Your Maiden blasphemy


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I'll be honest with you and myself above all…

I don't like the way Nicko's drumming since 1992 and I hate the sound of his drums in Fear of the dark and since then,
I don't like Steve production in 90's and Kevin Shirleys.
I think Virtual XI was a fake design packaging…all that football players…WTF?
I hate Janick Dance but just the 'killing ants' dance, I love how he throws guitar playing with Eddie and everything else.
i hate the long gaps between studio albums, 1980-1989 , 8 studio albums. 1990-1999, 4 albums. 2000-2009, 3 albums. 2010-2019, 2 albums by now. come on guys, don't be lazy


I’m not a fish, I’m a man
For you, Weasel, a little poem to ponder over yonder and celebrate your musical tastes or wastes
And for you, Mr. Silver, to the tune of Bruce Dickinson’s “Silver Wings”:

Sounds of @Magnus fired up
and they’re spoiling for a fight
1000 “buddies” ready
You’re their target for tonight

Di’anno is their deity
but we all know the score
We know that Bruce can kick his ass
when wailing at the fore

Now the insults rhyme
as they make their posts
Say goodbye as your ego roasts

Tonight @John Silver zings
as he coarsely tells you
Broose Goose is a stooge
@John Silver zings
Rhyming till Di’anno dies...


Ancient Mariner
I think the only really blasphemic part of that post is not liking Nicko's drumming since the NPFTD.
I don't think it's that blasphemous. He's definitely altered his approach since then a fair bit, partly because of the music changing in style and partly because (as he said) he's consciously tried to let the music breathe more. It makes sense others would like it and some would not.

Hell I'll even admit that I can't really come up with any particular standouts of Nicko's drumming in the albums since, song-wise. Standout moments, sure, but not whole songs like Where Eagles Dare, Seventh Son or Caught Somewhere in Time.


Out of the Silent Planet
Listening to it now for a first time ever because of your post. Don't think I've missed much but thanks anyway.
''Silver Wings'' is a phenOmenal song. Essential Bruce solo song. Amazing chorus!

Aces High Part 2 ...
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Bruce Dickinson is the king of hooks. "Silver Wings" has a fucking fantastic hook. In that regard, it's typical Bruce, I agree.