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Ancient Marinade
You mean a version of the VXI art without the sportsing? I'd love to see that, it might be a legitimately good artwork. TXF I loved when the album came out I was 15 when it dropped and it hit the right notes of my sensibilities. Now when I look at it, it just seems a bit too grim/tryhard to me. Still a very cool piece in theory and I like how it had a double cover. The vinyl remaster is super cool because it's shiny and big and pretty and I've always loved the insert pics of brains and such on the inside.


Not sure this opinion is super controversial, though it's likely fairly unique: I think Book of Souls is every bit as good as Powerslave and may very well be Maiden's best album out of all of the albums done by Maiden where Maiden recorded Iron Maiden songs that they wrote.
I wouldn't say controversial. Not to me anyhow. The Book Of Souls is the first Maiden cd to muscle it's way into my top 5-6* since 7th Son.

* those top 5-6 are not in any permanent order, they just all never leave the top of my list


My favorite Iron Maiden album, and also the one I think is their best, is Number of the Beast. My other favorites (not necessarily the BEST, whatever that means) would be Somewhere in Time, Fear of the Dark, and Dance of Death. But there is great stuff on all the Maiden albums, those are just the ones I've listened to the most.

My all-time favorite songs would be:

Children of the Damned
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Caught Somewhere in Time
The Evil That Men Do
Fear of the Dark
Como Estais Amigo
Out of the Shadows
The Talisman
Empire of the Clouds

And there's LOTS of Bruce Dickinson solo stuff I LOVE, such as Tears of the Dragon, Silver Wings, almost everything on Accident of Birth, etc.etc.

I've been doing a bunch of karaoke covers of Iron Maiden and Dickinson stuff lately, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good venue to post that sort of karaoke recording. I am currently on Singsnap, but there don't seem to be any Iron Maiden fans there (in some cases, I'm the only person that has even done a cover of a given Maiden song!). Red Karaoke was hotter, they had more heavy metal, but they just folded.

I am also going to be uploading a bunch of karaoke backing tracks onto Singsnap, for songs they don't already have (such as Tears of the Dragon, Children of the Damned, etc).

But I was thinking that this fan site might be a great place for members (who sing) to post the addresses for their recordings, as in a separate thread devoted to that subject. Seems to me it might generate a lot more traffic and discussion!

Below is a sampling of my stuff.

Run to the Hills:
Hallowed Be Thy Name:
The Trooper:
Wasted Years:
Fear of the Dark:
Como Estais Amigo:
The Wicker Man: