365 Albums In One Year


Reckless - Bryan Adam
Format: Vinyl

One Night Love Affair - A killer rock tune, the song has a nice pace to it and Bryan delivers it really well overall. A great deep cut persay since it is overlooked by the big 3 from the album - 9.5/10

She's Only Happy When She's Dancing - A solid track, this song doesn't click with me too well but overall it is a fun tune clearly can be used for crowd energy. - 7/10

Run To You - The first of the 3 huge hits from the album. Another fun track solid instrumentally and Bryan sings really well on it. This song is a strong light rock track. - 8.5/10

Heaven - The classic power ballad, sentimental and emotional this song has earned its place in rock radio for its ability to stand the test of time. The guitar work is really nice on this track. - 9/10

Somebody - Side 1 closes off with another relatively overlooked track, a real fun track with some really well delivered vocals from Bryan. Catchy guitarwork as well helps this track out. - 9.5/10

Summer of 69 - Side 2 kicks off with Bryan's likely most well known track. A great harder rocking track. Easy to sing a long to. Overall a classic song about young love. -9.5/10

Kids Wanna Rock - Another harder rock track, fast paced. This song while heavier and faster than the songs that came before doesn't entirely work for me but it is a decent track - 7.5/10

It's Only Love (Ft Tina Turner) - A really nice duet between two great singers. This song has great instrumentation along with the fantastic vocal tradeoffs. -9.5/10

Love Gone - The beat of this song is really infectious. Lyrics don't really pull me in but the song overall is fairly decent. - 7/10

Ain't Gonna Cry - Closing off the album is a song with a hard drumbeat and some decent riffage. Another decent song closing off this incredibly well known album. -7/10

Overall 84% this album is carried by some amazing tracks but the rest are average.
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Lovehunter - Whitesnake
Format: CD/Digital

Long Way From Home - A solid blues rock track introducing the album. Overall not the hard rock style that Whitesnake will become known for however this track is really strong and has a real nice groove to it. - 9/10

Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues - A nice groove from the bass introduces this song along with some keys from Jon Lord. Coverdale comes in and the band comes in with him. The groove sticks around along with the blues rock from the previous track. This track is super strong. -10/10

Help Me Thro' The Day - The band calms down for this track, I believe this track is a cover. It has some nice guitar licks in it. Coverdale sounds somewhat mystical in his vocal deliver. Solid harmonies. Very bluesy as expected at this point. - 8/10

Medicine Man - A heavier sounding guitar with some nice licks introduces this track the drums and keys soon come in. The tone of the guitar in conjunction with the keys drums and bass is absolutely amazing. The verses are really great. Chorus is a little weaker at least the first one that is. A fantastic Blues rock track. - 10/10

You 'N' Me - Fastest paced track yet. It loses something with the speed increase. Thus far the tracks have for the most part been brilliant. Rocking guitars and some great groove and lyrics. This one lacks the infectious groove. Still a solid track. - 7.5/10

Mean Business - This track continues on the faster paced track, Coverdales vocals aren't super clear but they are doing a solid job keeping up with the speedy drums. Overall a decent track. -7.5/10

Love Hunter - The title track is an absolute monster. Bluesy with some great catchy guitarwork and David performs amazingly. One of my favourite Whitesnake tracks overall. - 10/10

Outlaw - Another quicker track, this track features some different vocals this time being sung by guitariest Bernie Marsden. His vocals aren't on par with Davids but he has some solid deliver amongst the harmonies from the band. Overall a decent track but nothing really special. - 7.5/10

Rock 'N' Roll Women - A fairly dynamic song about searching for a one night stand. Overall the song is a solid one not amazing like some of the stuff here but it is still a strong track - 8/10

We Wish You Well - A pleasant ending to the album. Calm and used to signal the end of every Whitesnake concert having it be played over the PA's after the show. - 8/10

Overall 86%

Pleasantly surprised by this album as whole
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Blackbird - Alter Bridge
Format: CD/Digital

Ties That Bind - The band wastes no time introducing their second album, aggressive riffage with Myles vocals soaring over it all. A concert staple and full of energy. Overall a really strong start to the album - 10/10

Come To Life - The second track slows down a little but keeps the heaviness of the previous track. Myles singing is a little distorted but not any less high overall. Mark's harmonies in the chorus really amplify it. - 9/10

Brand New Start - Transitioning seamlessly from the previous track an acoustic guitar comes in, Myles delivers some amazing vocals on this track the band is less impressive overall on it but the song still is really strong; great solo. - 8.5/10

Buried Alive - The band gets heavier again on this track beginning with some soloing before Myles comes in vocally. The chorus is nice. Overall a strong track - 8/10

Coming Home - A bombastic track, Myles sings in a very almost empowering way. The riffs are solid on this one. Another solid track - 8.5/10

Before Tomorrow Comes - An absolutely amazing ballad. Great lyrics and vocal deliver. Instrumentally great - 10/10

Rise Today - The show closer a great track overall it is an incredibly uplifting track which could easily be adapted into different forms, i'd be intrigued by a half acoustic version however the track as a whole is great. - 10/10

Blackbird - Perfection. Heavy and brutal. Lyrics are dark but so well delivered. And the solo is godly - 10/10

One By One - Getting fast and heavy once more One By One kicks off with a wall of sound before the band backs off for Myles to sing. The chorus has Myles showing off his range again overall a decent track - 7.5/10

Watch Over You - Sentimental and emotive another great ballad from the band - 10/10

Break Me Down - A solid track, the length of the record overall is starting to get to me but the track isn't bad by anymeans. - 8/10

White Knuckles - A fast and heavy riff kicks off this track. Fairly dynamic, this song makes me think of Addicted to Pain from Fortress. Clearly the style is very similar. A strong track - 9/10

Wayward One - The album closes off with a more mid tempo track beginning with a calm intro before become fairly dynamic throughout. Overall a solid way to end off a really strong album - 9/10

Overall 91%
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Girls Girls Girls - Motley Crue
Format: Vinyl

Wild Side - A classic Crue track opens up the 4th album. Wild side has some nice guitar work and good vocal deliver, the first chunk of this song is better than the rest but overall the song is a solid 80s rock track - 8.5/10

Girls Girls Girls - Another classic track follows up Wild Side. Overall the chant chorus works this song screams crowd energy with the easy chant vocals. The motor cycle intro works real well. Nice groove. - 8.5/10

Dancing On Glass - A nice guitar riff kicks off track 3. The lick sticks around throughout. The female vocals help the track a little to be memorable but overall it really isn't - 7/10

Bad Boy Boogie - I recognize this riff, but it isn't from Crue. Nice beat. Nice harmonies. Speaking from my previous Crue record experience I'm starting to believe that the singles really sold these albums but the rest is well forgettable... - 7/10

Nona - A slow song, very short, very forgettable I get that this is a tribute to his grandma but wow this doesn't fit in at all. - 5/10

Five Years Dead - Gearing back up for more rocking the band brings another mid paced rocker to the table. This song is basically Girls Girls Girls rebranded slightly. It doesn't do the song the same justice - 6.5/10

All In The Name Of... - An ok song, a song about wanting to be with a 15 year old. Which in itself is creepy. It has some decent moments but it isn't a great song by any means - 6.5/10

Sumthin for Nuthin - Another nice guitar lick introduces this next track. Yea the lick and Tommy's drum fills are the only things that are really strong about this track - 7/10

You're All I Need - A ballad of sorts, the best song since the opening two tracks. A song about a dead lover. Not an amazing ballad but it really is a decent track overall. - 8/10

Jailhouse Rock (Live) - I'm not a fan of adding live tracks onto studio albums or even compilation albums for that matter. That being said Crue closes off the album with the Elvis track and they do a fairly decent cover of the track. The energy is clear from the recording. I would have prefered it to be a studio recording since I think they could of done a really nice one. - 8/10

Overall 72%

I feel like I was more critical of this album than some in the past but boy is this album filler central with some really good singles; I do intend on doing the other 3 80s albums at some point...
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Master Of Reality - Black Sabbath
Format: CD/Digital

Sweet Leaf - The coughing intro leads into a strong mid tempo track about the bands love for pot. The mid instrumental section is really well done. Overall a strong track to open the album with - 8.5/10

After Forever - Really well paced and with a nice groove to it. A song about christianity the band does a fairly good job at it without losing their groove throughout. Overall another really solid track - 8.5/10

Embryo/Children Of The Grave - A nice solo piece by Iommi leads into a roaring track, the brutal Children of The Grave a fantastic metal. A great piece of music. - 10/10

Orchid - A pleasent instrumental track but nothing really special overall. - 7/10

Lord Of This World - A strong heavy tune, nice guitar work, Ozzy preforms fairly well overall. A solid track - 8/10

Solitude - A rather calm track with sleigh bells and some nice low bass. Not a bad track but it doesn't go anywhere - 7.5/10

Into The Void - The final track on the album goes back to full blown Sabbath, a heavy riff introduces the track. A brutal track. And a great way to end off the album - 10/10

Overall 85%
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Live Like A Suicide/Acoustic 1988 - GNR Lies - Guns N Roses
Format: CD/Digital

Live Like A Suicide
Reckless Life (Live) - One of the 4 faux live tracks on their live like a suicide EP. A really strong track from an instrumental standpoint. Axl's vocals aren't polished as to keep the live feel to it. Overall a fairly strong track. - 8/10

Nice Boys (Live) - Another strong fast paced rock track, the band sounds great. Axls super raspy vocals in general from this live era haven't always clicked for me on the first couple listens but this track is fairly strong overall once more. - 8/10

Move To The City (Live) - A real hidden gem in the GNR catalogue. Move to the City really is a shame it was left off any of their classic albums. I'm hoping they add it officially to some sort of release in a proper studio form. The acoustic version would have fit on lies really well. Overall a really strong track, loving the big band feel of it. - 9/10

Mama Kin (Live) - A ripping cover of Aerosmith's classic off their first album. The band play a great cover of it. Axl's voice jives with this song really well. -9/10

Acoustic 1988
Patience - The most well known song on this half off the album. Absolutely amazing beautiful ballad, it showed that GNR had so much more to offer than aggressive rock tracks. Great solo and the breakdown/outro is great - 10/10

Used To Love Her - A fun track, that's what this is. Axl sings about his dead dog but back in the day I've been told the controversy was quite intense regarding this track due to the lack of any explanation upon release. The track is fairly solid overall not amazing but it is a nice tune to listen to. - 8/10

You're Crazy - I'm not the biggest fan of the original version of this track although I prefer it. Overall this song feels a little too drawn out. It has a nice groove but I don't see the point of this track when you have an acoustic version of Don't Cry floating around that is so much better. - 7/10

One In A Million - Whilst I hate the racism behind this track, and think the song could of been reworked, I'd be lying if I said this song isn't an amazing display of artistry the band delivers and Axl's vocal delivery are amazing. - 10/10

Live Like A Suicide - 85%
Acoustic 1988 - 88%

Overall 86%
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Seeing as I will be seeing them in a week may aswell finish their discography before hand


Into The Wild Life - Halestorm
Format: CD/Digital

Scream - An interesting riff, Lzzy has some decent vocals, I know this album is more poppy than previous ones; This song is much more poppy than the previous album and it has some techno influence. Overall a decent track but nothing special - 7/10

I Am The Fire - Transitioning really well from the previous track is a very uplifting an empowering track. Still not quite the amazing rocker that I want to hear but this track is a great track and has amazing crowd energy. Plus Lzzy can let loose on some screams with it. - 9/10

Sick Individual - A drum solo introduction kicks off this next track, the riffs signal that it will be heavier before it becomes a stop and go track with Lzzy alternating with the band... I saw P!nk a few weeks ago, this is 100% a song that she would do really well. Doesn't mean it is a bad song but really I wish it was heavier. Nice beat overall, just missed potential. - 7/10

Amen - A track that up until recently I have not been a fan of at all. But accepting that this track is well written but just not as heavy as it should be but the band sells it fairly well. -8.5/10

Dear Daughter - A piano ballad, I liked Break In, this one doesn't connect as well for me. But the message being said in this song is very important for youth regardless of gender but being specifically targeted at young women does make the message better in a way since it is being sung by a woman. -8/10

New Modern Love - Transitioning from the previous track into a more upbeat track, still retaining an acoustic style track. Lzzy delivers the vocals fairly well. However this track like the others is plauged by the lack of heaviness that it could easily acquire. So happy they went back to their rock side with Vicious. I will say that the transitions on this album are really well done. But alas this song is not amazing - 7.5/10

Mayhem - The first real rock track here. Full of screams and heavier riffs still plagued by the lack of true heaviness but this track is a sign that Halestorm hasn't forgotten their heavy origins. Nice guitar solo. - 9/10

Bad Girls World - This song brings it back into the calmer midtempo poppy track area once more... Yea it doesn't click with me, the band teases coming in about halfway but they just stay in the background. The only upside is the solo which feels completely out of place... - 6/10

Gonna Get Mine - Getting better, mid tempo still, but the band shifts back towards a heavier feel. Overall a decent track - 8/10

The Reckoning - I've said it all before but this song has some nice dynamics to it. - 7.5/10

Apocalyptic - A fun and solid rocker. - 8.5/10

What Sober Couldn't Say - Another solid track that screams P!nk. Overall solid - 7.5/10

I like It Heavy - An amazing track, it balances the production's lack of heaviness with pure Halestorm rocking. I love it - 10/10

She Won't Mind (Hidden Track) - A great hidden track, closing off the album in a way that really leaves it on a high. I won't be using this to affect the ratings but it is a 10/10

Overall 79, but for the overall package It will be a 75%

I think this album isn't bad it just is a deviation from what Halestorm really is, the songs have a lot of potential but they really miss it overall. Still an enjoyable listen.
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AB III - Alter Bridge
Format: CD/Digital

Slip To The Void - A dark brooding opening with Myles singing low quickly shifts into a heavy track with him singing in his traditional high soaring voice. Amazing chorus, Instrumentally great. A kick ass opener. - 10/10

Isolation - A brutal track, the heaviest AB has been up to this point, Myles kills it again, hitting some killer high notes. Mark's guitar work is phenomenal. Another fantastic track - 10/10

Ghosts Of Days Gone By - Love the intro riff to this track, what sounds like a fairly upbeat track has some real dark lyrics. Thus far the band is absolutely on fire. Unreal the talent the band has, having released 2 great albums prior and this one is off to an amazing start. The bridge gets real dark... - 10/10

All Hope Is Gone - Slowing down a little and getting lighter or the intro, Myles sings in a over some nice guitar work from Mark. Mark has some more prominent harmonies on this track. Instrumentally this track is really great. The vocal harmonies don't quite reach the normal AB standard and weakens Myles a little on this track but it is still a really strong track with a brutal solo. - 8/10

Still Remains - A nice bass intro leads into, overall this track is another strong solid one, some real interesting stuff here. - 8.5/10

Make It Right - A calmer intro leads into this track, some real soaring vocals here once again. This song is fairly solid overall, although the ending is a great way to end off the track. - 8/10

Wonderful life - One of AB's stronger ballads. Wonderful Life I feel is somewhat pulled down by the lack of it being acoustic on the studio version, but the studio version is really strong as it stands anyways. Myles delivers the song beautifully. The bridge is amazing. Overall the only downside is that the emotions conveyed I feel would be better with a more stripped down approach - 9.5/10

I Know It Hurts - The only song below the 4 minute mark on the album brings the band back into a heavier feeling. Myles sings over a fairly subdued band once the intro is done. This song upon checking was one of the singles which makes sense based off the feeling of the track. Commercial but still a solid track - 8.5/10

Show Me A Sign - The longest track on the album comes in following the shortest. Overall the song the same positives as before whilst remaining relatively solid overall. -8/10

Fallout - A stronger track, I feel like the title is a callback to Myles first real rock outting with Mayfield Four seeing as their first album was named Fallout. The track is nice, Myles delivers really well and the band kicks ass. - 9/10

Breathe Again - A nice intro leads into a fairly strong track, the guitar work is nicely in the background for the verses before coming in harder for the chorus. - 8.5/10

Coeur D'Alene - Another amazing track about a lake near where Myles lives, this track is haunting but beautiful at the same time. Really well done - 10/10

Life Must Go On - The final single from the album begins with a calm but nice guitar before the band comes in, a really nice track - 9/10

Words Darker Than Their Wings - Absolutely stunning. -10/10

Overall 91%

3 super consistent albums in a row, I know Fortress is considered the best so we will see how it fairs when I review it in a couple days.
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Upon further listening to some Tracks I Have gone back and edited a few albums scores accordingly. Haven't switched the comments but the new ratings are as follows:

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
  1. Moonchild 8 -> 10
  2. Infinte Dreams 8 -> 9
  3. The Evil That Men Do 9.5 -> 10
  4. Overall 79% -> 83%
Boston - Boston
  1. Foreplay/Longtime 9.5 -> 10
  2. Overall 89% -> 90%
Ghost - Prequelle
  1. Witch Image 9->10
  2. Overall 85% -> 87%
Alter Bridge - Blackbird
  1. Ties That Bind 9 -> 10
  2. Overall 90% -> 91%

Obsession - UFO
Format: CD/Digital

Only You Can Rock Me - A fun poppy rock track introduces the final album of the original Schenker run with the band. Phil songs well and Michael delivers a nice solo, overall a nice track - 9/10

Pack It Up (And Go) - Getting a little heavier the second track opens with a nice drum intro with Schenker shredding over top. Mogg comes in with some strong vocals, a relatively strong track but not amazing. Schenker is going wild on this track. - 8.5/10

Arbory Hill - A short flute based track with Schenker play acoustic guitar serves as a decent interlude - 7.5/10

Ain't No Baby - A mid tempo track begins with Schenker letting out some weeping with his guitar, Phil and co come in with a mid tempo feel to it. Schenker continues to solo and make himself known throughout. The actual solo is nice rounding off this decent track - 7.5/10

Lookin Out For No. 1 - A piano based track, Phil soon begins singing, this song is clearly labeled as one about looking out for yourself. Overall not the brilliant piano ballad they had with Love to Love, this track is solid at best. - 7/10

Hot N Ready - A faster paced track, heavy riffs with some soloing from Schenker right off the bat. A fair bit better than the past few tracks. A solid rocker - 8.5/10

Cherry - A slower start brings this mid tempo rocker forwards, a fairly dynamic rocker. I think it would go over fairly well in a live environment - 8/10

You Don't Fool Me - This track has a real nice beat, Schenker delivers in the background before coming to the forefront for his actual solo. -7.5/10

Lookin Out For No 1 (Reprise) - A reprise of the weakest song thus far on the album... Overall a nice reprise but it really serves no purpose. - 7.5/10

One More For The Rodeo - A nice groove kicks off this track. The groove and beat continue throughout this track having it turn into a relatively solid track overall - 8/10

Born To Lose - The final track is another ballad of sorts. It has a nice solo like the rest of the tracks but it really isn't that great overall - 8/10

Overall 79% But I'm putting it at 75%

Wow that was a step down from Force it and Lights Out, probably the best part of this album is that the tour yielded Strangers In The Night
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I’ve been thinking of going through her some time because I love her song “Froot”. Was wondering if you beat me to it.
I think I've heard "Bubblegum Bitch", too. She released an album recently under a new name (Marina) titled Love, the first part of a double album titled Love + Fear, and I've been thinking about going through her discography as well (I haven't yet because literally all I've been doing since Sunday night is binging Game of Thrones). Let me know if it's worth it, if you listen to the albums before I do.