What Iron Maiden song you heard first?


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Wow. Rock radio in London is way cooler than any rock radio I've ever heard in the States. Even though I dislike that song, it'd be cool to hear a song on the radio that wasn't Run to the Hills.
I also heard Starblind (meh) and Pashendale :)turd:) and Judas Be My Guide.


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I also heard Starblind (meh)

and Pashendale :)turd:)


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It's okay. The overwhelming opinion of the forum is that Stardust's opinions are wrong.


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That's cool Stardust, the only Iron Maiden song I hear on my radio station is Flight of Icarus. But Run Silent Run Deep, that's an odd choice.


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I used to listen to a local station that played Cross Eyed Mary all the time.


Not even Wensleydale?
Erm, let's say I do. :innocent:

I just finished watching it myself a couple of hours ago. ;) I still love it! <3

About radio, commercial radio never plays metal... even when Bring Your Daughter was at number one for 2 weeks, mainstream radio stations wouldn't touch it! Tom Russell's rock show on Clyde 1 FM was awesome, but it was on at midnight till 2am, so even when you did get decent metal on radio, it was always on at an ungodly hour. But it was awesome, everything from Rush to Carcass was played on that show. :)
The first song I heard I think was Run to the Hills, but when I heard the first riff from Phantom of the Opera (E-E-E-G-E-E) I instantly became a Maiden maniac.
I guess Aces High. My older brother used to play a lot of music, so I must've heard some others before, unknowingly.

The song that really got me hooked was Powerslave, though. No going back after hearing that:rocker:


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When The Wild Wind Blows, I saw someone post a YouTube link to it on Facebook back in mid 2011, and I was curious about the song as I knew the title had something to do with the impending nuclear apocalypse, so I was intrigued and I listened to it.

My god, I loved it, it was one of the best things I had ever heard. It was the song that got me hooked on Maiden and metal in general. Thank god for the random person on Facebook!

Who said social networking was good for nothing? ;)


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Well, it was either Be Quick or Be Dead from A Real Live One or The Number of The Beast from A Real Dead One....these were the first albums I heard by Maiden in like 93/94 and by one week apart or so and I honestly can't remember which one of them I heard first.


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A mate from school lent me Live After Death on cassette (it was a long time ago). I played it once on my Walkman, and it all sounded like noise. Brilliant, amazing noise. Second time round I picked out the chorus to Wrathchild, and I was hooked for life.

So, first song was Aces High.


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It was The Trooper, and I actually didn't care for it much at first, considering I was more of a thrash metal guy at the time. 2 Minutes To Midnight got me into the band though at a later point, and then I discovered Powerslave. The rest is history.

And I love The Trooper now, in case you're wondering.


I think it was either Be Quick Or Be Dead / Aces High back in 1998 when a very controversial and graphic game on the PC called Carmageddon II was released (Some of you will remember it!) and Iron Maiden was the main score on the game's soundtrack (Be Quick Or Be Dead, Aces High, The Trooper & Man On The Edge) - but I'm sure that Be Quick was the opening track on the very first level :) That's what started my love for Maiden lol.

Though it wasn't until 2003 when Maiden released the Wildest Dreams single that I properly got into them, I purchased Dance Of Death not long after it was released and it all went on from there :)

"The Number Of The Beast", totally blew me away, I wanted to get into Maiden and grabbed one of their compilation albums and that was the first song off of the album, this was back in early 2001


"Flight of Icarus," on a radio ad for their upcoming local stop on the Piece of Mind tour. I think I'd seen the album in record-store bins; I got it not long afterward. I was 13.

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If I remember clearly, it was 2 Minutes to Midnight back when I was five years old and I also remember hearing Can I Play With Madness when I was nine. I did not pay attention to metal much until I was fourteen and my first Maiden video was From Here to Eternety and shortly after I heard The Number of the Beast in my friend's car a year later in 1994. I was more of a Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne fan and anything related to Black Sabbath back in those days. I had the Killers album and I listened to it a few times but my attention was still on Black Sabbath and Ozzy. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner was the song that got me into Iron Maiden in February of 1996. My friend gave me a copy of Somewhere In Time with the cassette cover before I moved to Lowell, Massachusetts in late January of 1996. I have it a listen a couple of weeks later when I had a bad cold and I was looking at the Somewhere In Time album cover art. The first song I heard was The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and I was awestruck! I couldn't stop listening to Somewhere In Time and I began to buy all of Maiden's albums (actually cassettes) in the following months.

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1982, Run to the Hills on the local news as Maiden were playing live soon and they used to do a 'what's on' guide.

Never looked back since!