Your Maiden blasphemy


Ancient Mariner
I'll be honest with you and myself above all…

I don't like the way Nicko's drumming since 1992 and I hate the sound of his drums in Fear of the dark and since then,
I don't like Steve production in 90's and Kevin Shirleys.
I think Virtual XI was a fake design packaging…all that football players…WTF?
I hate Janick Dance but just the 'killing ants' dance, I love how he throws guitar playing with Eddie and everything else.
i hate the long gaps between studio albums, 1980-1989 , 8 studio albums. 1990-1999, 4 albums. 2000-2009, 3 albums. 2010-2019, 2 albums by now. come on guys, don't be lazy


Cannibal Of Rust
For you, Weasel, a little poem to ponder over yonder and celebrate your musical tastes or wastes
And for you, Mr. Silver, to the tune of Bruce Dickinson’s “Silver Wings”:

Sounds of @Magnus fired up
and they’re spoiling for a fight
1000 “buddies” ready
You’re their target for tonight

Di’anno is their deity
but we all know the score
We know that Bruce can kick his ass
when wailing at the fore

Now the insults rhyme
as they make their posts
Say goodbye as your ego roasts

Tonight @John Silver zings
as he coarsely tells you
Broose Goose is a stooge
@John Silver zings
Rhyming till Di’anno dies...


Ancient Mariner
I think the only really blasphemic part of that post is not liking Nicko's drumming since the NPFTD.
I don't think it's that blasphemous. He's definitely altered his approach since then a fair bit, partly because of the music changing in style and partly because (as he said) he's consciously tried to let the music breathe more. It makes sense others would like it and some would not.

Hell I'll even admit that I can't really come up with any particular standouts of Nicko's drumming in the albums since, song-wise. Standout moments, sure, but not whole songs like Where Eagles Dare, Seventh Son or Caught Somewhere in Time.


Out of the Silent Planet
Listening to it now for a first time ever because of your post. Don't think I've missed much but thanks anyway.
''Silver Wings'' is a phenOmenal song. Essential Bruce solo song. Amazing chorus!

Aces High Part 2 ...
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Bruce Dickinson is the king of hooks. "Silver Wings" has a fucking fantastic hook. In that regard, it's typical Bruce, I agree.


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I find it the only decent song on TFF :facepalm:
In fact, with Nomad disqualified for blatant plagiarism, there are three songs from the reunion era that I don't find too annoying - For the Greater Good of God, Mother of Mercy, and The Great Unknown.
Ditto (but in a much shorter time) the Blaze era, with Sign of the Cross, The Clansman, and Judgement Day - even though the latter shamelessly recycles Be Quick Or Be Dead, and neither actually benefits from Bleating Blaze's assays.
The two uninspired 90's albums with Brucie (which I heartily dislike), on the other hand, have twice as many tracks that are at least listenable, with one of them (Fear of the Dark) being the last really great Maiden song, and another (Judas Be My Guide) being almost there.
Oh, and The Assassin, apart from its idiotic lyrics, is easily the best on NPFTD, with Fates Warning a close second.

Blasphemy message ends.


What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
Yeah. I can't see how Ghost of the Navigator and Rainmaker, for example, are more annoying than those two.


Ancient Mariner
Wow, okay Magnus, I see how it is. :(
I might have said that before, Diesel, apologies if I'm repeating myself, I honestly really wished I could relate to the post-80s material the way you guys do, and I know it's entirely my loss. But most of it still bores me to tears.

How do you not find the obvious vocal straining on both Mother of Mercy and The Great Unknown annoying?
Dunno really. I do hear it, but it's somehow less annoying than the bloated songs going nowhere, poorly constructed from totally different ideas and recycled fragments, lacking the easy flow that Maiden had earlier.


Ancient Mariner
Yep... It's a matter of taste. IMO I largely prefer what they've done since Dance Of Death to the 90's material. The only exception out of that streak (Brave New World included) is The X Factor. And yes... I also think Blaze does a "meh" performance on both records and that alone says a lot about how much I love that record (and yes... Judgement Day should be included and its opening riff resembles a lot BQOBD). I said before and I'll repeat it: IMO it was the album that made Maiden sound like Maiden again after Fear Of The Dark's ugly features and lack of consistency. Virtual XI is a poor record. As for the other two, NPFTD is really nice and solid (except Hooks In You) though it it lacks some of that epic flavour and high points (I also love Fates Warning) while BNW is the complete opposite: the songs are either great or an utter confusion. And yes FOTD has its gems... Judas Be My Guide is a cool song and so is Childhood's End. For me BQOBD and ATSS are both the only two real top tiers here. FOTD although being considered a classic I would only rank it as a good song. I can easily point you 15 songs post BNW that rank higher than it (once again I must stress it's all a matter of opinion):
  1. No More Lies
  2. Montsegur*
  3. Paschendale
  4. Face In The Sand*
  5. These Colors Don't Run
  6. Brighter Than A 1000 Suns
  7. Benjamin Breeg
  8. For The Greater Good Of God*
  9. Isle Of Avalon
  10. The Legacy
  11. The Talisman
  12. When The Wild Wind Blows*
  13. The Red And The Black
  14. The Book Of Souls*
  15. Empire Of The Clouds
* songs marked are actualy among my top 25 Maiden songs ever

That being said, I still reckon the stretch between Piece Of Mind and 7th Son is simply their best along with Killers, while their debut and TNOTB are also excellent records. Hey... all these 7 albums are among the top 10 in the majority of Maiden fans' rankings for a reason.

But I think I understand your estrangement regarding the post reunion material. Fortunately I don't share it.