What guitar do you play?


I don't care
Nothing special - Squier PJ-B Classic Vibe in placid blue with some small modifications and (soon) spb-4. I'm planning some other changes because I'm not 100% happy with it (don't know why but I prefer my old Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass finish). And it sounds good while playing with a pick so that's something.


Let's Get Volatile
Got my Chapman ML3 (the Tele-style) in the post today. First impressions are... alright. It looks great, feels great, sounds... less great. Pickups are a bit harsh and thin sounding and the coil-tapping barely makes a difference, only noticeable by the increased noise. Have to do a bit more playing around before I decide on swapping the pickups, it's going to be my Eb guitar so it could be that the sound works better with that tuning.


Ancient Mariner
My Adrian Smith SDX has become my main guitar. With a D-tuna, I can play the whole set with it. Took a lot of setting up, but it's finally where I want it to be...

Maybe the green SDX will follow soon as a backup and same setup, except I'll probably try a JB instead of Super Distortion.


Let's Get Volatile
Sold my RG on eBay and got it sent off today. Been with me for eight years, now she's gone. Sad.

In other news, I'm really liking the Chapman. Can't fault the build quality, she plays wonderfully and feels great, nice and lightweight with a really smooth, comfortable neck, good upper fret access and vibrato is crazy easy. There is a little neck-dive, but not so much that you feel you're constantly fighting it. Definitely going to swap out the pickups too, got a decent sound out of them with a bit of amplifier knob fiddling but they're still not cutting it for me. Currently eyeing up some DiMarzio Dominions, they sound just the ticket.