365 Albums In One Year

Never mind then, still true that you're reviews are often more in depth. I have found that towards the last 2-3 songs on longer albums my reviews get more critical as the songs begin to blur together
Well get ready for another not-so-in-depth review because...


Album 74/365

Better than The Slim Shady LP certainly, although it also doesn't come close to The Marshall Mathers LP. It has a good deal of filler, but the good tracks are really good, particularly "White America". Good album overall but not really mindblowing.

Rating: 76%

Album 75/365

1. !!!!!!! - hahaha wtf

2. bad guy - Interesting song, it's very simplistic music-wise. Eilish has an interesting voice, not sure if I like it or not but y'know. I like the lyrics, they're pretty good. It's not a mindblowing song and it's very modern and stuff but y'know. Not a big fan of the hip-hop beat that comes in though. 7/10

3. xanny - Man, when she's singing here it really sounds like she's wearing that Invisalign from the first track. I like that vocal effect on the chorus piece. It's pretty cool. Okay, this bridge is pretty awesome. Some pretty emotional stuff follows it and I really like the vocal harmonies on that ending. Those are enough to bring the song up for me. 8/10

4. you should see me in a crown - This hip hop beat is used pretty well, IMO, and the song has a lot of cool musical effects going on that I like. Yeah, as a whole song this one's pretty good. Not quite as good as the great stuff on the previous song but y'know. 8/10

5. all the good girls go to hell - Okay, I'm really digging this song. If I have criticisms it's that I wish she wouldn't be so reliant on those near-whispering vocals and that the song would've had a more complete ending. Other than that, great music and awesome lyrics. 9/10

6. wish you were gay - Okay, this song goes a bit closer with what I was saying about the last song. Her vocals really start to rise up in this song and make the chorus more memorable because of it. It's not quite as good as the previous song, but it's still pretty good. I'm liking it. Also, holy shit, it ends with a clapping effect Poe used on one of her songs. Hmmm. 9/10

7. when the party's over - I just realized that I'm literally older than this girl. Huh. Anyway, this song does a lot of good stuff, but the vocals don't quite knock it out of the park. Not quite as good as the previous two songs. 8/10

8. 8 - It's not bad but there's really nothing much here that blows me away. Good, not great. 7/10

9. my strange addiction - Okay, I'm liking the way she's composed this song. It's pretty great. What isn't so great is... again, the vocals. She doesn't enunciate well enough for me, and that's probably what I like least about her over. But really, it's a pretty good song otherwise. That chorus is lit. 8/10

10. bury a friend - I like the ideas here, it's a pretty boppy song with some dark subject matter, which is cool. It just doesn't really blow me away or anything. 7/10

11. ilomilo - Really nice little song. Nothing more to say about it but I dig it. 8/10

12. listen before i go - A lush, dreamy, yet depressingly gloomy song... I really want to like this song more but again, the vocals are kind of iffy. I like what she's intended, I like where she's going with it, but it doesn't quite reach the level I want it to hit. 7/10

13. i love you - Vocals. Vocal vocals vocals vocals vocals vocals vocals. Vocals - and I cannot stress this enough - vocals. Another good song that could be better if she worked some more on her enunciation. Also the song reminds me a lot of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", and I've never been the biggest fan of that song. 7/10

14. goodbye - Pretty decent ending to a pretty decent album. 7/10

Well @Number 6 I listened to it, and I get what you're saying about the comparisons to Poe. But for me the differences are what separates Eilish from being in the same league of Poe's. Poe is more frontal, more powerful, more commanding, and really sings when she takes hold of the microphone. Eilish meanwhile has ideas that are similar, but the execution is different. She's more gloomy (and at times silly) and really doesn't sound like she wants any part of the spotlight. Again, enunciation is her weakest link. But it's a good album, just not the greatest I've ever heard, and I'll definitely take both Hello and Haunted over this.

Rating: 77%

Viscous - Halestorm
Format: CD/Digital

Black Vultures - Growling vocals and eerie guitar kick off the track before erupting into a great rock track with amazing highs throughout. The song is powerful and a great way to kick off the album... and a concert. - 10/10

Skulls - An odd intro leads into a solid rock track full of some interesting dynamics. Not my favourite song but it is different which makes the song enjoyable in a world where many rock track tropes have been done to death - 8.5/10

Uncomfortable - This track took a long time for me to actually enjoy it. Black Vultures should of been the lead single. But Uncomfortable does do a great job at rocking the verses are fine but the chorus lacks for me, but the song does what it sets out to do. - 8/10

Buzz - A decent track, but it is the 4th unique track in a row. Halestorm has done a good job on this album of switching up the song structures while still staying true to themselves and making a cohesive album. As stated a solid track. - 7.5/10

Do Not Disturb - A song not even veiling the sexual aspect to it, it has grown on me. A strong track fairly commercial but still a strong rock track - 9.5/10

Conflicted - Starting off acoustic, this song doesn't stick for me, but it is a nice change of pace. Overall a forgettable track - 6.5/10

Killing Ourselves To Live - A great rocking intro leads into one of the strongest songs in Halestorms catalog. The anthemic rocker has Lzzy letting loose some wicked vocals and the band kicking ass behind her. The song seems like a heavier Here's to Us which is nothing I'll complain about. - 10/10

Heart Of Novocaine - Another acoustic track, this one is much better than the previous one, but still isn't outright amazing. A solid track with great vocal deliver from Lzzy. - 8/10

Painkiller - A squealing guitar leads into a mid-tempo track that shouldn't be confused with the Judas Priest track. The chorus is ok, but the verses are fairly strong. Overall another solid track - 8/10

White Dress - A really strong anthemic track targetted for the female rockers. Personally I think this track is the one song that shouldn't be removed from the album. Not because it is the best but because the message about not fitting in to the cultural/generational norms but still succeeding is so important in todays ever changing culture. That being said the song is really good. - 9.5/10

Vicious - The title track is next, a play on the saying what doesn't kill you makes you... Another slightly more commercial track, nice groove. Lzzy has some nice high notes on this track. Overall another solid track - 8/10

The Silence - An acoustic closer to the album, Halestorm makes some really strong ballads. This is no exception a sentimental track featuring just Lzzy and an acoustic guitar. A great way to close it all off. - 10/10

Overall 86%
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Holy Diver - Dio
Format: CD/Digital

Stand Up And Shout - The blistering album opener and concert opener kicks off the start of Dio's solo career. Killer guitar work from Vivian. A strong track showing just how powerful of a force Ronnie was without the big names of Blackmore and Iommi. - 9/10

Holy Diver - The lengthy intro is the only downside to this track. But Holy Diver is worth it 100%. Killer riff, Dio's vocals are perfection as always. Great track - 10/10

Gypsy - A nice intro transitions into a solo by Campbell. Not my favourite performance by the band but the talent is there and the work shows. A solid track - 8/10

Caught In The Middle - Another solid track, the song begins by discussing self reflection, nice heavy riffs, stronger than the previous track but still not amazing - 8.5/10

Don't Talk to Strangers - Perfection. The line "Don't Dance In Darkness, You may Stumble and You're Sure to Fall" is absolutely amazingly delivered and the whole song is great. Amazing solo - 10/10

Straight Through The Heart - A drum solo intro kicks off the mid tempo track, the beat for the song is heavy and straight forwards. Chorus is short and sweet. - 8.5/10

Invisible - A calmer track, Dio singing is distorted before the track gets heavier, the band comes in and Dio's distortion is abandoned. A decent track. - 7.5/10

Rainbow In The Dark - The poppy classic tune is instantly recognizable by any hard rock fan. Absolutely monstrous and Dio sings to the heavens. This song always will hold a special place to me and it is an absolutely amazing tune. - 10/10

Shame On The Night - The final track of the album begins with a wolf howling the band begins making the song heavy only to back off when Dio arrives. They soon come back making the track heavy once again. This track has some really nice dynamics, I wish the band was a little higher in the mix but it is a strong track - 8.5/10

Overall 89%
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No Heavy Petting - UFO
Format: CD/Digital

Natural Thing - An aggressive riff from Schenker with some strong lyrics from Mogg, makes this album opener an incredibly well loved one amongst Schenker/UFO fans. A real nice solo in conjunction with this makes it a really strong song. - 9/10

I'm A Loser - An acoustic intro leads into a half electric track, some nice riffs from Schenker and Mogg sings about being a loser. The song calms down following the chorus, a real nice Schenker solo on this track - 8/10

Can You Roll Her - A keyboard intro leads into a quick paced track, Schenker's guitar work is strong as usual and Mogg delivers. A solid track - 8/10

Belladonna - A ballad, Phil songs really well on this track, staying relatively calm throughout so a decent ballad. - 7.5/10

Reasons Love - Picking up speed again, wicked solo by Schenker. The rest of the band puts in a solid effort. - 7.5/10

Highway Lady - Another faster paced track. Doesn't grab me too much but it is still a solid track - 7.5/10

On With The Action - I recognize this intro riff, it seems straight out of Catch the Rainbow by Rainbow. That being said the song that comes from it pulls me in right away a slower track with some decent vocal deliver overall. - 8/10

A Fool In Love - A solid mid paced track, not too much to say the band performs well but it just isn't a killer track - 8/10

Martian Landscape - A keyboard intro leads into Phil singing about the stars. A decent track overall. - 8/10

Overall: 79%
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Album 76/365

1. Oblivion - Ooh, I'm really liking this opening. It's pretty great. Oh wait, we've switched into a bit of a faster piece. There's a lot of cool shades to this song and I definitely like the guitarwork here. But it's also not quite perfect IMO. Pretty good overall though. 8/10

2. Divinations - Oooh, very stylish opening here. It's quite a heavy song. The vocals here aren't the best. The clean ones sound like Phil Collins and Udo Dirkschneider's love child, and the harsh ones sound like that same thing but trying hard to sound growly. But other than that I quite like the song. The solo section is pretty awesome. 8/10

3. Quintessence - Another great opening, and then the vocals come in and shit all over it. Seriously, these sound terrible. WTF is up with that "letting go! letting go!" bit? The music is good throughout but Jesus someone shoot the singer. Yeah, this song sounds like a musical car wreck. I'll stick with the Darkthrone song, this was meh. 3/10

4. The Czar - Yet another great opening. If there's something Mastodon do well, it's dragging you into their music. But keeping you there is another matter. The vocals here are again... bleh. God, this really sucks. If they could get a better singer then these songs could be amazing. Fuck. At one part it sounds like he's both fainting and orgasming at the same time. Okay, the guy who picks up the singing next is better, but the first asshat comes in again soon thereafter. Music-wise, there are some cool bits. Sounds like Death at times. There's some cool stuff in the middle here that build back up and... the guy's still singing. Jesus. He's only slightly better here, but man, I really don't like his voice. Kudos do a cool-ass solo though. Fuck those vocals here really suck. It's like... there's a lot of good stuff here, but there's so much shit that out to be cut-out that I really can't like this song. 5/10

5. Ghost Of Karelia - Another cool opening, I love that drum intro. Thankfully the vocals here are a bit better than on the previous two songs. Some of them actually sound like Adrian Smith (although not as good as his). Again, the music is pretty good. Not a terribly outstanding song but it's pretty good. 7/10

6. Crack The Skye - Hey, would you look at that... another good opening. The Lamb Of God-esque harsh vocals aren't bad at all, they're pretty cool honestly. The clean ones are better than literally every other vocal performance on this album yet. I hear that this is an homage to Dailor's sister who committed suicide, and it's pretty well done. Certainly the best song on here so far. Doesn't quite do enough for me to give it top marks, but I can round up my rating because it's really quite good. 9/10

7. The Last Baron - Look at that, another good op-- fuck, those vocals are back. Someone fucking shoot me, do I have to endure him for 13 minutes?? Again, the music is quite nice, but I can't bear those fuckignaolgh;tao4uwtha;orgha;wugh vocals. Let's see, should I go above average because the music is decent? No. Fuck it. I'm going two slots below because it goes on for far longer than it should and by the end I just wanna die. Fucking fuck this fucking band. 3/10

@Collin you can have Crack The Skye and you can keep it. @Night Prowler if you literally think that these quacks are better vocalists than Robert Plant, then you really need your head examined. The good songs on here are good, but fuck, the shit ones are really fucking shit. God. This album honestly pisses me off. Jesus fucking Christ.

Rating: 61%

Album 77/365

1. Ace Of Spades - The immortal classic, arguably one of the finest songs in metal's illustrious canon. It doesn't quite blow me away, but the band really is on fire throughout from the opening the ending. Pretty great song. 9/10

2. Love Me Like A Reptile - I used to like this one a lot because of the chorus melody, but at this point I'm really not fussed about it as much. It's a good song, but like with most of the band's stuff, I'm just not a big fan of it. 7/10

3. Shoot You In The Back - Eh. 5/10

4. Live To Win - Eh. 5/10

5. Fast And Loose - Eh. 3/10

6. (We Are) The Roadcrew - A Motorhead classic, and while it doesn't blow me away, I think it's kinda good at the same time. 7/10

7. Fire Fire - Eh. 4/10

8. Jailbait - Eh. 4/10

9. Dance - Eh. 3/10

10. Bite The Bullet - Short but sweet enough to get above average. 6/10

11. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch - The driving beat is good enough to bring it up to above average. 6/10

12. The Hammer - What is this, just a reinvention of "Ace Of Spades"? Well, it does it well enough I guess. It is one of the best songs on the album. 7/10

Spotty. Very spotty. Definitely don't think I'm a Motorhead fan, like, at all. Lemmy is eh and really there's nothing that'll drive me back to listen to this record again.

Rating: 55%
Like if you looked at the lyrics while listening to the song, you could probably understand Brent.
Like if you looked at the lyrics while listening to the song, you could probably understand Brent.
That's a different subject completely. I don't mind not understanding a vocalist so long as they don't sound like shit. Brent sounds like shit. Leviathan is definitely better even if those vocals have some Mudvayne crap going on.