365 Albums In One Year

Maybe it's the mix, or maybe it's the way the vocals are utilized? I dunno. I'll listen over Leviathan again in future and see.

Album 75/365

1. !!!!!!! - hahaha wtf

2. bad guy - Interesting song, it's very simplistic music-wise. Eilish has an interesting voice, not sure if I like it or not but y'know. I like the lyrics, they're pretty good. It's not a mindblowing song and it's very modern and stuff but y'know. Not a big fan of the hip-hop beat that comes in though. 7/10

3. xanny - Man, when she's singing here it really sounds like she's wearing that Invisalign from the first track. I like that vocal effect on the chorus piece. It's pretty cool. Okay, this bridge is pretty awesome. Some pretty emotional stuff follows it and I really like the vocal harmonies on that ending. Those are enough to bring the song up for me. 8/10

4. you should see me in a crown - This hip hop beat is used pretty well, IMO, and the song has a lot of cool musical effects going on that I like. Yeah, as a whole song this one's pretty good. Not quite as good as the great stuff on the previous song but y'know. 8/10

5. all the good girls go to hell - Okay, I'm really digging this song. If I have criticisms it's that I wish she wouldn't be so reliant on those near-whispering vocals and that the song would've had a more complete ending. Other than that, great music and awesome lyrics. 9/10

6. wish you were gay - Okay, this song goes a bit closer with what I was saying about the last song. Her vocals really start to rise up in this song and make the chorus more memorable because of it. It's not quite as good as the previous song, but it's still pretty good. I'm liking it. Also, holy shit, it ends with a clapping effect Poe used on one of her songs. Hmmm. 9/10

7. when the party's over - I just realized that I'm literally older than this girl. Huh. Anyway, this song does a lot of good stuff, but the vocals don't quite knock it out of the park. Not quite as good as the previous two songs. 8/10

8. 8 - It's not bad but there's really nothing much here that blows me away. Good, not great. 7/10

9. my strange addiction - Okay, I'm liking the way she's composed this song. It's pretty great. What isn't so great is... again, the vocals. She doesn't enunciate well enough for me, and that's probably what I like least about her over. But really, it's a pretty good song otherwise. That chorus is lit. 8/10

10. bury a friend - I like the ideas here, it's a pretty boppy song with some dark subject matter, which is cool. It just doesn't really blow me away or anything. 7/10

11. ilomilo - Really nice little song. Nothing more to say about it but I dig it. 8/10

12. listen before i go - A lush, dreamy, yet depressingly gloomy song... I really want to like this song more but again, the vocals are kind of iffy. I like what she's intended, I like where she's going with it, but it doesn't quite reach the level I want it to hit. 7/10

13. i love you - Vocals. Vocal vocals vocals vocals vocals vocals vocals. Vocals - and I cannot stress this enough - vocals. Another good song that could be better if she worked some more on her enunciation. Also the song reminds me a lot of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", and I've never been the biggest fan of that song. 7/10

14. goodbye - Pretty decent ending to a pretty decent album. 7/10

Well @Number 6 I listened to it, and I get what you're saying about the comparisons to Poe. But for me the differences are what separates Eilish from being in the same league of Poe's. Poe is more frontal, more powerful, more commanding, and really sings when she takes hold of the microphone. Eilish meanwhile has ideas that are similar, but the execution is different. She's more gloomy (and at times silly) and really doesn't sound like she wants any part of the spotlight. Again, enunciation is her weakest link. But it's a good album, just not the greatest I've ever heard, and I'll definitely take both Hello and Haunted over this.

Rating: 77%
It's nice to know you enjoyed it! I agree that she's not the best out there, but in the current pop scene, when it's so easy to build yourself over the success of other artists, I appreciate her effort to bring something that's refreshingly new, if not particularly new new — which is essentially the exact same thing Poe did back in the day, by taking the alt pop/pop punk genre tropes and turning them on their head. While they're not very similar in style (even though Billie does bring in some elements to her music that Poe also used), their purpose in music is more or less the same.

I'm curious to see where Billie will be heading next, when she gets older and more mature (even though I feel she already sounds quite mature for her age).
Diesel, some of us genuinely can't recognize some of these albums by the cover, especially if the name of the artist is not a part of it, could you kindly write the name from now on :)
Thanks :cool:

One Day Remains - Alter Bridge
Format: CD/Digital

Find The Real - Heavy instrumentally Myles vocals don't grab me on this one but the energy of the song is there and at times he really shines just not as a whole. A weaker start to the debut album. Great solo by Mark. - 7/10

One Day Remains - The title track keeps the heaviness being introduced with drums before really erupting into a solid rocker Myles vocals are better on the track. This title track is the shortest song on the album. Overall a much stronger track than the opener. 8/10

Open Your Eyes - An empowering track begins with a breakdown of sorts before calming down as Myles begins singing. The band really rocks on this one. Myles delivers the vocals incredibly well. A much better closer than Rise Today IMHO. - 9.5/10

Burn It Down - An acoustic intro introduces this track. Myles, the longest track on the album. Halfway the band comes in bringing a heavier feel to the track. Myles hits a wonderful high note towards the end of this track. I wish it got heavier earlier and progressed from there. Overall a strong track. - 8/10

Metallingus - A heavy drum and bass intro soon brings in the rest of the band. Metallingus is a rather strong track. The whole band comes together to form another strong aggressive track kicking serious ass. This song may not be my absolute favourite but it is a really strong track - 9.5/10

Broken Wings - An amazing power ballad. Amazing lyrics this song should be played at every show. Myles demonstrates his amazing range on this track and the instrumental work is top tier. Easy. 10/10

In Loving Memory - Following up a power ballad with another, seems like an odd choice but the two songs back to back amplifies the emotions in the two. Individually each song is amazing. Together they remain amazing and powerful. - 10/10

Down To My Last - This song wastes no time bringing the band back into a heavy feeling, Myles has some absolutely soaring vocals on this track. Great solo. Thus far the most surprising track on the album - 10/10

Watch Your Words - An odd intro turns heavy and the song is well put together, overall this track is quite strong just not quite amazing like the vast majority of this album. -8.5/10

Shed My Skin - Absolutely unreal. Killer track. My favourite from the album. -10/10

The End Is Here - Another masterpiece track, this song is absolutely brilliant. Another easy 10/10

Overall 91%

Started off lower but after the first 2 tracks the quality just rose exponentially; The only song I'd call weak is the opening track.
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Album 78/365 ('98 Reissue)

1. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) - What an audacious debut single for a young band, particularly in the '80s with the rising PMRC giving the music industry a choke-hold. Yet W.A.S.P. just really didn't give a flying fuck when they released this blatantly sexual number and that's the vibe they give off. I love this song, the opening riff, the crushing lyrical delivery, it's great. 10/10

2. I Wanna Be Somebody - A machine gun-esque drum opening ushers us into the band's most iconic song, the anthemic "I Wanna Be Somebody". Blackie's raspy vocals soar on this track and culminate in a catchy and memorable chorus. W.A.S.P. may get thrown in with the other hair bands of the '80s, but their music was always a step heavier than those bands despite including the catchiness that makes hair metal work as well as it does. And damn if this song isn't great. I wanna be somebody too! 10/10

3. L.O.V.E. Machine - Fading in with guitars and a cool beat comes another W.A.S.P. classic. The verses are great, with Blackie really selling this character he's portraying, and the chorus, despite being repetitive, is really that good. The solo section is lit and that drum fill that brings us back into the chorus is epic. First three songs on here are fucking awesome. Let's see if the rest of the album can match them. 10/10

4. The Flame - Well, this song may not be quite as great as the previous three, but it makes up for that with a pumping beat that pulls in the listener instantly and keeps them there. It's quite a banger and this whole time I've been bopping my head up and down, it's great. Also another awesome solo. Great stuff. 9/10

5. B.A.D. - This one is a bit weaker, but it benefits again from a pumping beat that helps make it worth listening to. The verses are pretty decent, the pre-chorus is really good, the chorus isn't quite great, and the solo is awesome. So it's a little more of a mixed bag, but I like the vibe overall. 8/10

6. School Daze - Oh my god, now Blackie's got a hold of the children. The Pledge of Allegiance opens up this rocker before the riff kicks in. It's not quite as good as the really good parts on the previous song, but it's really quite solid overall. The solo section reminds me of the one in "22 Acacia Avenue", which is interesting. 8/10

7. Hellion - A pumping opening leads into a pumping verse which isn't mind-blowing but doesn't really disappoint. I love Blackie's long note in the chorus, it's badass. Man, W.A.S.P. know how to make really good solos because this album seems to be littered with them. Some parts of this song are a bit paint-by-numbers, but that's okay because it's still a really solid song overall. The highs are better than the lows. 8/10

8. Sleeping (In The Fire) - Ooh, now we're opening with acoustic guitars. It's quite effective and when the heavier guitars come in it really feels like flames rising up, which is pretty awesome. Blistering solo again. This is definitely the best song when taken as a whole entity since "The Flame". It's a ripping semi-ballad. 9/10

9. On Your Knees - A chugging riff leads this really solid song. Like with "Hellion", I feel like it's a bit of a paint-by-numbers song, but again, it doesn't bother me because they take those elements and use them fairly well. Pumping banger of a song, and again, the solo is motherfucking great. 8/10

10. Tormentor - A bunch of rattling and an ominously tolling bell open up track 10 before the guitars plunges in. Lo and behold, it's another banger. Again, the solo is so goddamn good!! This seems to be an album where the full thing is better than the sum of its parts, because these songs may not all be the most outstanding but damn is this a great album. 8/10

11. The Torture Never Stops - This is definitely the weakest song here so far, where the paint-by-numbers thing really rears up its head. It's not a bad song, it's just not on the same level as the others here have been. But the solo section is still great. 7/10

12. Show No Mercy - Great rocker, this. Heavy, pummeling track. Certainly one of the best ones here, surprised it was actually not included on the original album because it's pretty damn awesome. I'm loving this one. 10/10

13. Paint It Black - I was interesting in seeing how they'd adapt the Rolling Stones' classic track, and I'm pleasantly surprised because they did a pretty good job with it. There's the original's vibe merged with W.A.S.P.'s classic sound and it's pretty good. Certainly better than I expected and it makes for a pretty sweet closer. 8/10

This album is pretty great. I love W.A.S.P.'s vibe, it's raw yet polished enough for use. Blackie is a great vocalist, and my god, these solos are majestic. Really great album all in all and I'll definitely be checking out some of their other works.

Rating: 89%
Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I own a copy of The Headless Children by W.A.S.P. Bought it solely for forever free and The Real Me cover which are both absolutely amazing. I guess I'll have to check out them sooner than later

British Steel - Judas Priest
Format: CD/Digital

Rapid Fire - A fast paced introductory track. Rob's vocals are different from what he sings like later on in their career [Lower], but they are less grating as a trade-off. The band does a solid job. The drums are really fast paced. A solid track. - 8/10

Metal Gods - A slower track by comparison, Robs vocals get slightly higher. This track doesn't do it for me. The chant of the song's chorus seems so unenthusiastic. The solo however is really nice. - 7/10

Breaking The Law - Classic track, fast paced short and sweet gets the momentum going once again. The guitar riff is absolutely wonderful. Overall a real strong track - 10/10

Grinder - Some heavy riffage take place on this track. Rob gives some nice high notes here. Overall a solid track - 8/10

United - Side 1 closes off with an interesting start, a slower song singing about unity. Overall it is a decent song but it feels like filler. - 7.5/10

You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise - Side 2 kicks off with a song which has a title that many people need to realize in society. The longest track on the album this track begins slower steadily picking up the pace as it progresses. Chorus is a little drawn out. Another decent track overall - 7.5/10

Living After Midnight - Great track, fun catchy while it still rocks. - 10/10

The Rage - A nice bass intro begins the next track. Nice solo but aside from that this song is filler. - 7/10

Steeler - Another decent track. Better than a few on the album but nothing groundbreaking. The drum and bass work however is real nice. - 7.5/10

Overall 81%
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Album 79/365

1. Welcome To The Jungle - Okay, can we talk about what a brilliant opening to an album this is? The rising guitar build-up is fucking amazing. This song is an obvious classic, with an iconic hard rock vibe that makes it certainly one of the greats of the genre. An entire decade's worth of hair bands basically gets boiled down into one great song, and while it's not necessarily my favorite from the scene, I think it's a contender for being the "greatest". The way they make a sonic representation of both Seattle and the Hollywood scene is awesome. Great song. 10/10

2. It's So Easy - Cool opening to this song, but Axl's low voice doesn't really jive with me much. I like the music to this one, but it never quite reaches the heights I think it could have, and that's mainly do to the vocals here. Not really my thing, but it's still a good song. 7/10

3. Nightrain - Cowbell? Sweet. What's not so sweet is the song as a whole. I've heard it a lot thanks to radio and it's just never clicked with me. There are some elements I like but most of it is just a snoozefest. Sorry, not a fan. Very average song. 5/10

4. Out Ta Get Me - I'm liking this opening riff a lot more than basically everything on the previous song. For a bit it felt like it wasn't going to manage to pay on it, but luckily the chorus is pretty great. Axl really soars here. There's some weaker stuff here but I'm honestly pretty into it. Good stuff. 8/10

5. Mr. Brownstone - I really like this opening, it's quite nice. Low voice Axl is back though, but luckily he's a bit better here than on "It's So Easy". The chorus is pretty catchy and actually better than I remembered it was. Shout out to the lit solo here. Slash is a pretty great guitarist. There's some weaker stuff here but so much that I'm really digging that I can round it up to a better score than I thought I'd give it going in. 9/10

6. Paradise City - Another fantastic opening, these guitars are just beautiful. They build up into a groovy hard rocker that I quite like. It's another classic GNR song and certainly the best thing we've seen since "Welcome To The Jungle". The memorable chorus is one of their finest inventions, such an earworm. It gets a bit repetitive but that doesn't hurt the song at all. It's a really great tune. A classic for a reason. 10/10

7. My Michelle - Pretty eerie opening before we launch into a pretty sweet riff. This song is pretty awesome and I'd probably give it top marks if the chorus was a tad bit better. Still, it's great overall. Pretty biting vocals and I love the guitar to this one. 9/10

8. Think About You - Some blistering guitar to this one that feels like '50s rock beefed up for the '80s scene. The chorus is pretty sweet. Yeah, this one doesn't quite blow me away but it's really good at the same time. 8/10

9. Sweet Child O' Mine - What an iconic opening. Every time it starts playing you instantly recognize what it is. What makes this song work as well as it does is really all down to the masterful guitarwork of Slash. It's really good, particularly that solo between the final chorus and the outro piece. Just for that alone I can't give this less than a perfect score. Thank goodness the rest of the song is awesome too so I'm justified in using it. Also that ending is epic as FUCK. 10/10

10. You're Crazy - Jesus, these dudes love their drum intros, don't they? The riff kicks in almost immediately and leads along a rip-roaring song that churns up the road and anything in its path. It's a pretty awesome song altogether. 9/10

11. Anything Goes - Jeez, what is this opening? It's... weird. The rest of the song is... well, kinda average. Certainly one of the weakest songs here. There are some things about it that I like, but I think it could've easily been left off the record altogether if they'd wanted to. 5/10

12. Rocket Queen - Epic opening, I really dig the drum intro as the guitars start to slide in. This one isn't great, the verses are so-so, but the chorus is good enough to keep me on board. The stomping riff around 3:30 is pretty cool, and the bridge is interesting. The ending is also pretty groovy, but ultimately, while I like this song, I do think it's pretty overrated. Luckily it's a good enough closer to the album. 7/10

Hey, this was better than I was expecting! Some genuine greats, a couple average songs, pretty good overall. Not gonna become a favorite anytime soon, but I definitely enjoyed this. Doesn't feel like the 50-some minutes it actually is.

Rating: 81%
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Album 80/365

1. Airbag - I'm really digging the verse melody here. It's some cool stuff. The instrumentation is great, I love the guitar sound and the drums are huge as fuck. Pretty sweet song as a whole and a pretty strong foot first in this album. 9/10

2. Paranoid Android - This is one of alt's most iconic songs and it's pretty sweet stuff. I love the opening, it's like you're floating around in deep space, and things just keep building up and up and up. This is translucent, transparent, transgendered, and tranquil all at the same time. Epic song and I love it. 10/10

3. Subterranean Homesick Alien - The opening to this song is like watching starshowers... oh my god, it's so cool. Such a great song, I really love this one. Dreamy stuff. So, so, so good. 10/10

4. Exit Music (For A Film) - An acoustic-based song, which is pretty cool. It grows after a while into another pretty cool starshower. Damn, this album is awesome so far. 10/10

5. Let Down - My god. So much good. This song is like a field of daisies drenched in glowing sunshine. What a beautiful song. 10/10

6. Karma Police - Another great opening here as piano and acoustic guitars launch into a sleepy yet awesome verse. This song is eerily similar to "Sexy Sadie" by The Beatles, yet that only helps make it better. The final part of the song ("I lost myself...") is just pure bliss. Epic. 10/10

7. Fitter Happier - This is so depressingly dark, I love it. Great interlude.

8. Electioneering - Wow okay, Radiohead are on the offensive this time. This is a more rocking sort of tune. Damn is it good. 10/10

9. Climbing Up The Walls - Eerie opening here. Another great song, maybe not quite as good as the 10's on here but still damn good. 9/10

10. No Surprises - Fuck. me. This opening is wonderful. Fuck. me. This whole song is wonderful. This is actually the best one on here so far. My. god. 10/10

11. Lucky - More fucking starshowers. Lit. 10/10

12. The Tourist - This one feels like a slow dance song. Sweet ending to a sweet album. 9/10

Well, damn.

Rating: 97%

Rainier Fog - Alice In Chains
Format: CD/Digital

The One You Know - A heavy crunching riff introduces the track and sticks around throughout, verses are solid. Grunge isn't my favourite style when it comes to vocal delivery but AIC always delivers strong vocals. I really like the vocal harmonies on this track. Jerry and William do a great job. Overall a nice way to begin the album - 8.5/10

Rainier Fog - This song starts off real strong, the vocals are really well done on this track; The song has a nice change midway dropping to a very subdued solo before coming back in. - 8.5/10

Red Giant - Another heavier track, the vocals feel like they are more in the background here in a sense droning on but still the harmonies between Jerry and William make them enjoyable. Instrumentally this track is really good, not a slow song but not fast fitting right in the middle. Not quite as good as the last two tracks but it is a solid one nonetheless - 8/10

Fly - A more upbeat sounding track, much more clear vocals on this one. Instrumentally strong once again, the guitar is weeping in the background. The solo erupts and the band comes in slightly more upbeat following it. I really like this track - 9/10

Drone - A decent track, this one doesn't click as well as the previous ones for me. The solo is solid. Overall the song isn't bad it just isn't amazing. - 7.5/10

Deaf Ears Blind Eyes - Shifting heavier again, another song that just is there. - 7/10

Maybe - Opening with vocal harmonies, before the band begins to enter the scene. The intro hooked me right away, harmony filled, just the right amount heavy. A really strong track. -8.5/10

So Far Under - Of the 3 singles this one was my least favourite. Of the songs I've heard live from the album that statement still stands. However the track starts off strong it just doesn't click for me but the song isn't bad. - 7.5/10

Never Fade - An outright amazing track. The chorus harmonies are top notch. Killer instrumentally and vocally. - 10/10

All I Am - A strong lengthy track, fluctuating between heavier and lighter. I think this track is a great way to close off a fairly consistent and strong album - 9/10

Overall 84%
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Dehumanizer - Black Sabbath
Format: CD/Digital

Computer God - An eerie beginning with the sound of hammers quickly turns heavy and Sabbath introduces their 3rd and final record with Ronnie James Dio. A brutal track, absolutely monstrous and a hell of a way to open up an album. - 10/10

After All (The Dead) - A dark intro leads into Dio singing about a conversation with the dead. A great mid tempo track, Dio lets loose some nice screams. Tony riffs amazingly. Geezer and Vinny lay down a strong rhythm section. - 9/10

Tv Crimes - Faster paced and heavy, over all a solid rocker, strong riffage. - 9/10

Letters From Earth - Still heavy but more ballad feeling in this track. It maintains the heaviness throughout making the track quite strong overall. - 8.5/10

Master Of Insanity - More commercial than the rest thus far. Overall a strong track. - 8.5/10

Time Machine - Overall a solid track. Dio's vocals seem to have been given at a distance. The band as always puts in great work. -8/10

Sins Of The Father - This song feels like it wants to be Sign of The Southern Cross but the band is resisting at the same time. Overall really well dynamically, just is missing something overall that would make it as epic as Sign. - 8.5/10

Too Late - Eerie introduction with a real nice acoustic guitar sound introduces the longest track on the album, the song gets a little heavier but Dio is being incredibly melodic and the band is really puting on a great performance. This song goes full on epic feeling like what the previous track could of become but in a lighter way. - 9/10

I - Another great heavy rocker. Absolutely monstrous at times. I always have thought this song comes from the midsection of Don't Talk To Strangers. Which makes me like the track more - 9/10

Buried Alive - A drum intro leads into the final track, heavy with some distorted vocals from Ronnie. Overall a strong track closing off the album in style - 8/10

Overall 87%.

Only 1 month behind...
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