Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Marina and the Diamonds - Froot
  1. Happy - This is much better than most of the previous album. It's a slow start but it builds really well. I like it. 4.5
  2. Froot - This song is fucking amazing. The lyrics aren't mindblowing but they're very well constructed. Marina's use of her low vocals through most of the song is masterfully done, and when she goes higher it's just so good. 5
  3. I'm A Ruin - I love this music. It's so elegant. Marina sounds wonderful yet again. I like the style of the album much more than I did Electra Heart's. 5
  4. Blue - Quite nice poppy song. I dig it. 4.5
  5. Forget - Godfuckingdammit this song is awesome. Best song on here after "Froot". 5
  6. Gold - It's nice, but a little too slow for what happens throughout. 4
  7. Can't Pin Me Down - Verse melody was different than I expected but the chorus makes up for everything. Great stuff. 4.5
  8. Solitaire - The verse is eerily similar to "The Phantom Of The Opera" (Andrew Lloyd Webber's), but I quite like it. Goody stuffs. 4.5
  9. Better Than That - This song is so good. I love it. 5
  10. Weeds - Shit shit shit shit. This is awesome too. 5
  11. Savages - This song is awesome too. Really interesting take on the whole shitfest we call the human race. 5
  12. Immortal - These fucking lyrics are so good. Amazing closer. 5
Yep, this is her best album, unless the next one is even better. Awesome awesome awesome.

Rating: 95%