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Is there anything worse than seeing a giant bug next to your bed, turning around to get something to kill her with and then not being able to find her again? Also it's 2 AM.


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Now you have permission to wear these


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Jesus Christ, I hadn’t checked post counts in forever, but this is my 15,000th. Also I’m tired as fuck

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I had without exaggeration the most traumatic experience of my entire life right now.

I made my classic tortilla pizza. I put all the usual ingredients on it, except for the egg, as I usually put it at the end right before I put the pizza in the oven. Just as the oven's light went off meaning the pizza is ready to be put into the oven, I cracked the egg and poured it over the pizza... Except I didn't look... It was all green and black and stinky... I ruined the pizza, guys... I tried cutting out the parts that the egg touched but it all stinks now and I'll have to throw it all away. It hurts me to the bone.

I'll probably order something now as I have no patience to go through it all again. The Great Tragedy of Failed Eggpizza of 2021 will never be forgotten.