Official American Football Thread

Bah! I'm disgusted! Our offence just decided to take the rest of the season off. I give Baltimore 100% credit for a great defence but we just suck right now and can't move the ball on anyone.

And SMX, Denver fans must really suck. Why would they give a rats ass about a GB shirt, it isn't like it's KC or Oakland. they got them in the Super Bowl as well after all.
Yeah, and Denver just beat my Chiefs...

I feel for you D&N, cause I really thought the Skins were gonna do something there...
With the 4th place schedule I'm expecting the Skins to finish with in the division, I am SO looking forward to playing them next year.  :)
I bet!!  I don't even care who the Chiefs play next year... we still have at least a year of sorting out to be any good.  Tho, its still nice to beat up on the Raiders (and we could only do that once this year  :down:)

How bout those Bengals?!  They went from pretty good to way shitty in a hurry.  -- and I heard that Marty Shottenheimer is going (back ) to Cleveland next year.
Didn't hear about Marty but I'm happy for him, he got shafted in SD (and Washington for that matter). We play the Bungles next Sunday, if we lose that one.......  :mad:
OH, that would be bad-- we play them on the last day of the year.  I got to see that game a few years back; New Years day game at Arrowhead, Larry Johnson rushed for 217 (I think) yards.  Great game, when they were still good-- 60 degree day and the bus drove us home!

Yeah, I'm hoping that Marty has better luck in Cleveland.  It makes me happy to see SD doing so shitty lately, with the 'great genious' Norv there... he was in Washington for a few years, wasn't he?
Oh, yeah, he left Dallas for you guys (if I remember right).  He is pretty bad-- everywhere he has gone. 

So, they are out of my division, but how 'bout Miami?
Yeah, Parcells has made all the difference in the world for those guys. I'd rather see them win the AFC East than NE or NY.
They've got just as good a chance as the other 2. I feel bad for Buffalo though.... getting ready to get shafted for the Bills move to Canada.
I know they are playing a game there-- are they moving the team there?  Canadians won't know what to do without an ice rink  :p
They played the Buffalo/Miami game there yesterday, a "home game" for Buffalo. Most people see this as ownership's first forays into eventually moving the team there.
Ah.  I didn't even realize that was where they played yesterday.  I can see why they would think that.  Bet the NFL would love it.
The suspected move to Toronto is all about the Television market. Toronto is 5 times as large as Buffalo. Means more revenue for not only the Bills, but the league itself. The Bills don't have the market to raise prices to keep par with the other teams in the league and they also need a stadium upgrade. The owner said he won't move them, but in the event of his death, the team will be sold and the new owner( or owners), can move the team. The owner is also 90 years old. But I think Toronto might be a tougher nut to crack than they might think, because not only do they have to compete with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are the New York Yankees of the NHL, but also the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. My neighbors to the north are a prideful bunch and love their own brands of sports. Just ask the BlueJays.
The playoff picture is so screwed up with all of these teams so close to making the playoffs. :lol: There will be quite a few good teams that won't be making it.
I really thought that Tampa Bay was going to win tonight, but the Panthers totally blew them away. :blush: