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With a win this coming Sunday against the lowly 49ers, the Seahawks will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. It's pretty amusing considering everyone in the media said they wouldn't get more than 6 wins this season. That being said, I don't think they will make it past the second round. I would be shocked if they somehow made it to the NFC championship. The Rams, Saints and Bears are just too good, and Seattle has already lost to the Rams twice, as well as the Bears.


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That was fun, have not had that much to drink before 10AM tailgating in a long time (I guess since the game I went to last year). Defense is the real deal, watching Mack in person is just impressive as hell.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms

Oh well I didn’t think Seattle would get to the Super Bowl this year anyways. It was a rebuilding season and they managed to go 10-6. Seattle has two essential players whose contracts are up this year, Frank Clark and DJ Fluker. We have the cap space to comfortably resign both. The draft is heavy in positions we need to fill. Seattle will go far next year. Mark my words!


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The Colts murdered the Texans. My friend from Indianapolis tells me this is "good". I'll hope for the Bears today, as I have several Chicago friends.