365 Albums In One Year

I love “Holy Wars...” but I think it may be a bit overrated. Certainly not the best thrash, Megadeth, or Rust In Peace song, but anything less than a... 9/10 is certainly bullshit.

Virgin Killer - Scorpions [Alternative Cover]
Format: Vinyl

Pictured Life - Kicking off the German Metal legends 4th album is a catchy song. Solid riffage from Uli and Klaus has some nice dynamics in his vocals here. A strong start to the album. - 8.5/10

Catch Your Train - The roaring Catch Your Train follows up the opener, Klaus has some nice screaming style vocals. Introduced by a killer solo by Roth this song doesn't lose momentum. Having heard it live twice I can say this song doesn't lose any energy in a live setting even 40 years later; shows hints of what they will become in the future but Klaus won't ever be screaming quite like this again... 10/10

In Your Park - Slowing down from the previous tracks, a weeping guitar solos before Klaus comes in, a ballad with a slightly more upbeat chorus, the band's backing vocals add to the song throughout. Roth has some nice solos in this track, a theme from his albums - 7.5/10

Backstage Queen - Picking the pace up again, a fun song about a backstage lover from touring the world. The band is really tight on this track, and for the Tokyo Tapes Live album the version is heavier than the studio album. Roth's solo is memorizing on the album. Catchy. -9/10

Virgin Killer - The title track closes off side 1, a wicked riff from Roth introduces it, Klaus screams on this track once again, it doesn't work quite as well as id did on Catch Your Train but the song still rocks, screaming solo. - 8.5/10

Hell-Cat - An interesting riff introduces the 2nd half of the album, this song is meant to be fun and has a lot of going for it... The Roth begins singing, the band plays really well. But his singing really doesn't make sense when you have Klaus Meine who could kill this track. Not Roth's worst singing... - 7.5/10

Crying Days - A majestic crying guitar introduces the next track, Klaus once more sings a mini epic of sorts, not a proper ballad featuring great guitarwork, solid vocal harmonies and Klaus singing as only he can. Only downside is it gets somewhat repetitive towards the end. -9.5/10

Polar Nights - The sound of winds with the band slowly coming in kicks off the next track. This song has amazing guitar work Roth kills it and then he starts singing again... I really want to know what this track could have become if Klaus had sung it, the perfect vehicle for live experimentation. Roth's vocals on Hell Cat were tolerable but here I cannot warrant anything higher despite the amazing guitar work - 7.5/10

Yellow Raven - The sounds of the tide and birds chirping introduces the final song of the album, the fairly subdued Yellow Raven. This ballad doesn't connect with me but the performance by the entire and is strong - 8/10

Overall 84%
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Indeed. Scorps had so controversial album covers. Seeing as I've watched the Dirt and acquired 4/5 of the original run on Vinyl I guess I should get a Crue review done.


Shout At The Devil - Motley Crue
Format: Vinyl

In The Beginning/Shout At The Devil - A haunting intro leads into the classic Crue track, mid tempo and screaming for crowd participation, this song is destined for crowd pumping overall a decent track the intro being merged helps it out. - 8/10

Looks That Kill - The second track picks up the pace with another classic track, amazing beat to this track, Mars guitar solos are my favourite part of most Crue songs, this song isn't an exception but the song as a whole is really strong. - 9/10

Bastard - A faster paced song introduced by Tommy's drums and Mars growling guitar, nice guitar solo, another song that screams crowd energy. Although I have a slight suspicion this song didn't get any airplay... 8/10

God Bless The Children of The Beast - An instrumental track beginning with some nice acoustic work before getting heavier. A nice short transition track, it also serves as a decent transition into the next track - 8/10

Helter Skelter - The beatles cover closes off side 1, I don't actually recall hearing the Beatles track. Overall a decent track -7/10

Red Hot - Tommy's drums introduce side 2, Mars guitar falls down from above. The song keeps getting faster until Vince comes in. A nice short fast paced track. -8/10

Too Young To Fall In Love - Nice riffs from Mars introduce the track. Slower but still upbeat, a solid track and a decent single. - 7.5/10

Knock Em Dead Kid - Another midpaced track, call and answer throughout, the beat on this track is another good one. The song picks up a little bit in the mid section but overall the song isn't very exciting - 7/10

Ten Seconds to Love - Slightly better than the previous song, but not amazing. -7/10

Danger - The final song begins with the same guitar style intro as God Bless... Slower than the other tracks Vince puts in some good work at the start of the track, the groove has returned. Overall a solid track and a nice change from the rest of the album -8/10

Overall 78%



Pyromania - Def Leppard
Format: Vinyl

Rock Rock (Til You Drop) - A slower intro quickly is replaced by some driving guitar work and Joe singing over it all; Nice solo Def Lep is tight on this track and throughout the album, an inclining of what is to come on Hysteria is heard here. And it really works - 9/10

Photograph - The incredibly recognizable intro riff kicks off the bands confession about loving Marilyn, this track is staple for a reason, killer chorus. The solo also is amazing on this track. - 10/10

Stagefright - Beginning with a live show recording transitioning into a fast paced riff and some raspy vocals from Joe. The band lightens up in the chorus but the song as a whole still is a testament to how Def Leppard can rock whilst still being accessible to all - 9/10

Too Late For Love - The band slows down for an atmospheric introduction before transitioning into a mid paced track and getting heavier. Joe has some nice screams in this track. I'd love to hear it live. -8/10

Die Hard The Hunter - The longest song kicks off with sounds of war, helicopters and guns firing. The song starts slow before picking up the pace a little bit. Heavier than the earlier tracks on the album. Nice solos from Clarke on this track. - 8.5/10

Foolin' - My favourite track on the album, the slow opening before letting out the scream is a nice touch. This song has all the Def Leppard tropes but done perfectly. - 10/10

Rock Of Ages - Another Def Lep classic, the song has a musican named after it and it is deserving some nice work on this track. - 9.5/10

Coming Under Fire - A solid deep cut from the band, no song thus far has really dropped in quality from any of the others another strong solid track - 8/10

Action! Not Words - The first song I'd define as filler, but that being said it still is a decent song. - 7/10

Billys got a Gun - The album closes off with probably the heaviest track on it, starting off with a heavier riff before backing up as Joe begins to sing. The album closes out on a strong note. -8/10

Overall 87%
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Double Vision - Foreigner
Format: Vinyl

Hot Blooded - The mid paced rocker kicks off the 2nd album. Having seen the current line up live, I can say that this song is a strong live song but I feel like Lou's vocals do it more justice than Kelly's. Hearing the original studio version make me understand why it is such a hit. -9/10

Blue Morning, Blue Day - A nice mid tempo track, Lou puts in strong vocals as always, this song just works so well. -9/10

You're All I Am - Slowing right down for a piano ballad, the song doesn't pull me in but the band does some admirable work on this track. -7.5/10

Back To Where You Belong - Mick takes vocals on this track, nice synth work on this track, the song begins to pick up the pace a little bit, acoustic and upbeat. -8/10

Love Has Taken Its Toll - Lou comes back for the side closer, upbeat a nice pleasent way to end the first half. -8/10

Double Vision - The title track kicks off side 2, hard rockin for the verses with a calmer chorus. A great track - 9/10

Tramontane - An instrumental track, a solid one, could be a cool vehicle for soloing. - 7.5/10

I Have Waited So Long - Mick once again takes on lead vocals on this track, another slower more acoustic track, overall a solid track with some really nice vocals from Mick - 8/10

Lonely Children - Getting slightly heavier Lou comes back into the spotlight. A solid track over all, little heavier than normal foreigner which was nice. -8/10

Spellbinder - Starting off slower this song is fairly dynamic, alternating between harder loud chorus' with calmer segues inbetween the verses. Another strong track on a fairly strong album. 8/10

Overall 82%
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Since I've finished my classes for the semester I figured i'd treat myself and relisten to the album with my favourite guitar tone.


Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden
Format: Vinyl

Caught Somewhere In Time - The guitar tone of the intro is unreal, the opening verse is one of my favourite lyrical passages ever. The speed and the mastery of this track is fantastic. Sometimes the chorus gets a little old but the song is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. - 10/10

Wasted Year - My favourite Maiden song, and tied for my favourite song of all time so there is little I can say negatively about this track. Killer vocals, empowering and who can knock that riff. This song hooked me on Maiden and it has never let go; It isn't often a non-ballad can give me chills but the chorus of wasted years does this... - 10/10

Sea of Madness - An incredibly fast paced opening riff kicks off the 3rd track of the album. Bruce's soaring sky high vocals soon enter. Not quite on par with the first two tracks but Sea of Madness is still a song which would kick ass on nearly any album it is placed in, that solo... - 9/10

Heaven Can Wait - Side 1 closes off with the speedy Heaven Can Wait, this song I used to despise, but it has grown on me and now I can recognize it as a strong song on an album filled with amazing tracks. I'm amazed at how fast Bruce is singing this track, the Take my hand portion of the track is really well delivered and reminds me of something off SSOASS - 8.5/10

The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner - A slower introduction leads into another faster paced track with Bruce singing more drawn out but still fast like Heaven can wait. A solid track. -8/10

Stranger In A Strange Land - Another absolute masterpiece, a killer track. Wicked solo, great lyrics and the band performs at the top of their game. Oh and the prechorus is amazing - 10/10

Deja Vu - The beautiful guitar tone continues, seriously why don't more bands have this tone in the studio... the track picks up and is another stronger track. -8.5/10

Alexander The Great - The album closes with another masterpiece track not quite on par with the other 3 but it is a fantastic track - 9.5/10

Overall 93%
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Had to pick something that had a chance against SIT...


Appetite For Destruction - Guns N Roses
Format: Vinyl

Welcome To The Jungle - The absolute classic monstrous opener kicks off the album, Axl delivers some killer vocals on this track and Slash produces a real nice clean solo. The song isn't my absolute favourite Guns track but it is a killer one nonetheless. - 9/10

It's So Easy - The bass intro to this track rocks, kicking into high gear once more Guns deliver a full on rock track which hides nothing about the rock and roll lifestyle. Another killer opening track when preformed live. - 10/10

Nightrain - The band's ode to their favourite wine, another aggressive rock track, Izzy, Duff and Steven form such a great rhythm section with Slash and Axl elevating the song with the other 3 to obscene levels of greatness. Really strong solo on this one. - 9.5/10

Out Ta Get Me - A killer riff clearly indicates that Guns aren't slowing down as they launch into their 4th track. Slash begins soloing off the bat, an aggressive track about being stereotyped continues on the killer high notes and great instrumental work from the previous tracks. - 10/10

Mr. Brownstone - Steven introduces this track making each member aside from Axl having a chance to introduce a track thus far. A nice riff soon joins in the song has a less aggressive feel to it a nice groove. -9/10

Paradise City - The weakest song on side 1, but still a killer track. Paradise City is the overplayed Guns track for me. Instantly recognizable and overall a fun track I just don't think it quite lives up to the rest of side 1. - 8.5/10

My Michelle - A fast paced rocker kicks off side 2, this side of the album pertains to woman and sexual topics verses the drugs and violence from the previous side. Nice work overall a great song - 9.5/10

Think About You - I absolutely love this track, it is a great deep cut from the album. Fast paced, kind lyrics by GNR's standards. Catchy and effective - 10/10

Sweet Child O Mine - The instantly recognizable guitar riff opens the classic tune. This song deserves every bit of airtime it has ever received. The tone of Slash's guitar is wonderful and the track is the closest thing to a ballad you'll get on this album. Another amazing track by a young band on fire. I sometimes feel the where do we go now part is a little disjointed but the song still kicks ass. - 10/10

You're Crazy - Incredibly fast paced, high vocals and strong backing from the band. A song which fluctuates in how much I enjoy it greatly depending on my mood, regardless I think the song is a relatively strong track which is completely overshadowed by the sheer brilliance of 10/11 of the other songs on the album. - 8.5/10

Anything Goes - I hate this track, it has its moments but I despise it everytime I listen to it. I wish Shadow of Your Love had replaced it on the album. I can't even put into words what I dislike about this song, but I can say the solo is fairly good. - 6/10

Rocket Queen - An absolute monster of a track, two distinct parts with a solo/sexual section in the middle. This track is the quintessential guns track to me. Absolutely killer work by every member of the band. Few bands release songs as great as Rocket Queen. - 10/10

Overall 92%
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Album 73/365

Not as good as the follow-up. The songs aren’t all bad but there’s way too much filler.

Rating: 69%

Force It - UFO
Format: CD/Digital

Let It Roll - A fast paced rocker, Killer guitar work from Schenker, Phil delivers the vocals really well. A fun track with some nice work, the solo isn't godly but it is really well done by Schenker - 9/10

Shoot Shoot - The classic show closer. Shoot Shoot is a fun catchy track with some great riff-age and vocals by the band. UFO is so underappreciated and this song kicks ass - 10/10

High Flyer - A calm guitar intro leads into a calm track. Phil's voice really lends to the calm more psychedelic feel of this track. Schenker's guitar tone is amazing. Making this rather calm track into a great example of how much Talent UFO had. - 9/10

Love Lost Love - The intro riff on this track kicks ass, Phil comes in with the rest of the band delivering nicely paced vocals. The intro riff reappears throughout the track and Phil and co deliver a really strong song. The harmony vocals in the chorus are weak which is the only thing keeping this track from a 10/10 - 9.5/10

Out In The Street - Piano intro leads into one of UFO's mini epics, the majestic Out In The Streets, dynamic alternating from Phil singing alone with piano to the band coming in throughout. A strong track closes off an incredibly strong side 1. - 9/10

Mother Mary - Side 2 kicks off with the mighty Mother Mary, a killer riff, Schenker rules on this track solos left and right. Phil delivers some killer vocals. The only issue is this song repeats itself completely. However that isn't enough to drop it. A perfect vehicle for soloing - 10/10

Too Much Of Nothing - A heavy intro starts off the next track, this track is the first one i would deem as a filler track but even then it is an overall decent track. Just not on par with what has come before - 7/10

Dance Your Life Away - Another decent track. The band just doesn't feel into this track, the solo is really nice which helps this song but it doesn't save it from only being decent - 7.5/10

This Kids (Between The Walls) - A heavier track, and the longest on the album. A decent track which is clearly one of Schenker's soloing vehicles when preformed in a live setting. Overall not amazing but it has its moments. - 7.5/10

Overall 87%
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News Of the World - Queen
Format: Vinyl

We Will Rock You - The classic crowd participation track. Brian's solo is really well done on this track. Overall it is a classic for a reason - 9/10

We Are The Champions - The anthemic show closer completed the 1-2 punch of the two back to back classic tracks. Not much you can say about this track it is incredibly uplifting. - 9/10

Sheer Heart Attack - The title track to their third album is follows up the two classic tracks, incredibly fast, some really high vocals on this one, Roger puts in his work. Overall a nice song but not much else happening - 8/10

All Dead All Dead - Brian takes vocals on this piano ballad, a decent track but nothing special - 7/10

Spread Your Wings - An absolute monstrous power ballad. Freddie delivers an incredibly find vocal performance here and this song soars. - 10/10

Fight From The Inside - Roger comes back for vocals on the side 1 closer. A weird song, with a decent beat. - 7/10

Get Down Make Love - An odd intro leads into a pure Queen song, all the eclectic aspects of this song jive super well. A fun track and strong track - 8.5/10

Sleeping On The Sidewalk - Brian comes back into the vocals for this track, it is a nice calmer track with some nice vocals overall - 8/10

Who Needs You - A pleasant filler track nothing much to say here - 7/10

It's Late - The longest track on the album, begins with some nice guitar work from May and Freddie singing; The song soon begins to form into an epic track with killer dynamics. A song about a love affair coming to an end. Overall a solid track - 8.5/10

My Melancholy Blues - A track lacking guitar. Freddie sings quite passionately overall the song is a nice way to close off the album but it really doesn't stand out that much - 7.5/10

Overall: 81%
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