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I guess you had to be there @Dr. Eddies Wingman :p
Point is #3 was talking way too much, asking for unnecessary information, to the extent he disturbed #2 in his preparation for landing.

And there is no need to report how far out on final approach you are when you're the last in line (see what I did there?). Just make sure you pay attention to what the guy landing before you is actually doing and saying.

But no one was harmed, and my own landing was very uneventful. I guess one can take it as a reminder to show discipline when using the radio.


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Went flying today with another guy from the club. I flew the return leg today. As we came back to Kjeller, two other aircraft were also inbound and joined as #2 and #3 behind us. #3 really annoyed #2 by constantly asking for position reports ... the last one seconds before #2 landed. #3 also amused us with his "one point eight mile final" ... I'm sure he was 1,7 out before he finished talking!
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