Now drinking

Norway squanders a 1-0 lead against Scotland with minutes to go. losing 1-2 and practically ruling out Norwegian participation in UEFA Euro 2024. so yes, I'm now drinking.

This was waaaaaaaay harder to find than it should have been. Had to go to 5 different stores before I found the last two 12-packs buried in a stacked display.
Last of the Polish beers I brought to Vienna from our trip to Nysa this weekend, very nice honey beer. Na zdrowie!
So I've cut down on my drinking A LOT. I hardly drink now with maybe having a mixed drink at my mom's while we play scrabble twice a month. Well, today I woke up with a really bad sore throat. I took some cough drops and made myself some tea. Then I remembered my old remedy from when I was in my 20's... a shot of tequila. I had to come to my mom's to help her with some computer stuff and took advantage of the trip to serve myself a shot. OH.....MY....GOD. I had ONE shot, slowly and I am FLYING. Having a low tolerance is amazing lol. I'm not drunk, hence posting here, but I feel GOOOOOD.