Your Maiden blasphemy

Black Wizard

Cereal Litigator
“The Apparition” is crucified on MaidenFans but almost everywhere else I see TAATG cited as the band’s absolute worst.
I think 'The Angel and the Gambler' is seen as an easy target and a bit of a joke by the music press. It's on the weaker of the Blaze-era albums, neither of which were well received at the time, and it's an overblown repetitive cheese-fest. I find it far more enjoyable than many of the songs on 'No Prayer for the Dying' and 'Fear of the Dark' though and I think the worst moments from those albums get a pass as they still have Bruce singing. Anything on 'Virtual XI' will get a disproportionate amount of criticism because of who the singer was.


Let's Get Volatile
Lightning Strikes Twice has some decent stuff going for it, most of my problems with it come from the piss-poor production and cut-and-pasted sound of the guitar melodies. Calling it one of the "better" tracks on the album isn't saying much, but I'd put it among them.