Official American Football Thread


Infinite Dreamer
What a great game. I knew we were going to lose it when we weren't able to dominate from the third quarter on. Good on the Eagles.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Glad to see the Eagles win their first! They were a team I didn’t see even making the playoffs. They never shouldn’t have gotten rid of Nick Foles. But who do they keep for next season? Foles or Wentz? I don’t see them keeping both.

Travis The Dragon

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I'll join in the WOW! What a super amazing game!
You don't see very many great backup QB's so I think the Eagles will keep both and use Foles as a backup. Or who knows. Maybe he earned himself a starting spot for next year.

Lampwick 43

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I think it will depend in large part to how Wentz's health is coming along. If he will be fully ready to go by the beginning of the season, I could see the Eagles trading Foles for a top (1st or 2nd round) draft pick. There are a lot of teams out there who would love to have someone like Foles, and I'm sure he'd love to go somewhere where he will for sure be a starter.

Otherwise, The Eagles would be better off keeping Foles and having him be the starter at the beginning of next year until Carson Wentz is fully 100% and ready to go.

Lampwick 43

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The Bears got Khalil Mack from the Raiders. That'll be a huge addition to an already strong defense. Now I'm really excited for this upcoming season. :D


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
I am too. I think the Vikings will probably win it all. Defense got stronger with Sheldon Richardson and Offense improved with a healthy Dalvin Cook and Kirk Cousins.


Ancient Mariner
Yeah .. getting Mack was huge .... the defense has gone from good and keeping the team in games to a defense that can win games. Need to pick what game I am flying up for this year. Looking forward to it.

Detective Beauregard

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So... how 'bout dem Nikes?



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Packers Vikings is crazy.
Even if refs just gifted Minnesota their chance for a win