Official American Football Thread

It was absolutely the right decision. The good news is that Hamlin is slowly recovering.

I wanted to see Buffalo go all the way even before this situation, so this just strengthens that desire. I've always liked Mahomes but I'm sick to death of the Chiefs, and while I'm a fan of Joe Burrow, this is the Bills' time to shine.

For the NFC, anyone but the Packers please. I will say that I don't see the Eagles making the Super Bowl, as they've faced some pretty poor teams to get to where they're at.
And thanks to one of the absolute worst rules in the NFL which says you get a playoff spot no matter what your record is if you're in first place in your division, Tom Brady gets in with an 8-9 record.:puke:
Go Big Blue! Never thought the Giants would make the playoffs even just a month ago. Do I expect much? Of course not. Do I think that they can beat the Vikings? Yes. Go on to make it to the NFC Championship game? Hell no:) I love their fiery coach as well the progress of both Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. SB pick? Don't have one yet. Who would I like to see win it other than the Giants? Either the Bills or Cincy. The Jags winning it would be nice also.
My dad had the following to say and I couldn’t agree more.

“I saw people coming out of First Bank Stadium(where the Vikings lost their wild card playoff game) on Sunday, weeping in sorrow. WEEPING, mind you.
The sight of such misplaced grief was enough to make ME weep too.
I like football. A lot. I even played it as a kid. But it’s just a game. I can enjoy it a lot more if I keep that in mind at all times and keep my emotions in check. Disappointed, sure. But weeping?
Sorry, that I don’t get…
So I’m curious: why does football - a game played by millionaires, controlled by billionaires, and supported by people who are neither - elicit such raw emotion as if everyone was Kirk Cousin’s cousin?
I don’t see baseball having this same effect, do you?
Money and politics have infiltrated this game so badly, I can’t even pretend to take it seriously anymore. I do still like it. But it’s a game that clearly revolves around such humongous amounts of money, that it becomes harder and harder to relate to it on any kind of baseline human level. It’s not a “sport” as I remember it. It’s big business. Really big. Does that not take just a little of the “fun” out of it for you? It does me. The road to the climactic Super Bowl is filled with so much gold and money-driven protocol that a team with a mediocre season can win it all. Does that make any sense to anyone? Why have “standings” at all? Let’s give every team a “one more last chance” wild card game. Why not? No more hurt feelings over bad calls…
Sorry but the beloved Lombardi trophy is now showing tarnish. Football, loved for its competitive athleticism, has become little more than an entertainment medium - “American Idol” on cleats - “The Masked Singer” with helmets - whose biggest athletes sell themselves out to the highest bidder to become car insurance pitchmen between periods. (I’m hoping Brock Purdy will resist State Farm’s offers that you know are coming. But will he crumble too?)…
I was disappointed when my Packers were eliminated but I didn’t weep. I wept when my cat died. The Packers deserved to be eliminated and apparently so did the Vikings. My cat didn’t…
Maybe if this incredible game one day returns to a state of being in which it’s less about money and more about winning, integrity will be restored. Maybe if player’s salaries were contingent upon results? Isn’t your job somewhat based on your performance? Mine always was. I don’t begrudge anyone making a lot of money. It’s the greed factor that I can’t honor… To the fan, it’s a game all about winning. To the NFL, it’s a business all about revenue. I think the league and the fans - once somewhat united in purpose - have grown very far apart. What’s needed is some integrity…
The great Minnesota Vikings with their incredible record, are done. The Jacksonville Jaguars with their mediocre record are still in the running for the Lombardi. Now do you understand?…
I guess if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.
So until someone throws a red challenge flag for integrity, I say:
*Go Jaguars!*”
Well, I was looking forward to seeing the Bengals play the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Wild end to the AFC game tho
Well, I was looking forward to seeing the Bengals play the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Wild end to the AFC game tho
Same here. Once Purdy was hurt early on, though, the 49ers had no shot. McCaffery is a beast, but you can't rely solely on your running game. Although when the 3rd string quarterback had to enter, their receivers became obsolete. As for the Bengals, they had some really bad calls against them in the fourth quarter. The final penalty for shoving Mahomes was legit, but that one about the clock issues? No way.

I've never been one to claim that pro sports is fixed, but that's looking awfully tough to deny right now. It's too hard to ignore how the NFL wanted the "perfect" matchup with Andy Reid's old team, the Kelce bros., the quarterbacks, etc. I'd say I want the Chiefs to win, but I'm not sure it really matters.