highlight of this album. Very eery lyrics, but Maynard does another very fine job on this song. The chorus is very fun actually. It's a stronger song, but often forgotten amongst Tool fans. 8/10

6. Swamp Song -
The real highlight here is Maynard's hatred for whoever this song is pointed towards. My inclination is that this song is about a redneck, but it isn't as simple as that. The riffs aren't really anything special, kind of forgettable actually. I think this song kind of just meanders around with a direction. It's probably a minute or two too long. I know this is one of their earlier songs that could have gone on Opiate. It's very raw. The quiet middle is pretty cool though. 6/10

7. Undertow - Not a very Tool-ish intro. Unconventional. The verses are kind of average, I love the chorus though. And the riff after is fucking brutal! Maynard does awesome on this song. Unfortunately there is not enough going on in this song to keep me completely interested. There's a riff near the outro that is cool, but sounds like something DT would do. 6/10

8. 4º -
Sitar? Yes I believe so. I like it. That main riff is the driving force behind the song. It's perfect! The bridge at around 3:20 is beautiful. Danny just absolutely crushes this song. I have no idea what these lyrics are about, but it's hard not to sing along. Adam actually has a solo, and it sounds pretty nice! 8/10

9. Flood -
LET THOSE CHORDS RING! The fucking build is incredible!! It may be a bit repetitive, but it keeps your attention the whole time and your head keeps banging along. About midway through the song begins to awaken and creep into it's full form. And it's a nice change of pace! The main riff is another brutal one. The lyrics are quite possibly the best of the album. Maynard has another incredible performance. This is another one of the songs that they could have placed on Opiate, quite possibly the earliest song, and nearly the best on the record. 10/10

10. Disgustipated
- Just skip to 13:58 to hear a funny recording that Maynard's landlord left on his answering machine. This is the only reason I will award it points. This song should have just been left off of the record, it's actually not even really a song. Flood closes the album perfectly, this does not. 2/10

Rating: 79%
Rating without Disgustipated: 85%
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