Your Maiden blasphemy

au contraire - SIASL is nobody else's favorite Maiden song (rarely in anyone's top 10) and fans seem to prefer H over Dave by nearly a 3-1 margin

Thus, there's a degree of blasphemy in both statements.

not to mention that which is perhaps the greatest blasphemy I can imagine ... I count Piece of Mind and Seventh Son as the two weakest 1980's Maiden albums, and neither ranks within my Top 10 Maiden albums of all time list.


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No, not enough, watch this:

The Number of the Beast song is - and I don't say this lightly - worse than 100 September 11ths.

Adrian Smith is mostly on the level of your above-average, proficient bluesman, not much more.

Bruce's lyrics are some of the most over-confident, pretentious shit I've ever heard in metal. "Look at me! I'm a writer! ...sort of..."
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Number of the Beast is an absolutely classic metal album, and no where near the top of Maiden albums at the same time. I prefer every album after Beast except NPFTD, FOTF, and VXI.
I prefer the albums that come before Beast and after Beast except FOTD, VXI, BNW and DOD.
Yes, I like NPFTD more than Beast atm. Should I look for help?