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Nah I get it. The best description for Motörhead I’ve heard is that they’re a lot like whiskey — rough, not for everyone, but if you can get into them then damn they’re good. I’ve never dived into their stuff but I’ve heard them on the radio and apart from “Ace of Spades” I really just personally can’t say that they’re my cup of tea.

If it helps, they've kinda-sorta done Ace of Spades 2.0 a few times:

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Fortress - Alter Bridge
Format: CD/Digital

Cry Of Achilles - A really strong epic beginning slowly before erupting into an amazing rock track. Myles delivers vocally and the band backs him up beautifully. The chorus is great. - 9.5/10

Addicted To Pain - The fast paced single keeps the momentum going, a much more aggressive track, this track has some anger behind it. Overall another amazing track - 10/10

Bleed It Dry - Continuing to get heavier once more the intro riff hits like a truck, The chorus is a little messy but the song isn't bad just not amazing. - 8/10

Lover - Going acoustic, Myles sings the intro beautifully, the band comes in but I wish they had stayed acoustic. Overall a really strong ballad - 9/10

The Uninvited - An intro that reminds me vaguely of No Quarter begins before heavy riffage comes in. Overall a decent track not amazing but still strong. - 8/10

Peace Is Broken - A great guitar section introduces this track, really strong harmonies on this one. Another solid track - 8.5/10

Calm The Fire - Myles comes in with calm vocals at first before erupting into my favourite track on the album, super powerful and progressive at points. Absolute masterpiece - 10/10

Water Rising - Mark takes the primary lead vocals on this track whilst Myles takes backing vocals. An elegant but brutal track, great harmonies and screams from both. Mark's voice is really strong. - 10/10

Farther Than The Sun - A shorter fast/mid paced track overall it is another solid one. - 8.5/10

Cry A River - Another really strong track overall - 8.5/10

All Ends Well - A beautiful ballad, Myles sings amazingly his vocals absolutely soaring over the band. -9.5/10

Fortress - The title track closes off the album, ending on another incredible high note, amazing track - 10/10

Overall 91%
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Fortress' chorus dominates the song. Blackbird doesn't click with me as much.
The chorus is unreal i agree. Blackbird is the only AB song I had heard and I decided to buy 3 of their then 4 albums the next day that may have something to do with why I enjoy it so much Years later

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Format: CD/Digital

War Pigs - The heavy metal staple opens up the sophomore album of Black Sabbath, this is one of my favourite Ozzy tracks from the band. Amazing song through and through - 10/10

Paranoid - A second classic track follows in suit, amazing riffage from Iommi and Ozzy delivers once again. Another masterpiece - 10/10

Planet Caravan - A mysterious track, really not that rocking but it is a nice change despite being so different. Too bad it really isn't that great - 6.5/10

Iron Man - Musically this song is great. Ozzy doesn't click for me entirely but I cannot deny it is still a great track - 9/10

Electric Funeral - A doomy intro soon has Ozzy singing about doom as well. Once again the instrumentation is really solid on this track. Overall not quite as good as the previous 3/4 - 8.5/10

Hand Of Doom - The intro is once again fairly doomy. Heavy and Doomy. A strong track - 9/10

Rat Salad - I don't like instrumentals on many albums when they are good. This one bores me. - 6/10

Fairies Wear Boots - A nice groove kicks off the final track on the album. Overall a great track to end off the album with - 9.5/10

Overall 86%

I will say Ozzy's vocals have grown on me a lot for Sabbath having listened to Vol. 4 and Masters of Reality.
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Blackout - Scorpions
Format: Vinyl

Blackout - The roaring title track signals the beginning to an epic album Jabs and Schenker deliver amazing riffs and Klaus singings amazingly considering he lost his voice completely and had to have emergency surgery to finish the album. - 10/10

Can't Live Without You - A poppier track but so infectious. Beginning with Klaus counting down the intro, the song is about their appreciation of their fans. A real strong track - 9/10

No One Like You - Probably the most well known track by casual fans on the album, an amazing track - 10/10

You Give Me All I Need - Some nice guitar work begins this track the Scorps are showing off their great guitar harmonies. It slows down as Klaus begins singing, the chorus is a little weaker the this song is a solid track - 8/10

Now! - Side 1 closes off with a fast paced track, Klaus sings quite high throughout. Short and to the point. Another strong track - 9/10

Dynamite - Side 2 kicks off with another massive guitar assault Dynamite is an absolutely unreal high energy Scorpions track. Amazing in every aspect - 10/10

Arizona - A nice riff transitions into a squealing guitar with some fun vocals from Klaus, overall another really strong track from a band at just about to reach their peak. - 9/10

China White - Massive riffs, this epic track steamrolls the unprepared listener. Absolutely a masterpiece - 10/10

When The Smoke Is Going Down - Closing off a rocking album with a very calm ballad, the only true ballad on the album and it delivers amazingly. - 10/10

Overall 94%
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

The Book Of Souls - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

If Eternity Should Fail - A haunting intro leads into an amazing opening track, and a fantastic track in general. Bruce sounds older on this track than in the 80s heyday but he isn't any less effective in his delivery. Overall this is an amazing Maiden track which is easily a modern classic. - 10/10

Speed Of Light - A fast paced track Bruce delivers once again. Strong soloing. - 9/10

The Great Unknown - A bass intro quickly is accompanied by some nice guitar and percussion work. Bruce comes in the song stays calm thus far but is definitely building in the background. Staying slower it gets heavier and Bruce continues to sing getting more dynamic. Overall this track is fairly strong. Nice chorus and the guitar solos are well done. - 8.5/10

The Red And The Black - A Bass intro leads into the longest track on the first "album" of the Book of Souls. This track took a while to grow on me but ultimately I now appreciate it as the masterpiece it is. Amazing guitar harmonies. Bruce delivers once again. Absolutely amazing - 10/10

When The River Runs Deep - The next track gets straight to business, Bruce sounds super strong off the start although the band and him distort each other slightly fast paced and to the point. Nice soloing. Overall a really strong track - 8.5/10

The Book Of Souls - A calmer intro leads into the final track of the first disc and the end of side 1 of the 2nd vinyl. This track is a really strong track, full of amazing solos and Bruce is absolutely unreal here. Another amazing epic from the band - 10/10
Disc 1 Score: 93%

Death Or Glory - A fast paced rocker kicks off the second "album", a real shorter fast track. - 9.5/10

Shadows Of The Valley - An very Wasted Years reminiscent riff opens up the song, I really like this riff. Not quite as strong as the rest thus far but still a good song. - 8/10

Tears Of A Clown - A relatively fast start to this tribute to Robin Williams, Bruce sings this track wonderfully, overall not an amazing track but a nice tribute - 8.5/10

The Man Of Sorrows - A slower track, this track this one isn't super strong but it is solid overall. - 8/10

Empire Of The Clouds - @Diesel 11 While I do not have the love that you do for this track, I do feel it is an unbelievably amazing piece of music. Absolutely phenomenal orchestration by Bruce and the band is completely on fire. - 10/10

Disc 2 Score: 88%

Overall 91%

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Empire Of The Clouds - @Diesel 11 While I do not have the love that you do for this track, I do feel it is an unbelievably amazing piece of music. Absolutely phenomenal orchestration by Bruce and the band is completely on fire. - 10/10
Now go vote in the commentary board if you haven’t already so we can bring the song up and stop the naysayers from bringing it down. :ok:

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Firepower - Judas Priest
Format: Vinyl

Firepower - Some aggressive riffs and screams from Halford open up the title track, some nice riffs throughout and the band sounds great for their age - 9.5/10

Lightning Strike - Amazing track, Halford delivers some amazing lyrics and vocals on this track. I like the chorus. A great new track from an older band. - 10/10

Evil Never Dies - Another really strong track, Halford's vocals have in my opinion gotten much better over the years age has lowered them into a range which I can really enjoy. Nice soloing from Glenn and Ritchie - 10/10

Never The Heroes - The introduction to this track would work perfectly as a concert opener the calmer intro before the band comes in. Chorus is strong once again. Overall thus far the album has been essentially perfect. This track is no different - 10/10

Necromancer - A heavier tune, this track is quite strong but it isn't as strong as what has come before. Nice solo decent chorus. - 8/10

Children Of The Sun - A nice riff introduces the final track on the first LP. Another solid track. - 8/10

Guardians/Rising From The Ruins - A calm piano intro leads into some nice soloing, the instrumental portions of this track are amazing, the vocals and lyrics are fairly strong - 9/10

Flame Thrower - Firepower's twin brother, not quite as strong but still another solid track - 8.5/10

Specter - This is the only song thus far that hasn't clicked with me, there is a nice solo - 7.5/10

Traitors Gate - Another calm intro leads into some strong riffs. This track has some strong moments. - 8/10

No Surrender - Short sweet and to the point. The intro rocks overall a great track - 10/10

Lone Wolf - Another decent track. Not too much to say here - 8/10

Sea Of Red - The final track on the album begins with some acoustic guitar, a very different track from the rest of the album. Building and dynamic, it closes off a really strong album with a strong track - 8.5/10

Overall: 88%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

The Last Hero - Alter Bridge
Format: CD/Digital

Show Me A Leader - A nice buildup introduces the first track of the album, Myles delivers some soaring vocals in the chorus. I know the production of this album is a little much overall throughout so I will try to keep the comments on that to a minimum but it will detriment some tracks I'm sure. This isn't one such case - 9.5/10

Writing On The Wall - Keeping up the momentum the band leads into their opener for the album tour. Overall a really solid track. Good message but not amazing - 8/10

The Other Side - A solid track, fairly dynamic throughout. Well delivered. This track is brought down by the production a little - 8.5/10

My Champion - I really like My Champion, I was getting into AB when TLH came out and this track along with Blackbird pulled me in completely. Incredibly uplifting and perfectly delivered - 10/10

Poison In Your Veins - A roaring rocker, absolutely amazing track - 10/10

Cradle To The Grave - The calm intro leads into a fairly dynamic track. Not as powerful as some of the other tracks here but still good. - 8/10

Losing Patience - A fun faster paced track but ultimately it is really bogged down. - 7.5/10

This Side Of Fate - A wall of sound introduces the next track, before the band backs off and Myles sings with little accompaniment. The chorus has Myles singing quite high. Myles vocals are really well delivered on this track. The dynamics of it help it out a fair bit - 8.5/10

You Will Be Remembered - The first true AB ballad of the album. A really strong one in my opinion. It would have been better in a more stripped down arrangement. But the band delivers nonetheless - 9/10

Crows On A Wire - A heavier track, another track that really clicks and I feel like the production helps this one out. Lyrics are amazing and well delivered by Myles. - 10/10

Twilight - I really like this introductory riff. This track is fairly strong but doesn't really stand out overall - 8/10

Island Of Fools - This track gets quite heavy real fast, Myles delivers some solid vocals. - 8.5/10

The Last Hero - The epic title track closes off the album in style. Progressive and heavy a fantastic way to end off an incredibly strong but flawed album - 10/10

Overall 89%, Yea the production makes the listening as a whole much harder than any other AB album overall the songs are good but just overproduced.
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The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Back In Black - AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

Hell's Bells - The tolling bells begins introduces Brian Johnson to the world, an absolutely brilliant track. Killer guitar work from the Youngs. This is my favourite Brian Johnson AC/DC track and it is a brutal one at that - 10/10

Shoot To Thrill - Keeping the momentum up the band rips into another classic track, mostly fast paced aside from the slower midsection. Killer track - 9.5/10

What You Do For Money Honey - A nice riff kicks off a fun track, not entirely my style and is the type of song that made AC/DC a slow growing band on me. But this track has grown on me a little and the band is super tight - 8/10

Given The Dog A Bone - Another decent track. This one repeats itself far too much. Instrumentally the Youngs are brilliant on basically all AC/DC tracks so there isn't much to say there. - 7/10

Let Me Put My Love Into You - Slowing down with a nice riff. Overall this track isn't amazing but it is a decent one overall - 7.5/10

Back In Black - The title track, great riffs Brian sings really well. Overall this track shows how well AC/DC can bounce back and deliver a killer sound despite what they have come through and the song portrays that perfectly. - 10/10

You Shook Me All Night Long - Another classic track follows in suit. One of AC/DC's most well known tracks and once again one deserving of the praise, killer chorus in terms of crowd participation. Such a catchy song - 10/10

Have A Drink On Me - Slowing down slightly but maintaining a strong groove, A relatively fun track. Nothing overly special - 8/10

Shake A Leg - The drums take more of a presence on this track. This track is Ok but when you're being compared to some of the absolute monsters on this album it takes a lot to be on their level, the solo is really good - 7.5/10

Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - The album closes off with the slowest track, overall a lackluster way to end off a classic album which is greatly carried by the monstrous hits. - 7.5/10

Overall 85%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Frontiers - Journey
Format: Vinyl

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - From the synth intro to the chorus this track grab hold and pulls you in. Amazing track from Journey at their peak. - 10/10

Send Her My Love - Slowing down a calm track where Steve sings really well over the band. Overall this track isn't as grabbing as other ballads but it remains a decent track - 7/10

Chain Reaction - Getting a little heavier, another decent track. The tempo is nice. - 7.5/10

After The Fall - Once again a nice temp but this track doesn't really pull you in either, some nice guitar work overall - 7.5/10

Faithfully - One of the greatest ballads I've ever heard. Absolutely unreal performance by Steve Perry. Killer track - 10/10

Edge Of The Blade - Heavier and more aggressive from the get go. One of the stronger tracks thus far. Nice work from the band as a whole - 8/10

Troubled Child - Slowing down once again for another decent track. Journey is definetely a hits band. Some amazing deep buts but my listens so far have not been in favour of wanting to hear them do a deep cuts set. - 7/10

Back Talk - A strong drum intro is followed up with a riff that makes me think I'm about to hear Aerosmith begins. Overall a stronger track but not amazing - 7.5/10

Frontiers - Basically what I've said before - 7/10

Rubicon - 7/10

Overall 78%