Speed of Light - Official Music Video Thread


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It's BFG. It can blow stuff. And dinos.

I really think this song is fantastic, I'm more hyped than ever for the new album now, Bruce'Ones vocals are out of this world and I loved the solo.

Something I was wondering though, do you think the video was inspired by the Maiden artwork at Comiccon that was posted a while back?

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I was immediately reminded of that artwork. I almost felt that the artwork was designed knowing the subject matter/setting of speed of light's music video. It was a sort of "teaser" that I only realized in hindsight.
Now, about the video: I like it a lot. It's really cool. But if I was to nitpick, there's one thing that bothers me.

The last level, the first-person one, is supposed to represent The Book of Souls, right? And that album is supposed to have a Mayan vibe to it, right? Then why, please in the name of everything explain it to me, why is there an Aztec sun stone?
Aztec and Maya are not the same. They are not. Putting an Aztec item in a Maya environment is like depicting Plato's library with a Qur'an. The Aztecs appeared in the 13th century, the classic Maya age ended seven hundred years before that. They spoke entirely different languages and had entirely different belief systems. I know that in the 2012 hysteria, the Aztec sun stone was always shown depicting the Mayan calendar, and it was wrong then already.


I'm taking this as a reference to poorly researched video games, not the album artwork.
This is America and we don't care about properly researching non-white cultures! They're all the same as far as we're concerned!

O wait... this isn't America. It's Britain. Well then...


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Question - do you prefer Bruce voice when he was younger or his voice now?

In 80's he was Air Raid Siren but now it's like B-52 comming in your face. I love that.


Admittedly I couldn't contain my excitement & my patience this morning before work and I found that someone had already leaked it on YouTube literally 10 minutes before I had to leave for work (07:30AM).

First impressions, I was kind of lost for words - but one thing that stands out is that Bruce sounds on top form and all of the instruments falling into place nicely is electrifying. I love the intro and Nicko's special sounding drum (kind of like the one out of Can I Play With Madness). I listened to it twice in a row before work and kind of let it sank in throughout the day.

Now I'm back home from work I've just listened to it twice again, and again - it's really growing on me. I do think that this a strong single for the new album and like others have said - it has got a bit of a Rock 'N Roll / Deep Purple feel to it. I've also just watched the video and was absolutely blown away, most definitely one of the best music videos they have ever done! A very nice way to start the video with a Wasted Years theme too and then a Somewhere In Time vibe throughout the rest of the video ;)

I can't help feel though now that the single has arrived, I just now want to listen to the rest of the album and it kind of makes me feel restless knowing that I've got to wait another 3 weeks exactly to this day before it lands... I really want to listen to it now lol!

I'm a fan since 80-81 and first concert was 1986 but over to the new song.
At the first listening i wasn't disappointed but not blown away either.After 10 listenings i like it alot!
Bruce vocals sounds good but in some places he seem to struggle but whats ok.
I think the first part of the song sounds very muffled and i really don't like that to be honest.
that first part doesn't sound like Maiden at all and that cowbell well i dont know but
soon it become classic maiden and i'm overall happy with it!
Much better than Wildest Dreams,Different world and Eldorado
(and of course way better than satellite 15).
I really like the chorus and the chords at the chorus! and i like the the first solo ( murray?) better than the last.
I'm also really happy with the rewerb on bruce vocals. It's a good song and i give it 8 of 10.

Can't wait to hear the rest of The Book of Souls!! :edmetal:

I love all the albums from the 80s and my personal favorite are Somewhere in time.
The other albums i rank like this:

Brave New world 9
A Matter Of Life And Death 9
Dance of Death 8
The Final Frontier 6+
Fear of The Dark 6
No Prayer For The Dying 5
The X Fact0r 2
Virtual XI 2

The Book of Souls - have no idea but i hope and think it will be a strong 9


I'm digging the song, which certainly goes in a different direction than the other singles of the reunion era. The Deep Purple vibe is nice, and there's an early 90s Maiden feel that coalesces well with it. Bruce strains a bit here and there (they really should do more takes), but the chorus is great; the effects on that first line are really cool. The instrumental section is rocking too.

Some people who've heard the album have pegged "Speed of Light" as one of the weaker tracks. If that rings true, we might be in for a hell of an album. Time will tell.


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I don't get why the sound is so bad. I can't hear the bass and everything sounds muddy once more. The best mp3 quality I got was 192k. Let's see if the CD sounds any better. It better be.


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I don't get why the sound is so bad. I can't hear the bass and everything sounds muddy once more. The best mp3 quality I got was 192k. Let's see if the CD sounds any better. It better be.
It doesn't really sound that much different to me and I've been spinning the CD version all day.


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
It doesn't really sound that much different to me and I've been spinning the CD version all day.

And H said he is really happy with the sound?! Don't get me wrong I really like the song. But if you put Speed of Light on the same playlist with any Bruce solo albums or even some Martin Birch albums.....it sounds like a mess.

I don't mean the structure but the sound quality.